The Cryptid Keeper
The Cryptid Keeper
The Cryptid Keeper
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Funny and informative about interesting creatures
I really enjoy the on-air chemistry between the hosts, and the jokes are pretty good. This podcast skillfully blends light-hearted comedy with actual paranormal lore and information. Some of the creatures discussed fall into the legendary category, and some are more plausible, so it has something for everyone. I would recommend that anyone who is interested in things that go bump in the night to add this one to your download queue. Update: Sorry to see you guys go, but you have to do what you feel is right. Good luck in the future!
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Wonderful podcast
It’s been two years and I still haven’t listened to the last episode because I don’t want to accept that the show is done. I use it to help me get to sleep at night, thank you ladies for all you do. 💕
Nice Job
it’s too bad because you did such a good job together. Good luck in the future. They are stories of Cryptids not Shakespeare. This is all for fun. So give it up ladies.
stubby. jr.
Can you please make one more episode, Wulver a werewolf in Shetland that leaves fish in the windowsills of poor families.
Let's love8
Don’t even give it a try.
watch the moon
It was a fun show.
I hope the Karen who caused this show to go away is happy, because the rest of us are not. So brave you are Karen. I guess podcast should be only hosted by men.
Yea and junk
A really neat podcast, I’ve been listening to the backlog and have been trying to catch up but I love this podcast so much it’s helped a lot when I’ve had a rough day I’m really sad to see it go but I wish you two luck on whatever you guys decide to do next
Scout Rooks
Best Podcast
I have been listening to this podcast for years. I wish both of you luck on whatever you choose to work on next! I’m gonna miss this podcast. Stay safe out there. ❤️
It was great while it lasted
Hey, I’m really going to miss you guys, but I understand your reasoning. I’m a little sad there wasn’t a mothman episode, but I’ll survive. It’s still a really good podcast and I’ll miss it a lot. I love this, and it’s great for people who are just learning about Cryptids or are already obsessed.
So this show ended because of white guilt? Interesting..... I enjoyed the content.
Friend shaped!
Alex and Addison are great hosts who present as much research as can really be expected about things which may not (but also definitely do) exist, and they’re entertaining as heck, all while keeping a fun overall tone for each episode. If you’d like to hear about spooky critters who are mostly shaped like possible friends, this is a show for you!
A MFM like vibe, just two friends talking about stuff they’re interested in and that is exactly what I want!
Crawlers/Raker episode is a creepy delight!
The most recent episode from this posting was great! Truly creepy is unusual for TCK but this episode was great! Good job Addison!
A wonderful trip through Cryptids and Comedy
I recently stumbled on this podcast and was immediately hooked, both hosts manage to weave the tails of various creatures while exploring the folk lore, science, sightings, all the while keeping the laughs rolling.
Used to be funny
Has petered off over time. And honestly I could do without their political commentary.
So awesome
I’m a big fan of cryptids and paranormal and this podcast definitely covers both of those topics really well. I enjoy that they add humor to it rather than horror.
Wither lefts
So far, so great
I got into this podcast after listening to A Horror Borealis for a bit and so far (I just finished Episode 5: The Beast of Bray Road...yeah, I'm a bit behind), but I love the show so far and just like AHB, I can't help but laugh every time I listen to the show. I love the hosts, Alex and Addison, and especially frequent cohost Owen Wilson. It's a fun show that doesn't take cryptids or itself too seriously.
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Super entertaining and informative!
Excellent Podcast
Alex and Addison hit the perfect balance of infectious enthusiasm, careful research, and respect for the topics they cover. Wildly entertaining and highly recommended!
Baobab cactus
Super fun and SpOokY
Love this podcast! Quirky humor and great voices and stories. These lovely ladies pander and bounce improv off of each other like the pros they are while occasionally diving into existential conversations that peel the sticker of “spooky” right off to reveal the human nature underneath. Love the guest host Goatman episode as a fellow Marylander. Go Terps! CRABS! UTZ! Under Armor! Love ya’ll, keep doing what you’re doing so I can tend to my farm (consisting of wily dogs and cat, though soon there will be a return of some lovely sheep and cattle) with the cool tones of Addison and Alex in my ears. And thanks for the reminder to glance over my shoulder to make sure there isn’t a cryptid there.
