The Cryptid Keeper
The Cryptid Keeper
The Cryptid Keeper
Episode 144 - Listener Stories #4
57 minutes Posted Aug 20, 2020 at 6:38 pm.
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Show notes

Will-o-the-wisps, haunted dolls, and big box stores with a ghost problem? Looks like it's time for another listener stories episode! Treat yourself to a buffet of creatures, critters, and stories submitted by out very own Cryptid Keepers (that's all of you)! Our inbox was overflowing with stories yet again, so we decided to put together a collection to share with you all! Gather round the campfire and hear us spin some tales! Or rather, share some pre-spun tales that we put together.

NOTE: In this episode, we shared a story from a listener detailing their experience with a giant bird. In their story, they repeatedly refer to it as a Thunderbird. We should have said something on the air, and it was wrong of us not to. White people have a long history of appropriating, bastardizing, and commodifying Native culture, it is not ok to treat important aspects of Native culture as cryptids or behave in a culturally insensitive way while talking about them. It was wrong on this episode, and it has been wrong when we’ve done it in the past. While we have appropriated and behaved insensitively in the past, we do not condone it nor do we wish to further normalize it. We understand that our ignorant behavior hurt people. We are sorry, and we are making a commitment to do better. Thank you to those that reached out, we are immensely grateful. We will do our best not to let you down.

Content Warning: Mention of animal death, ghosts, shadow people, death