U Up?
U Up?
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How Do I Get My Partner To Compliment Me More?
1 hour 23 minutes Posted Jul 7, 2020 at 9:00 pm.
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Show notes

The J’s start the week with a conversation about the return to in-person dating now that many states have started to at least partially re-open. A listener writes in to ask how long is too long to talk to someone from a dating app before meeting them. Are the stakes higher than a regular first date when you’re meeting out of quarantine? The Awkward Sexual Encounter of the week involves a parked minivan, a dead battery, and a dad with jumper cables. Another emailer asks whether or not she should be concerned that her boyfriend’s ex is still Facebook friends with his mom and likes everything she posts. Next, a listener wants her boyfriend to give her more compliments but doesn’t know how to bring it up. Finally, they finish out the week with a round of Red Flag or Deal Breaker and a conversation about people who allow the restaurant to ‘surprise’ them with their meal each time they order.

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