Dlisted: The Podcast
Dlisted: The Podcast
Dlisted: The Podcast
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Funny with a heart
Love these two. Sweet, funny, humble and relatable as they dish the Hollywood dirt. Exactly what we need to escape but not forget the world around us.
Miss Mei
Year end... loved the episode
It was great! Bring Mieka back!
Huge Fan but....
Please, please, please do not bring Mika back. She does the show no favors. I love the chemistry between Michael K and Allison but Mika is a dud. Her voice is grating and she is simply not funny. She hurt my ears!!!
Gigi Peterson
These two are hilarious and incredible
These two trampy trollops are killing me softly. 8 thumbs up.
Two angels
How I adore and love these two sassy ladies. I’ve been aFan of dlisted since day one. These two bring me joy in my sad little life stuck in my apartment during COVID. 😭😭😭😭
Very good product!
Well made and fit perfect. High recommend. Good seller, fast ship. Five star!
Doggos make me smile
Makes every day better
Happy 100th episode MK and Allison!! Love you guys and you truly make me happier every day I listen. Thank you!!! Xx
Best episode ever!! 🙂
Michael K and Allison Fan
Michael K and Allison are my Wednesday treat. I love your sense of humor. Allison mom's jokes and Michael funny lines have my driving and laughing. I have been a Dlisted fan for over 15 years! Keep up the great work, guys. You are like family to me. Love y'all.
One of my favorites!
I look forward to a new D-Listed every Wednesday! Highlight of my day and never disappoints. Fan of the website for many years and so glad Michael K decided to branch out into pod casts. Thank you for the escape from the world!
The Only Podcast
This is the only podcast I genuinely look forward to and the highlight of my Wednesdays. Even on those dead weeks that you have to play SMASH on air because everyone is stuck inside not created drama because of Covid you manage to entertain.
Michael said that he didn’t like Baby Yoda - automatic 5 stars.
Best way to catch up on dlisted.com without having to read!
I love dlisted.com so much but I don’t always have time to check in with their hilarious stories. Listening to Michael K and Allison is a great way to get caught up. They are like listening to two funny friends.
Love, Love, Love these guys!!!!
Best Celeb Podcast
Long time fan of DListed and Michael K’s genius writing. The podcast with Alison is amazing, even though they don’t give themselves enough credit. They’re funny and incredibly quick with their wit. Compared to the other gossip podcasts out there, this one is the best, and the others wish they could be at this level.
Law Loved
A podcast that makes me laugh. Great!
“K-pop is an Asian country and their citizens are called Stans.” 😆😂🤣 Long time DListed blog reader.
I love them for remembering Whatchamacalit is the greatest candy bar ever and constantly underrated.
The best part of my week
This is genuinely my favorite podcast. The best parts are Allison's corny dad jokes and Michael’s mispronunciations, but I love everything in between too. Come for the butthole jokes, stay for the pop culture commentary. Thank you Allison and Michael for being so amazing!
Finally, a Podcast for Hot Sluts Like Me!
I’ve been reading Dlisted.com since ‘06, and this podcast is just as hilarious as the website. Thank you to Michael K. and Allison for making this podcast!
Katie Sans Fards
Hot Review of the Day
I love this show and look forward to it every week. If she’s still alive, I’d love some fresh Quween if the Scene coverage. Bless you both. Love always, The Babadook.
I love you Michael k, but when you compared your butthole to floppy folds like cuticles, I threw up my lunch. Five stars.
Love This Podcast
I love your rapport it makes me smile. I work for a community health center in their Call Center. We've adjusted rapidly to the pandemic and I've been fortunate to work from home. Everyday I speak to people who are afraid, suspect they have the virus or have it. We have to turn people away because we cannot service everyone. We have people who hide their symptoms because they need to work or don't have the money to cover the office visit or both. So, one of the things I look forward to is your weekly podcast. It makes me laugh out loud. Keep doing what you are doing. Thank you both.
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Michael K!!!
I was stoked to find this podcast as I’ve been a huge fan of the website, dating back to the 00’s. Love Michael K here as much as I do online!
Aussie Bravo Addict
Favorite part of my week
Look forward to this every Wednesday. Love the site and now the podcast
A weekly treat to look forward to!
Michael K and Allison have great chemistry and deliver the gossip with a realness that is refreshing. You won’t regret having a listen!
Super Entertaining!
I’ve been reading Dlisted for 10 years and I was thrilled to find this podcast!! Super funny, snarky, smart, gossipy humor. I really enjoy listening to this podcast while I chill after work. Keep up the good work you guys.
My favorite podcast
Love both of you! You can break down all the gossip without coming across as mean or petty. Also you make me laugh out loud - how many podcasts can really do that? Look forward to it every week
Love love love
Thank you so much for this podcast! I look forward to it each week- it makes my commute bearable!
Funny, Sarcastic & Fabulous
I’ve been following DLISTED blog for years, I’m so there is now a podcast. Super funny take on the latest entertainment news.
I love the sarcasm, the jokes, the celebrities they talk about.
Totally worth rotting my brain for.