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Fun Spooky and Funny
Started bingeing when I was sick, now I’m just hooked. I love you guys. Thanks for making a smart fun and funny podcast. Also love seeing women my age having a great pod like this. There’s not so many female led. Yay representation and having familiar sounding voices with cool and creepy tales. But not too creepy that you can’t turn out the lights. Its currently my favorite thing to listen to before bed. Kinda fills the hole from Thinking Sideways.
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This was the first podcast I ever had the chance to taste, and it has become my all-time favorite! A perfect blend of spookly and silly that also takes the time for considering cultural and personal significances of experiences! I love Alex and Addison so much, you guys. Come on in for some fun and creepy flavor!
doublewolf design
This podcast is a lot of fun to listen to! I introduced my friend when I was a few episodes in and now we greet each other in the halls with an Owen Wilson style wow. It has a surprisingly calming aspect form me, giving a new perspective on the nightmarish. Thanks!
Grace Zo
I just love listening to this podcast while I get things done because it’s so good. I lose track of time as well as have fun. My friend ira recommended this podcast this me and I wanna recommend it to YOU!🙂🙃🥳
Great listening!
Over the past few weeks I have recommended this podcast to a bunch of my LGBTQ+ friends who love cryptids, specifically because I feel y’all are cool. I listen to old episodes and just let them roll as I’m playing video games cause while the subjects sometimes are a little spooky, y’alls demeanor really makes me feel at ease and happy. I’m also grateful you all are not insensitive about different cultures, that also helps to make me feel comfortable lol. Thank you so much for your hard work, I’m gonna keep listening to and sharing this podcast!
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Lee A. Contreras
The early episodes were very fun, educational, and even a little silly and absurdist which I really enjoyed, it’s only over time that I personally feel the overall vibe has become strained and contrived. I feel a disturbance in the force 🌑
bretchen manticore
A personal favorite!
I’ve binged the first thirty-seven episodes so far, ( as well as a few more recent episodes on my favorite cryptids because I couldn’t help myself ), and it’s become one of my favorite podcasts of all time. Love the goofy hosts, love learning about cryptids I may have never heard of, and love listening to it while I work. Alex and Addison never disappoint, and make my long nights spent animating much less lonely! If you’re looking for a comedy cryptid podcast, DEFINITELY check it out!
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It’s bad y’all
The snowflake liberalism is strong in this one.
Alex and Addison are a treat
I stop whatever I’m doing whenever I see a new episode of this show. Alex and Addison are hilarious, but also very kind and thoughtful. I cannot recommend this show enough.
Perfect balance of silly and smart
I love this podcast it is one of my favorite paranormal shows out there. The hosts are funny and extremely thoughtful about how they present complicated, nuanced, or culturally specific topics. They strike a great balance between silly banter and research and sightings, and the tangents never last too long or stray too far, and often bring insight that I really value and appreciate hearing from two young women (see the Women in White episode). I love a podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but treats the subject matter as such (no matter how silly/improbable)
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A&A kill me every time
It’s like listening to people I want to be friends with and their silly fun and enlightening convos about the good good cryptids in this wacky world
A fun and heart warming podcast, with a side of weird and fantastic creatures!
I've been listening to The Cryptid Keeper since almost the very beginning, and I cannot fully explain how much this podcast means to me. Every episode is filled with fun jokes, heartfelt moments, interesting facts, and deep dives into the bits of the cultures and societies these fun little creatures came from! Alex and Addison are genuinely fantastic and kind people, and the enthusiasm they have for the subjects they cover is heart warming to say the least! The Cryptid Keeper is a great podcast that has inspired me in so many ways, and helped me through more than a few rough patches along the way, and I cannot thank them enough for the work they do!
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This has made me more interested in Cryptids
I always had a tangential interest in cryptids. I knew about the big ones - Nessie, Bigfoot, Mothman, etc. but Addison and Alex have really expanded my horizons about so many different creatures and it’s been such a fun journey. They’re so personable and likeable and they make going down monster rabbit holes some of the best parts of my day. Keep up the great work, friendos! ❤️
High quality voice talent and good subject matter
I am pretty new to the podcast but am impressed with the voice talent and the wide variety of the subject matter. Ms Peacock and company offer a unique and quality podcast in a crowded space...and shouldn’t give you a stomach ache!
