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Love this podcast!
Been listening to this podcast since the beginning and they never disappoint. I like the quick hits too! It was spontaneous, kinda like role-playing, as Jared was saying to do. These can be fun if they were random mini episodes too. Keep doing the lords work.
Love the lightning fire questions
Awesome episode
My go-to dating pod
This is the first podcast I ever listened to nearly 3 years ago. It has opened me up to the world of podcasting and dating advice. I am in my 30s so I totally relate to the hosts and the advice they give. I appreciate the realness and honestly having a guy and girl perspective.
I can’t believe both didn’t know what a tamale was. LOVE this podcast tho, try exploring some dishes maybe pupusas are next ? Had to leave a comment after hearing that episode. Love you two none the less!
Escapism for people in relationships
I’m married, but most of my friends are dating around. It’s fun to listen to the podcast and discuss, and it gives me a window into what they’re up against. The podcast is hilarious—both Jared and Jordana are really funny and open, but I wish Jared would give Jordana a little more room to breath. It would be nice to hear Jared speak more candidly about his relationship and for both hosts to consider LGBTQ dating scenarios. A lot of their commentary is very gendered and not always applicable. As someone in a relationship, it would also be fun (I hope) to hear more about problems within long term things instead of people who have been on a few dates. Overall, it’s a fun listen even if you’re not dating.
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Marriage episode missed the mark
Really disappointed in the one-track narrow minded answer in the most recent episode about why people get married. Anti-marriage people fee oppressed because society deems it more worthy to be married. We don’t care about marriage but we do care about the forced perspective of wanting it. The automatic protections for children in a married couple (that Jordana brought up) is a construct that perpetuates this. “Forces you to think about it” “Society values a family unit” “Two parent household is a benefit” “These are good points but it’s not romantic” This is cringeworthy verbiage to be preaching. I really wish y’all would’ve branched out and gotten a guest who could’ve offered a more well-rounded opinion. I’m not slamming the personal choice to get married, but I think there are more angles to a relationship than marriage— this episode did not pass the vibe check.
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qween chz
So far, not bad.
Advice is pretty solid and balanced for the most part. I also agree with someone who said that the mail host needs to stop shouting. You're already speaking into a microphone, it hurts my ears honestly. This is genuinely not meant as a complaint or to be petty, it just comes off as shouting to me. 🤟🏻
Keep it coming
A new listener to the pod, but haven’t stop binging since I started. I’m 30, single and have been constantly entertained by the advice, banter, laugh out loud moments and chemistry from J and J. Sorry I’m late to this party but keep it cominggg
Not inclusive of so many people, glorifying “dating their own kind”
Not sure why my review keeps getting deleted, but I still intend to express my opinion. Honestly, some advice is truly on point. However, I want to draw attention to the narrow-minded endogamic attitude hosts sometimes display that seems borderline xenophobic to me. Glorifying things like only dating “their own kind” (Jewish/middle class/from the same region), picking a partner based on how similar their family is to yours and “whether they own a beach house” (quoting Jared), or saying that dating or building a relationship with non-Americans is not really a good idea because you cannot “relate” to each other (an episode about a dating show)... Really? A podcast is such a great opportunity to broaden your audience’s and your own worldview and encourage people not to get complacent in dating, and you chose to do the opposite. Quite upsetting.
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Love the betches girls
I love the betches girls!!! Jordana is very relatable. Wish Jared would stop screaming.
Best dating advice!
Wouldn’t have made it through many dating situations without their advice! So refreshing and relatable!
Such a great podcast!
Been listening forever and just love Jared and Jordana’s honest perspectives. They give the best dating advice!
Love this podcast.
So funny, look forward to al the episodes. Love the new Sunday edition. I recommend it to all my friends in grad school.
broke and alane
My Favorite Podcast!
This podcast is both funny and helpful. Everyone should listen!
J&J Solved Dating
This podcast taught me so much. I don’t know where I’d be without the podcast, definitely still single, but probably unhappy and single😄 The stories and advice are so funny. Dating is complicated and I’m glad this podcast exists to discuss luxury issues
I look forward to U Up? episodes every week.
