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Relationship communication
This most recent episode with Dan Savage is amazing!! So eye-opening and interesting!
Love love love
Jared and Jordana are nothing short of perfection. Love this show!
Veronica Blane
My go to walking show
This is the only podcast I don’t get sick of. They’re my go to while I’m walking, and find myself looking forward to hearing j & j voice every week. Always makes me laugh
Favorite Pod
U up and betches has been my top favs for podcasts. U up is extremely entertaining and I feel like I’m part of the conversation regardless if the dating advice is relevant to me or not. There’s a lot of comments on here regarding jordana lisp. She is a human!! Let her be it’s show real life is real and it’s not a big deal. I would love to hear more on jordanas relationship with Mike and lessons learned I think it’s really insightful to hear real life perspectives. Overall love the pod keep it up!
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podcasts for fun
Great podcast, question some of Jared’s advice
If everyone followed Jared’s advice 100% of the time, we’d all be single forever. He seems to have this idea that relationships should not contain one ounce of compromise and there’s this idea of the perfect match. Obviously there needs to be a level of chemistry, compatibility, but I can’t get behind some of his dating advice which seems to be based in the idea that the perfect match won’t require any hardship or idea of compromise. Still an interesting podcast and listen to it weekly! Keep up the good work.
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anon 12.27
Something is off
I’m a long long time listener and love Jared and jordanna so I will of course continue listening but something feels off. Is Jared mansplaining more? Does he seem more like celebrity-esque with his stories? Idk, the energy feels different
Dating advice gets a bit old
I’ve been listening to this podcast for years and overall it’s great. I will say over time the dating advice becomes a bit redundant. Especially now that Jared is out of a relationship it feels odd. I like when Jordanna leans into giving relationship advice using experience from her and Mike. Maybe if Jared starts giving advice based on his experience on the apps again? Or advice for moving on from a break up? When I was single this podcast was great for interpreting weird messages from random dates. Now that I’m in a LTR I appreciate the relationship advice a lot!
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Curiously optimistic...
Free Therapy
Jared and Jordana offer the most honest and funny advice about dating that is better than a therapy session. 10/10 recommend
The lisp!!!!
I just can’t listen I’m sorry.
I want to like it
The lisp is like nails on a chalkboard. No thank you
DJ annathan
Favorite in my podcast rotation
LOVE THIS PODCAST. So awesome have a guy and girl perspective and they are both hilarious.
Outdated Perspective on Female Dating
This podcast focuses around an antiquated, blanketed view that all girls are desperately trying to lock down a guy before they get too old and their sole goal is marriage and kids. One reviewer here described Jordana’s views as regressive and I couldn’t agree more. My favorite episode was the one with the “girls gotta eat” guests since they provided a refreshing perspective and a different female perspective toward dating.
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the dating gods
you guys are the best — your vulnerability and humor is amazing. thanks for all you do!
Must Listen
Love this podcast. Love hearing both the male and female perspective. Jordana and Jared’s advice is always spot on with lots of laughs thrown in. Can’t recommend enough!
Y’all just realizing Jared’s a joke?
Not sure what’s more pathetic, you announcing you and Jessica broke up with the loudness of YOUR DECISION (no one cares/everyone’s shocked though) or you deleting your photos on Insta already. Was never invested in your life, but truly wanted to see what a girl who would date you after the way you talk on this podcast would look like. Shockingly she seemed sweet and is gorgeous. Things don’t work out, sure, but man you have absolutely no business giving relationship advice. I like Jordana a lot- but you pacifying your responses to agree with him way to much is plain sad.
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Please grow!
The marriage talk is so cringe. People don't need to be married. Have other people on the show who are single or child free to broaden your own understanding because clearly you've bought into the capitalist protocol. On Jared's breakup, it's good he talked about it. All quarantine it was jading hearing two people in seemingly perfect relationships trying to give advice to singles on how to date. If you're open about the good stuff you have to be open about the other stuff.
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Keep it up, J&J!
