The Cryptid Keeper
The Cryptid Keeper
The Cryptid Keeper
What common ground do an Appalachian folklorist and a horror-savvy scream queen have? Cryptids. Come laugh, learn, and get creeped out!
Episode 145 - Endings and Beginnings
Well friends, we've reached the end of this particular journey together. Please don't worry, we're both okay and planning to create more projects together in the future! But after some long, hard conversations (that have been quite a long time coming) we realized that it's time for this particular one to come to an end. We know it may feel sudden from the outside, but we would not make this decision rashly or without careful consideration. Thank you all so much for joining us for 145 episodes of this show that started with just a couple of friends and a microphone on a living room floor. We never expected it to last this long or come this far. It's been an incredible journey and we're so grateful for all the learning, laughs, and love that have come along the way. Don't think of it as an ending, but as a chance to start fresh with something we can all be proud of together. We hope you'll stick around with us for whatever the next chapter holds. From Alex, Addison, and the whole Cryptid Keeper team: Stay Safe out There.
Aug 27, 2020
40 min
Episode 144 - Listener Stories #4
Will-o-the-wisps, haunted dolls, and big box stores with a ghost problem? Looks like it's time for another listener stories episode! Treat yourself to a buffet of creatures, critters, and stories submitted by out very own Cryptid Keepers (that's all of you)! Our inbox was overflowing with stories yet again, so we decided to put together a collection to share with you all! Gather round the campfire and hear us spin some tales! Or rather, share some pre-spun tales that we put together. NOTE: In this episode, we shared a story from a listener detailing their experience with a giant bird. In their story, they repeatedly refer to it as a Thunderbird. We should have said something on the air, and it was wrong of us not to. White people have a long history of appropriating, bastardizing, and commodifying Native culture, it is not ok to treat important aspects of Native culture as cryptids or behave in a culturally insensitive way while talking about them. It was wrong on this episode, and it has been wrong when we’ve done it in the past. While we have appropriated and behaved insensitively in the past, we do not condone it nor do we wish to further normalize it. We understand that our ignorant behavior hurt people. We are sorry, and we are making a commitment to do better. Thank you to those that reached out, we are immensely grateful. We will do our best not to let you down. Content Warning: Mention of animal death, ghosts, shadow people, death
Aug 20, 2020
57 min
Episode 143 - Ouija Boards
It's a dark and stormy night, and we're going to call on some voices from the beyond. Just put your fingers on the planchette, clear your mind, ask a question, and hope the wrong thing doesn't answer. This week is all about the world's most controversial board game, the Ouija Board. Derived from the Spirit Boards of olden days, this tool of contacting the dead is now the property of the Hasbro corporation! Join us as we discuss scary Ouija Board stories, the history of the board itself, and how housewives have moved and shaped American culture. Content Warnings: Death, violence, supernatural/demonic elements
Aug 6, 2020
58 min
Episode 142- The Nahuelito
Let's go for a swim! Don't worry about that feeling of something brushing up against your feet, it's just algae! OR it's the subject of this week's episode, the Naheulito! Native to Argentina, this little (okay, big) lake monster has made quite a name for itself, inspiring news coverage, hunting parties, and more! Join us as we discuss what kind of creature it might be, the bizarre history of hoaxes and hunts surrounding it, and whether it would be nice to ride on its back and be its best friend.
Jul 30, 2020
52 min
Episode 141 - Crawlers/The Rake
My my my, this sure is some scary spaghetti! Some menacing manicotti! Some...creepy pasta, if you will? This week we're covering the intersection of internet horror and cryptid culture, a spindly pale humanoid creature so scary it spawned an online horror movement and a subreddit to boot! We're here to discuss Crawlers, a type of unsettling creature made famous by the creepypasta story of The Rake. Join us as we get into the origins of The Rake, the cryptozoological possibility of crawlers, and more than a fair share of spine-tingling sightings. Content Warnings: Body horror, frightening imagery, mention of animal death
Jul 23, 2020
1 hr 2 min
Episode 140 - The Amabie
She's beauty and she's grace, she'll heal you with her face. This week we're talking about the often-requested Amabie, a mermaid like creature from Japan that protects people from pandemics in a very particular way. Join us as we discuss the story of the Amabie, the first meme, the Amabie challenge, and more! We'll also get into how the Amabie has become a symbol of hope and solidarity in the current moment. CW disease, pandemic
Jul 17, 2020
45 min
Episode 139 - The Pooka
Hippity Hoppity, Pooka's on its way! This week, we're talking about another creature from Irish folklore, the shapeshifting trickster spirit that loves to take the form of a rabbit, horse, and human: The pooka/puca/phouka! If you were wondering what cryptid is good for advice, financial tips, or the most terrifying horseback ride of your life? We've got you covered. CW body horror, animal death
Jul 8, 2020
52 min
Episode 138- The Beast of Busco
We've got a shell of a show for you this week! We're diving into Indiana waters where the mighty Beast of Busco dwells! A massive snapping turtle and local celebrity with a lot of character, this big old friend is a (potentially dangerous) icon and lake monster like no other! Join us as we talk turtles, sightings, and how the Beast of Busco started a long-running local festival! Content Warnings: Animal death, injury
Jun 30, 2020
51 min
Episode 137 - The Dullahan
No need to lose your head! It's just another episode of The Cryptid Keeper! This one takes us back the familiar rolling green hills of Ireland, and the darkness of its faery lore. We're talking about the Dullahan, or the "headless rider" of legend who comes into town at night, bringing death with him. Call us Ichabod Crane because we're very scared but VERY fascinated with the Headless Horseman! Join us as we discuss the endless nightmare fuel of the Dullahan, the Death Coach, and also somehow talk about Emily Dickinson and anime for good measure! Hold onto your heads! Content warning: death, body horror, decapitation, blood, mutilation
Jun 21, 2020
1 hr
Episode 136 - The Oklahoma Octopus
Hi there, Keepers. We're back on our regular release schedule, but that doesn't mean the fight for black lives is over, or any of the vital conversations that have been happening. Scroll down in these show notes for some important resources/places to donate. We're keeping it simple this week with a good old giant octopus! Nothing better for your manmade lake than an octopus the size of a horse! Oh, what's that? That's one of the worst things to have in your manmade lake? If you say so. This week's topic is the Oklahoma Octopus, which is absolutely exactly what it sounds like. Join us as we dive into the apparently fairly dangerous waters of three Oklahoma lakes, where there have been whispers of a strange and aggressive tentacled creature for several years. We also take a moment to discuss an incredibly important and often overlooked piece of Oklahoma (and American) history. Content Warnings: Discussion of death, child death RESOURCES: (This is an incomplete list and should be considered a place to start, but we highly encourage you to get involved however you can and look for places to donate/support beyond just this list. Look for local grassroots organizations and community organizers to help out in your communities. Always research organizations before you donate to them, to make sure your money is going to the cause)
Jun 16, 2020
55 min
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