I’ve been listening weekly for several years now. The only show I haven’t gotten bored of. Thank you Jared, Jordana and Betches
X<>X 0_0
Pocket bffs
I just found out about this show and have been listening everyday. I love that we get to hear both a male and female prospective! I’ve learned so much from this podcast and really relate to a lot of the topics they discuss. It’s also hilarious and I constantly burst out laughing. 10/10 recommend!
Empowering and engaging
Wish this were a daily show
Thank you
This podcast has literally changed my mindset around dating and helped me date better. Thank you J
Listened to every ep up to date in a week
Iconic duo. Thanks for all you guys do. 🤍
Absolutely love this podcast. I relate to almost everything they discuss
Feather feather!!
How to not die alone flop
love love love this podcast - usually. The latest episode ‘how to not die alone’ felt uncomfortable in how unprepared Jared was for the interview. Hadn’t read her book and the questions were just off and it’s an awkward interview.
Great Chemistry and Advice
I’ve been listening to J&J for a while and I love not only their relationship advice, but also their humor and chemistry with each other. I often find myself laughing out loud with them and enjoy their banter together and with guests. I really like having a male and female perspective. I have to give credit to Jared, he is mindful of the female point of view and Jordana is quick to check him if needed. Outside of the comedy, the advice is really good and I find myself quoting U Up? advice to my friends (and myself if I’m being honest).
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Love these two and their convos. Thanks guys for making me less stressed about dating ❤️
Best podcast E V E R
I could write a novel on how much I love this podcast. Perfect balance of funny and serious content and it actually has helped me change my perspective on dating. Amazing. Hilarious. Incredible. Phenomenal. Love u J & J!!!
Laugh till you cramp!
J and J-thank you for the words of wisdom-please keep the advice coming! Your dynamic together is amazing!
Love it!
Love the podcast J & J!
Seriously saved my mind from going nuts!
This is such a great podcast- it’s necessary, funny, educational, real and truthful and gives great perspective. I’m so grateful this podcast is in the world and Jordana and Jared are so wonderful to give there time to help people. Thank you both.
Black Lockett
The poop post-it story had me ugly cry laughing
5 stars
Both keep it real and entertaining
Complainers have no humor
Love this podcast. I have never written a review, but I wanted to voice my support. Everyone who is complaining on these reviews has no sense of humor. To directly combat the review about Jess talking: it’s funny. We love hearing her laugh in the background and roast jarred. I can’t believe someone was bothered enough by her occasional one liner to write a review about it. The content is funny and easy to listen to, light hearted, and relatable. Highly recommend. Also they are not the CDC and responsible for relaying information about this pandemic... so take your complaints elsewhere.
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Amazing Podcast
If you are dating in your 20s and 30s, you have to listen to this podcast. I’ve learned so much about the male species from Jared! It is super helpful!!
Out of touch
So frustrating to hear you guys make it sound like it’s such a big deal for someone to go get tested and take safe measures when dating. We are in a pandemic. You both are very out of touch from the dating world.
Please stop glamorizing dangerous behavior
I’ve been a listener for years but I was pretty repulsed by this week’s glamorizing of extremely unsafe covid behaviors while we’re in a time of peak covid cases/deaths (e.g. traveling back & forth to Florida, inside dining, acting like it’s fine to act unsafely just because everyone around you is). I know you guys try not to get into “politics” but making potentially deadly behaviors sound acceptable (or even cool) is simply not okay and I’d urge you to use your large platform better.
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Let’s Hold Men to Higher Standards
All I’ve learned from this podcast is that we as a society hold men to low standards. If the worst thing happening to women is that they are repeatedly getting screwed over by men who have no problem lying and manipulating and misleading women for months or years to get sex, and the worst thing happening to men is that women are talking about and calling them names at brunch, maybe it’s time to put more of the responsibility for proper dating behavior on men. Jared could use his platform to be more open about and take more responsibility for his past actions, but it seems he is instead trying to use his current relationship status to convince listeners (and himself) that using and manipulating people is the path to a healthy committed relationship.