Just started listening recently- great show! Keep up the awesome work, Jared and Jordana! Your honesty on dating and relationships is really empowering and is much appreciated!
Chris Citi
Love it but feels weird now
Love this pod! Kinda feels weird to listen to their advice now knowing that Jared and Jess broke up :( can we get an episode on what happened?!?!
I love the lisp
There are a lot of comments hating on Jordanas list but honestly I think it’s so funny. Love j&j and the show - seriously has changed my dating life for the better. Keep being awesome!
Good but
The Invisalign lisp is making it hard to listen
Decent listen
Overall solid podcast. I am having such a hard time listening lately since Jordana got braces - it’s kind of hard to listen to now :/
Lost me @ the lisp
I could tolerate Jordana’s uneducated views on women’s diet and disordered eating... However, this is a PODCAST. if you’re going to talk “thit” on what women put in their mouths you probably shouldn’t say it while you sound like you’re being fitted for an olympic grade mouth guard. It was good while it lasted, unTHubTHcribe.
Love this podcast
I LOVE J&J. I'm a 30 year old single woman and I have learned so much about men from Jared's insights. Hearing things he says helped me contextualize past experiences. Love Jordana's point of view and love the dynamic of these two. Really grateful for this podcast--it's good "brain candy" when I don't want to think about work, always makes me laugh and teaches me something.
Love the pod but...
Jordana please stop commenting on food and body image related issues. You don’t know what you’re talking about, and you are actually perpetuating negative diet culture.
Please stop yelling
I love the show but whenever Jared thinks he’s being funny, he gets louder and louder till he’s SCREAMING.
I love it here.. but do we have to record w the Invisalign in?
I love this pod and I think the advice is good. BUT omg.. since the Invisalign it’s basically impossible to listen. The slobby lisp is hard on the ears. Thanks for fixing dating.
Kryssie B
Turned off :/
I normally love these two and listened to Jared every day through quarantine but the latest episode rubbed me the wrong way completely. Making it out to seem like independent people or those who don’t have enough friends or a social life are weird or not worthy some how?? As someone who has moved to New York and gone to museums by myself either because of independence or social anxiety, I have to say this made me feel like Jared and Jordana deem myself and others like me as a red flag? To assume it’s just so easy to make friends and “have a life” is not only out of touch but a little arrogant. It makes me sad because I really thought they came from a place of understanding. Maybe going to take a break for a while...
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A little repetitive
I’ve been listening for a while and the advice is starting to be a little repetitive. I’m married so maybe I am just not the target audience as they seem to give advice mostly to people dating but I wish there was more discussion about long term relationship problems. Also, I really hate to be this person, but I can’t believe Jordana got braces and didn’t consider how it would affect her voice! It’s kind of hard to listen with her new lisp.
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On Point!
I love this pair’s no-nonsense approach to dating and relationships. They’re the friend you need to navigate the weird waters on online dating.
Long time listener, still lovin it!
I’ve listened nearly since the beginning and always enjoy it. Loved the quick hits episode! Keep em coming.
Alexis C.A.
Jared and Jordana are friends
Love you guys! Can’t wait for a live show! Can you do one about serious relationships and engagement?? I listen all the time but I have a Long time bf and would love to get that perspective!! Also Jared no pressure but I’m heavily invested in Jess and yours relationship. Feather feather sorry not sorry!!
not so toasty vibes rn
Love the pod
Jared is super funny and advice is always 💯
Love this podcast!
Been listening to this podcast since the beginning and they never disappoint. I like the quick hits too! It was spontaneous, kinda like role-playing, as Jared was saying to do. These can be fun if they were random mini episodes too. Keep doing the lords work.
Love the lightning fire questions
Awesome episode
My go-to dating pod
This is the first podcast I ever listened to nearly 3 years ago. It has opened me up to the world of podcasting and dating advice. I am in my 30s so I totally relate to the hosts and the advice they give. I appreciate the realness and honestly having a guy and girl perspective.
