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U Up?
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Should I Respond To A Random Text From An Ex?
1 hour 26 minutes Posted Jun 30, 2020 at 9:00 pm.
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Show notes

J&J begin the show with an email from a listener whose girlfriend watched footage of his ex’s wedding and made fun of the people from his hometown. Is it a dealbreaker if someone doesn’t respect where you're from? The Awkward Sexual Encounter of the week involves a dog, a tongue, and some misplaced blame. Another emailer asks if she’s reading too much into her boyfriend choosing to buy a house without including her in the process. Then a listener writes in to ask about a series of confusing texts she got from a guy that broke things off over a year ago and is using Covid to get back into her good graces. Finally, they close things out with a game of Red Flag or Deal Breaker, leading to a conversation about whether or not you can ask someone you’re dating to quit smoking.

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