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Amazing! They give such great advice
Steph insragram
Great podcast, a few irks
Great podcast! Production and hosts have evolved since it began and both offer very practical perspectives of a myriad of relevant situations. One favor: stop with the off-camera commentary from Jess. Give her a mic or edit those parts out.
I’ve heard every single episode
I’ve listened for many years but never left a review. This is a very good podcast, but they are running out of meaningful/ entertaining content to present on weekly basis. They are very listener reliant and there is room for innovation. They are both in relationships now and the content has fallen off since that point, I’m not sure if they are muzzled or bored, but it is certainly worth a listen.
nelson rosa
A coworker sent me this podcast last year and ever since I have been absolutely HOOKED. I listen every single week and have gone back and listened to every episode since they started. Embarrassing but true. J+J have completely changed my perspective on dating and singleness in the modern world and have shed light on so many dating scenarios that I would be too scared to ask my friends about. like Jared always says, they are “having uncomfortable conversations, comfortably.” BIGGGG FAN
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Bing It!
Funny, relatable, real. They stick to what they know and keep it relevant.
Tone deaf about COVID
I used to listen because I like Jared and his podcast even though the advice is never good (I’m married and would never trust their advice lol) but recently I can’t listen to the insensitive Covid comments and hear about their vacation travel to Florida.. it’s completely tone deaf and obnoxious. They make people that take the virus serious feel like idiots when it is them who should feel stupid. Lots of us are high risk whether it be asthma, pregnancy or just don’t want to get covid. I find their entire takes on covid awful and they’re contributing to the issues in this country by being so non-chalant about non essential travel and seeing lots of their family members. It’s obvious they haven’t been affected by the virus on that level...yet.
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I’m rate review and subscribing!
These two are the most amazing dating podcast duo out there! They bring up dating issues extremely relatable to the 21st century and even for these COVID times. Jared and Jordana are hilarious together and you would be sorely missing out if you aren’t listening to them right now single or not!
Single, dating, who cares. Great podcast
Entertaining while I was single, loving it a year into my relationship. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Love it
I have binged this pod and love both J’s, they’re funny without trying to be and it’s the perfect thing to accompany my walk / car rides. It’s turned me on to all of the other betches podcasts and Jared’s Jtrain pod as well!
Out of touch
People are literally dying and these idiots continue to make light of the pandemic. Get a grip on reality and maybe realize that your behavior is putting health care professionals and low wage workers even more at risk. Jared, you sound even dumber than you look, what an accomplishment.
Middle Kid Manny
Listening for 2 years now
This podcast was the 1st podcast I’ve ever listened to. Haven't stopped since!
Overall love
I’ve been listening to this podcast since the beginning and it’s the most nuanced, interesting, and funny dating podcast I know. All others I’ve listened to seem to kind of be copies/ have similar and vague advice. One critique I have that I’ve noticed more and more over the last couple of months - this may be harsh but I think Jared needs to go through a bad, heart breaking, gut wrenching type of break up to be more relatable on this show. His takes on dating sometimes speak to a view that every relationship is the same, and if they don’t like you, haven’t shown interest, or “meet your standard”, you should move on as if dating is choosing fruit at the grocery store. Particular noticed in this last episode where listener wrote in about her ex moving on quickly - and his advice was not to take it personal, and almost criticized the viewer for having those thoughts. While I generally agree with that viewpoint, when you’re dealing with a long term, thought- I- would - marry this person break up, it’d be nice to hear a more empathetic / real / vulnerable perspective. Jordana definitely provides that - it’s as if Jared has never really had a real heart break before. Thanks
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anon 12.27
Something for everyone!
My only regret is not finding this podcast sooner. It proved useful for me in my single phase as I tried to navigate the awkward world of online dating, and it remains just as relevant as I begin a new relationship. J & J are awesome and present the information in a way that is both relatable and funny. Highly recommended!
It’s Like, ya know, like...
I wish I could tase them eberytime they say “Like”
Senior Wiggily
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