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Why Are Some People Always In Relationships And Others Always Single?
1 hour 28 minutes Posted Jul 14, 2020 at 9:00 pm.
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Show notes

J&J begin the show with a conversation about the wave of Karen videos going around and why people can’t help but watch them. Then a listener writes in to ask if she should start following a guy that she met briefly and developed a crush on at work on Instagram. What does it signal to a guy if you initiate the IG follow? The Awkward Sexual Encounter of the week involves a missing vibrator and a desperate quest to retrieve it. Another listener writes in to ask why some people always seem to be in a relationship and others are perpetually single. Next, an emailer asks if she should agree to put her relationship on hold for the sake of their careers, and whether or not it’s best to cut off all communication during a break. Finally, they close the show with some Red Flag or Deal Breaker questions, including a debate about using liquor bottles as decor.

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