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Dlisted: The Podcast
Dlisted: The Podcast
Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 96 – Charlotte’s Web Of Messiness
45 minutes Posted Aug 26, 2020 at 12:01 am.
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Show notes

Yes, Kimmy Gibbler gets name-dropped again in this episode while Allison and I talk about Lori Loughlin and Mossimo going to prison (and yes, dropping Kimmy Gibbler’s name is the only reason why we chose to lead with this story). After that, we get into Charlotte Kirk, the actress who helped bring down two Hollywood moguls, Kevin Tsujiharaand Ron Meyer, with help from their wandering peens and skeezy asses. And we get into the question that been screamed all over the internet a million times: Why don’t people end telephone calls with a goodbye on TV shows and movies?!

Other stuff we get into includes Lea Michele’s new baby, Drew Barrymore confirming that John Barrymore’s friends partied with his dead body, Carole Baskin possibly joining Dancing with the Stars, Scheana Shay’s throuple with John Mayer and Stacie the Bartender, and KFC putting their slogan on the sidelines because of coronavirus.

And for the Show & Tell part of the episode, Allison immediately gets my attention by sharing a show that is perfect to watch while stoned.

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