I can’t believe both didn’t know what a tamale was. LOVE this podcast tho, try exploring some dishes maybe pupusas are next ? Had to leave a comment after hearing that episode. Love you two none the less!
Escapism for people in relationships
I’m married, but most of my friends are dating around. It’s fun to listen to the podcast and discuss, and it gives me a window into what they’re up against. The podcast is hilarious—both Jared and Jordana are really funny and open, but I wish Jared would give Jordana a little more room to breath. It would be nice to hear Jared speak more candidly about his relationship and for both hosts to consider LGBTQ dating scenarios. A lot of their commentary is very gendered and not always applicable. As someone in a relationship, it would also be fun (I hope) to hear more about problems within long term things instead of people who have been on a few dates. Overall, it’s a fun listen even if you’re not dating.
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Marriage episode missed the mark
Really disappointed in the one-track narrow minded answer in the most recent episode about why people get married. Anti-marriage people fee oppressed because society deems it more worthy to be married. We don’t care about marriage but we do care about the forced perspective of wanting it. The automatic protections for children in a married couple (that Jordana brought up) is a construct that perpetuates this. “Forces you to think about it” “Society values a family unit” “Two parent household is a benefit” “These are good points but it’s not romantic” This is cringeworthy verbiage to be preaching. I really wish y’all would’ve branched out and gotten a guest who could’ve offered a more well-rounded opinion. I’m not slamming the personal choice to get married, but I think there are more angles to a relationship than marriage— this episode did not pass the vibe check.
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qween chz
So far, not bad.
Advice is pretty solid and balanced for the most part. I also agree with someone who said that the mail host needs to stop shouting. You're already speaking into a microphone, it hurts my ears honestly. This is genuinely not meant as a complaint or to be petty, it just comes off as shouting to me. 🤟🏻
Keep it coming
A new listener to the pod, but haven’t stop binging since I started. I’m 30, single and have been constantly entertained by the advice, banter, laugh out loud moments and chemistry from J and J. Sorry I’m late to this party but keep it cominggg
Not inclusive of so many people, glorifying “dating their own kind”
Not sure why my review keeps getting deleted, but I still intend to express my opinion. Honestly, some advice is truly on point. However, I want to draw attention to the narrow-minded endogamic attitude hosts sometimes display that seems borderline xenophobic to me. Glorifying things like only dating “their own kind” (Jewish/middle class/from the same region), picking a partner based on how similar their family is to yours and “whether they own a beach house” (quoting Jared), or saying that dating or building a relationship with non-Americans is not really a good idea because you cannot “relate” to each other (an episode about a dating show)... Really? A podcast is such a great opportunity to broaden your audience’s and your own worldview and encourage people not to get complacent in dating, and you chose to do the opposite. Quite upsetting.
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Love the betches girls
I love the betches girls!!! Jordana is very relatable. Wish Jared would stop screaming.
Best dating advice!
Wouldn’t have made it through many dating situations without their advice! So refreshing and relatable!
Such a great podcast!
Been listening forever and just love Jared and Jordana’s honest perspectives. They give the best dating advice!
Love this podcast.
So funny, look forward to al the episodes. Love the new Sunday edition. I recommend it to all my friends in grad school.
broke and alane
My Favorite Podcast!
This podcast is both funny and helpful. Everyone should listen!
J&J Solved Dating
This podcast taught me so much. I don’t know where I’d be without the podcast, definitely still single, but probably unhappy and single😄 The stories and advice are so funny. Dating is complicated and I’m glad this podcast exists to discuss luxury issues
I look forward to U Up? episodes every week.
I’ve been listening weekly for several years now. The only show I haven’t gotten bored of. Thank you Jared, Jordana and Betches
X<>X 0_0
Pocket bffs
I just found out about this show and have been listening everyday. I love that we get to hear both a male and female prospective! I’ve learned so much from this podcast and really relate to a lot of the topics they discuss. It’s also hilarious and I constantly burst out laughing. 10/10 recommend!
Empowering and engaging
Wish this were a daily show
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