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U Up?
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U Up? is the definitive modern dating podcast presented by Betches co-founder Jordana Abraham and comedian Jared Freid, where they discuss their take on the ebbs and flows of the crazy dating world we live in. From interpreting dating app interactions and weird sexual encounters, to defining the relationship and everything in between - they’re here to make sure you don’t die alone. For more fun dating commentary, polls, and bonus content, follow @uuppod on Instagram.
Should I Tell Him I Snooped On His Phone If I Didn't Like What I Saw? Ft. Stephen Colletti & James Lafferty
J&J start the show talking about the value of spending time away from your partner (even if it’s just during work hours) and tell us what they think of the new Cameo breakup trend. Then they share some listener responses to recent Red Flag or Deal Breaker questions, including a series of detailed explanations for the closed-mouth kisser. The Awkward Sexual Encounter involves a bag of sh*t on the counter and no chance to explain. Next, an emailer writes in to ask whether or not she should tell her new boyfriend that he has to stop sending check-in texts to his ex. Is it a violation of their trust if he doesn’t tell her that he keeps sending messages to his ex? Finally, they’re joined by Stephen Colletti and James Lafferty to talk about their new series Everyone Is Doing Great and play a game of Red Flag or Deal Breaker. They debate whether or not it’s flattering for someone to Google you before a first date, and close the show with a conversation about who should pick up the bill.
Jan 19
1 hr 22 min
Does An Expensive Date Imply That He Wants A Relationship Or Sex?
The Sunday Special is all about whether or not a guy taking you out on an expensive date indicates that he's looking for something more serious than just sex. A listener writes in to share a story about having sex following a $200 dinner and not hearing from the guy again. Did he really spend all that money for a one night stand? J&J read their text exchange that went from casual hook up-chat to going on a real date and explain where the communication went wrong. They talk all about setting expectations with someone you’re dating and the pitfalls of expecting someone to get on the same page about what they want out of the relationship.
Jan 16
30 min
Is It Normal To Keep Track Of Every Date You’ve Been On?
The J’s are back and start the show with a conversation about obsessively tracking your dating life and what it might say about your approach to romance. They react to a TikTok from a woman who maintains a detailed spreadsheet tracking all the guys she’s dated. Should all single people be tracking their dates to see what’s working and what isn’t? The Awkward Sexual Encounter involves a blowjob and an accidental snorting incident. Then a listener writes in to ask if she should be open and honest about family issues with someone she just started dating. Is it necessary to divulge your family secrets, or is that something you save for after the relationship gets serious? Finally, they close things with a game of Red Flag or Deal Breaker featuring a text exchange that always ends in exclamation points!
Jan 12
1 hr 9 min
How To Spot An A*shole Who’s Pretending He’s a Nice Guy
This Sunday Special is all about dating someone who may still be seeing their ex. A listener writes in with a question about a guy who has repeatedly asked for a date even though he seems to be back with his ex-girlfriend. Why would someone try so hard to get you invested in a relationship with them if they have something else going? The J’s go through her most recent text exchange with this guy and try to figure out whether or not he is aware that he’s being called out. Finally, they share the solution for dealing with guys who try to get away with treating you like a side chick.
Jan 9
18 min
Is There Ever A Chance A Long Term Hook Up Can Turn Into A Relationship?
Jordana and Jared begin the week with a conversation about whether or not you can ever turn a long term hook up into a relationship. A listener writes in to ask if there’s any way the guy she has been hooking up with for the last seven years will consider making things official. Is it worth trying to get him to see her differently, or is he set in his ways? The Awkward Sexual Encounter involves an attempt to make out with a tight-lipped kisser. Then another emailer asks if it’s normal that her boyfriend sets calendar reminders to tell her he loves her. Is this a sign that he’s a thoughtful partner or a careless one? Finally, they close the show with a game of Red Flag or Deal Breaker featuring a question about dating someone who only uses one fork.
Jan 5
1 hr 7 min
Is It a Bad Sign if He’s Saying He Doesn’t Want to See Me Until the Pandemic is Over?
This week, the Sunday Special is all about dating someone who wants to put things on ice until they are more comfortable about the pandemic. A listener writes in to ask why a guy she had great chemistry with would call it quits and whether or not she should wait for him to come around later in the year. Plus, they break down a text exchange between the couple and explain exactly what this guy is looking for.
Jan 2
16 min
How To Move On In The Midst Of A Pandemic
J&J start the show with a conversation about New Year’s resolutions and how the pandemic has changed everything, including how we look at love and relationships. Then a listener writes in to ask how to move on in the midst of a pandemic after calling things off with her boyfriend of two years. Is it normal to feel ‘frozen’ after a devastating breakup? The Awkward Sexual Encounter is all about getting stuck in a guy’s bathroom the morning after a one night stand. Then another emailer asks how to tell her college boyfriend that she wants him to focus on getting a new job for the sake of their shared future. Is it fair to expect him to prioritize their future immediately out of college, or should she move on from the relationship altogether? Finally, they close the show with some Red Flag or Deal Breakers, leading to a revelation about Jared and Jordana’s love of Benihana (even on a first date).
Dec 29, 2020
1 hr 19 min
How To Get A Guy Who Won't Date You To Stop Looking At Your Instagram Story
This week’s Sunday Special features a Deal Reveal all about guys who try to keep things casual. A listener writes in to ask why the guy she was hooking up with asked if he could keep the conversation going even though they’ve made it clear they’re not looking for the same things. Is he hoping she will change her mind about hooking up casually even though she’s told him otherwise? J&J read the back-and-forth text exchange and explain where both parties stand. Plus, they tell us why guys will keep trying to circle back to see if your standards have changed.
Dec 26, 2020
19 min
How Do I Get Over An Ex Moving On Too Quickly? Ft. Bo Burnham
Jared and Jordana get this holiday week started with an update on Jordana’s #treebetch reviews and a conversation about people who still get into the Christmas spirit the way they did as children. Then they answer an email from a listener who is devastated to find out that her ex is already back to dating his college girlfriend just a month after they split. How do you get over having someone move on to a new relationship so quickly? The Awkward Sexual Encounter involves a female condom that went missing in action. Then another listener writes in to ask why her ex-boyfriend didn’t give her the response she was looking for when she tried to rekindle their relationship after breaking up with him. Finally, the J's are joined by comedian and actor Bo Burnham to talk about the new movie Promising Young Woman and to play a game of Red Flag or Deal Breaker including one about sharing a meal-prep promo code on a dating app.
Dec 22, 2020
1 hr 38 min
Is It Possible To Turn An Out-Of-Town Fling Into Something Real?
The Sunday Special is all about what it means when your long-distance fling won’t make an effort to see you again. J&J analyze a listener’s text exchange with a guy who failed to plan another meetup and won’t come to her city this time around. Is he intentionally keeping her on the hook without letting things get serious? Finally, they talk about why it’s important to figure out what you actually want out of the relationship in order to understand what to do next.
Dec 19, 2020
22 min
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