Been binge listening since I found out there was a Dlisted podcast. I almost deleted a star because they failed to mention the exquisite plastic flower and epitome of natural beauty and grace, that was the Duchess de Alba’s passing, in their decade in review. That erasure was almost unforgivable!
Listening to Michael K and Allison dishing celebrity gossip is even better than reading it daily on their site. Please give us a few hour long episodes because 30 minutes is just not long enough.
Suzy Northstar
Long Time fan
You gave me a reason to read as a teen in the early 200’s LOL I always loved reading Dlisted and enjoyed how unapologetic you are. I can say the same and more after listening to your podcast! Love you guys!
Celeb gossip with heart
I love this podcast! I read a lot of D-listed in my 20s, and Michael K is the writer I always wanted to be- so creative and ridiculously funny. So when I found out about this podcast, I was super excited. He and Allison have great chemistry and unlike other celebrity podcasts that are all snark, this one is a great balance of gossip, comedy and heart. It really feels like hanging out with your two funniest friends, who will never judge you for your choices but they will make fun of your choices and it will be hilarious. They also both seem like really good people, so it’s easy to root for them. Thanks for giving us something to look forward to every week!
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Fans of the blog will be pleasantly surprised
Michael K and Allison have such great chemistry as hosts that you literally forget that they are recording in separate countries. I love the in-jokes of Dlisted the Site peppered into every episode, I love that they cover both celebrity news and random other stories being talked about, but the true treat I enjoy is the litany of personal stories we get from Michael and Allison. The blog is where their humor on celebs and Hot Sluts shine, but this podcast is an opportunity to really learn more about the stars of the blog as people, and lucky for us, they’re the type of people I love listening to.
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Love this pod cast
It makes me snort and cry laughing. Allison and Michael have a really great chemistry and both of them are so funny and entertaining. I have been reading dlisted since forever and was super excited to hear about the podcast. Exceeded my expectations and is so welcome during this super depressing time in America’s history.
Love the D
Michael K is the best at blending wit, snark, and even compassion when it’s called for. I’m a long time fan of the blog & so happy he has a podcast.
Kim From Cville
Longtime reader love
Love you guys. I’ve been a Dlisted reader since 2007 or thereabouts. Maybe even earlier? Anyway, please please please do a 90 day recap podcast. I just listened to the latest episode and heard MK is a fan. Pleaaaaaase!! ❤️❤️
These two are the best
I’ve been a long-time reader of D-listed and have fallen off the celebrity magazine bandwagon for a *really* long time. But somehow I realized that D-listed has a podcast and I’m back on the wagon and laughing my tuchis off thanks to Michael and Allison. There’s plenty of self-deprecating humor so it doesn’t feel like trash, and they’re both smart and well-read (even if Michael pretends not to be), so yes, please listen and help ensure that this podcast continues forever and ever.
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Dlisted is the best!
I have been reading dlisted for over 10 years. When I saw that Micheal K and Allison we’re doing a podcast I knew I had to check it out! I was not disappointed!!! They are so funny! Their humor is smart and clever without being hurtful. Basically they call b.s. on all the clowns that are out in the world!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hilarious!! Lives up to the brilliant website
I've been a Dlisted.com reader for almost 14 years. This podcast brings the website to life and adds a whole different dimension. Each week's episode has snappy and laugh-out-loud commentary on the latest celeb gossip. Michael K and Allison have such natural chemistry. Funniest podcast around!
Always entertained
I’ve been a Dlisted reader for many years and they are my favorite writers. I always get a laugh in their writing and now hearing them talk and interact is great. Their wit is always amusing. Thanks for the laughs!! Love them!!
Gossip with friends and D jokes
So much fun! Plus international education about exotic and mysterious Canadian foods!
So so so good.
Love Michael K, have read D-listed for almost 10 years now! Allison is the perfect balance and I could listen to them for hours!
They make me laugh
Been a big fan for a while and I love their self deprecating sense of humor and charm. Michael K and Allison get me through the week with a smile on my face and the feeling of camaraderie with two people who are just as messed up as me every time.
Love love love Dlisted the Podcast
Michael K and Allison have caused me to laugh out loud so many times while I’ve listened to this podcast. They typically release a half hour episode once a week covering all the hot gossip and totally random nonsense going on in pop culture. If you love the blog, you gotta subscribe to the podcast. Keep it up guys!
Love you guys
I’m here for the “Bit Bit” references
Bootys mom
Keep it up!!!!*
Michael K. and Allison, thank you for a podcast with a perfect mix of camp, vulgarity, celeb gossip, human interest stories, personal commentary, d$ck, and foodie culture—sometimes all in the same segment. I have been a fan since the beginning and look forward to each episode. Keep up the excellent work!!!! *I am normally a strictly one-exclamation-point person, but love of the podcast has inspired more.
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KJB in Cincinnati
Episode 53
The highlight of the last episode was listening to Michael and Alison trying to remember the word “salesman.” Alison: “Car real estate agent?” Michael: “Dealership?!?” Alison: “Where is Philadelphia again?” Like two brain damaged hamsters trying to make it through a simple maze.
Christy Lewis
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