The Cryptid Keeper
The Cryptid Keeper
The Cryptid Keeper
Episode 145 - Endings and Beginnings
40 minutes Posted Aug 27, 2020 at 11:43 am.
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Show notes

Well friends, we've reached the end of this particular journey together. Please don't worry, we're both okay and planning to create more projects together in the future! But after some long, hard conversations (that have been quite a long time coming) we realized that it's time for this particular one to come to an end. We know it may feel sudden from the outside, but we would not make this decision rashly or without careful consideration.

Thank you all so much for joining us for 145 episodes of this show that started with just a couple of friends and a microphone on a living room floor. We never expected it to last this long or come this far. It's been an incredible journey and we're so grateful for all the learning, laughs, and love that have come along the way. Don't think of it as an ending, but as a chance to start fresh with something we can all be proud of together. We hope you'll stick around with us for whatever the next chapter holds.

From Alex, Addison, and the whole Cryptid Keeper team:

Stay Safe out There.