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Houston Healthcare Initiative Podcast
Dr. Steven Goldstein
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Beth Linder - Moss Weight And Strength Training
On this edition of the Beth Linder-Moss Podcast, Beth discusses how strength and weight training contribute to a weight loss and healthy lifestyle. She addresses some myths about weight training and has practical advice in place of bad information. For example, does muscle weigh more than fat? Will weight training for women make them bulky like body builders? What should we eat to develop more muscle? Does strength training contribute to an overall weight loss diet? Plus many others. So listen and download this week's podcast. To learn more go to https://beth-linder-moss.com.
Jan 30
18 min
Top Ten Ways To Better Nutrition
Instagram and Tik-Tok influencer and best-selling author Beth Linder-Moss has ten ways to jump start healthier eating complete with the best timing to adopt new habits, where and how to cook. https://bethlinder-moss.com.
Jan 12
21 min
Get a Healthy Mindset Instead Of Resolutions for a Better 2023
On this edition of the Beth Linder-Moss podcast, Beth gives very detailed information and advice about getting a mindset for a healthy new year. Most new year’s resolutions are forgotten by February and more than 80% of people admit to breaking their resolutions. Beth’s advice is to make healthy changes one thought at a time in place of the annual ritual of making and then breaking New Year’s Resolutions. Be sure to visit https://beth-linder-moss.com for all the latest from Beth.
Dec 8, 2022
18 min
The Right Mindset for After Thanksgiving and Before Christmas and New Years
On this edition of the Beth Linder-Moss podcast Beth helps us all get our minds right when it comes to post Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas and New Year thinking about food and water consumption. Beth recommends small or ‘baby steps’ of progress on a consistent basis. She believes that the right mindset about eating can be developed over time and that this approach is superior to resolutions, re-starts or reboots. To learn more visit her website at https://bethlinder-moss.com.
Dec 2, 2022
19 min
How to Avoid Overeating at Thanksgiving
Please join Beth as she discusses ways to make better decisions about what to eat during the calorie intense holiday season that is upon us. Beth examines the following: - How to avoid overeating at a party or dinner, - What simple thing anyone can do to feel full before the big holiday meal, - The power of water and what to add to it, - How often you can skip a workout during the holidays, - Ways to avoid bad decisions at the table and/or bar. None of these come with any expense, which makes them free! Listening to the podcast is also free.
Nov 7, 2022
26 min
How Business Can Rescue Our Current Healthcare System
Can we rescue the expensive, cumbersome, and increasingly patient un-friendly healthcare system we have here in the U.S? Yes. To hear the details about how to do it, listen to the Houston Healthcare Initiative podcast with Dr. Steven Goldstein. www.houstonhealthcareinitiative.org.
Nov 29, 2021
12 min
Enhancing Population Health Approaches After Covid - 19
Enhancing Population Health Approaches After Covid - 19. On this edition of the Houston Healthcare Initiative Dr. Steven Goldstein, will discuss the reversals in preventative care the American public experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic and what we can all do to stay healthier, and possibly live longer by re-committing to prevention as part of our collective health regimen. To learn more, please visit www.houstonhealthcareinitiative.org.
Nov 11, 2021
11 min
Ivermectin And Off Label Prescriptions
Even in the year 2021 the more things change, the more they stay the same. By that I am referring to the off-label prescription options doctors have always had that are still controversial when it comes to the ongoing global Covid 19 pandemic. Off-label prescribing is when a physician gives a drug that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved to treat a condition different than the one you’ve got. This practice is legal and even common. In fact, one in five prescriptions written today are for off-label use. Last year Dr. Goldstein discussed the controversy and government interference with how hydroxychloroquine, a common treatment for Malaria was prescribed off-label for patients suffering with Covid-19. Fast forward from September 2020 to October 2021 and the same thing is happening with a drug called Ivermectin, a drug that is approved for treatment of certain parasitic worm infestations, and its possible use as a treatment for Covid-19. Here with some much-needed insight is respected neurologist and founder of the Houston Healthcare Initiative, Dr. Steven Goldstein.
Oct 13, 2021
11 min
Three Biden Administration Healthcare Goals Plus One Not Included
The new administration, like all of them, has plans for Americans and their healthcare. On this edition of the podcast Dr. Steven Goldstein, who founded the Houston Healthcare Initiative, will get us all better acquainted with what those proposals are and explore other possible ways for how healthcare can be fixed.
Sep 13, 2021
27 min
Why? Weight Gain During the Covid-19 Lockdown
Why? Weight Gain During the Covid-19 Lockdown by Dr. Steven Goldstein
Aug 9, 2021
15 min
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