Keeping Podcasts Weird
I love more things about this show than I can count on one set of human fingers. I recently discovered this podcast and I’ve been skipping around in the library of eps. So far the Hidebehind episode has been a stand out for me. Never before have I considered the commonalities between Hidebehinds and Scooby-Doo characters! Fun topics. Great chemistry between the hosts. Solid audio quality. This show is quickly earning top-of-the-queue status.
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Funny and informative
But funny first. These two take an interesting look at Cryptids across cultures
spooky mulder’s soulmates
what a peaceful, soothing, happy show - our dear dear hosts create such a lovely mind space to be in! to dream and imagine these creatures, to allow yourself to believe in the improbable and rare, and to be silly and kind all the way through it! they balance a sacred respect of cultural beliefs with uplifting giggles every episode and it’s so happy if u like spooky things, Absolutely get ur ears in this! thanks, addison and alex!
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My partner and I been faithful listeners for about a year, and we always look forward to listening to the new episodes together. Addison and Alex have an excellent rapport, and basking in their friendship and passion for all kinds of weird and misunderstood beasts never fails to improve my day.
A podcast about cryptids has no business being this enjoyable for this long. Consistently, Alex and Addison not only educate on the surface level of spooky stories, but delve deeper, discussing the social contexts around many of the tales. For more than a hundred episodes, the duo have kept a consistently high level of both humor and intellect, and I would recommend it to cryptid enthusiasts and newcomers alike.
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The whole thing’s a riot! Give it a listen!
It’s really very good!
The hosts are genuinely interested in the topics and seem like really good people. Overall just a very good show for those with an interest in the macabre.
Da Vinci07
Amazing and wonderful
Hilarious yet well researched. The two hosts are great comedians but care deeply about the material as well. If you’re interested about Cryptids, like laughing, enjoy great surprise guest visits, you deserve to give this a listen.
No wonder they call it the
Cryptid Keeper, because it’s so good at KEEPING my attention and interest! Excellent all over!
Very Good Much Love
My dad, my girlfriend and I all listen to this podcast religiously. Love that you guys are respectful to all the creatures and their cultures. You guys are genuinely funny and your research is very well done. I love that you guys do all kinds of Cryptids and not just the ones that are super famous but the ones from all around the world! I get excited every time I see a new episode is posted! Thanks so much for making great content!
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Truly a special podcast
I’ve been listening to this podcast for around a year and a half now and I truly love it. Alex and Addison are funny and intelligent, and most of all super entertaining. They do their research and speak well about each cryptid, and I especially appreciate the respect that they have for the cultures many of these cryptids and mythical creatures come from. I personally love the occasional tangents, personal anecdotes, and political and social commentary. Nothing exists in a vacuum, and often the cryptid that they’re covering exists as part of a broader social structure that it would be, in my opinion, a disservice to not mention (i.e talking more broadly about things like abuse in the context of the Woman In White). It makes the podcast stand out from others, and brings more depth and nuance to the conversation. It’s a wonderful podcast and it fulfills the purpose that it’s supposed to - that it’s fun and informational and a good way to get people to conduct more of their own research if they’re interested. Each episode is great jumping off point to learn more if that weeks subject particularly interested to. Super highly recommend!
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Everything about this is so good. Content, tangents, humor, chemistry. I am so excited for every episode and I can’t wait for the next one. Thanks for everything you do. Keep up the good work.
Every time they finally get to the episode one of them interrupts the other with some personal story that is just not that interesting to listen to. The podcast seems to be all over the place 70% of the time. That being said, it would be so much better if these two could just stay on topic for at least good 15 minutes.
Y’all are awesome
Hiiiiii It’s Owen Wilson, id love to pop in and say hiiiii and thanks for being amazing
Beka the infamous
So much fun!
Alex and Addison are the best!
This podcast can be a little chatty from time to time. When they cover details of the crypid not bad. New to show but can be very lively. Molly M
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