Dlisted: The Podcast
Dlisted: The Podcast
Dlisted: The Podcast
Dlisted: The Podcast brings everything you love (and hate) about the site to your ears. During each episode, Michael K and Allison use their impeccable journalistic skills to analyze and joke about the celebrity stories you really need to know before you can peacefully go to sleep at night.
Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 104 – Another Day For You And Me In Messy Ex Hell
Phil Collins’ messy fight over his Miami Beach mansion with his ex-wife is what Allison and I dive into first. And once we get out of that foolery, we dive into more messiness courtesy of Justin Bieber’s one-time spiritual adviser Pastor Carl Lentz getting dumped from Hillsong for passing his peen to someone who wasn’t […]
Nov 18
47 min
Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 103 – Old Asses
Because we hate ourselves, we spend way too long (read: more than a millisecond) talking about Rudy Giuliani’s crotch while getting into the Borat sequel. After we dip into that dark-sidedness, we talk about the latest layer of messy in the Lily James/Dominic West affair, and bring Armie Hammer into it. And we answer the […]
Oct 28
48 min
Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 102 – HoMan Holiday
On this mini-episode, we start with the cheating saga between Dominic West, Catherine FitzGerald, and Lily James, and for the listener, it turns into a pun nightmare for your ears. After we get into the alleged wandering peen antics of Dominic West, we get into the fapping peen antics of Jeffrey Toobin who was suspended […]
Oct 21
29 min
Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 101 – As Jenny McCarthy Cries Tears Of Betrayal
If this podcast had a budget that was above zero dollars, I’d play Push It at the beginning of this episode, because we start by talking about the new movies that have been pushed into a release date in the future because of goddamn coronavirus, and that leads to Allison telling me about her special […]
Oct 7
46 min
Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 100 – Eating Burger King Fries In Peace
We made it to our 100th episode! Thanks to everyone who has tainted their ears with our foolery. And we don’t have a budget to celebrate with cake but we celebrate by talking about Mariah Carey’s memoirs, where she gets into Tommy Mottola getting mad that she went to Burger King with Da Brat, her […]
Sep 30
47 min
Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 99 – Nose Swabbing At The Emmys
At the top of this episode, Allison and I plunge into the COVID-19-era Emmys complete with awkward skits, presenters in Hazmat tuxedos, the Schitt’s Creek cast living it up at Casa Loma, and Jason Sudeikis getting a fake corona test on camera. We also talk about Wayne Lineker (which is pronounced: WHO?!) looking for love […]
Sep 23
44 min
Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 98 – Dick Pics, Dickmatization, And Wandering Dicks
Nearly every episode of this mess of a podcast hugs its arms around the theme of dick, but we really do it with this one by first talking about Chris Evans’ dick slip that brought down the internet.Then we get into Katie Holmes getting with a dude who may or may not have dumped his […]
Sep 16
45 min
Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 97 – Masking Out At The MTV VMAs
If you’ve ever wanted to hear two old hos get into what the kids are up to, your dreams have come true, because Allison and I talk about this year’s socially distanced MTV VMAs from Lady Gaga going mask crazy to me actually praising Miley Cyrus. From there, we talk about Brad Pitt’s new skandalös […]
Sep 2
55 min
Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 96 – Charlotte’s Web Of Messiness
Yes, Kimmy Gibbler gets name-dropped again in this episode while Allison and I talk about Lori Loughlin and Mossimo going to prison (and yes, dropping Kimmy Gibbler’s name is the only reason why we chose to lead with this story). After that, we get into Charlotte Kirk, the actress who helped bring down two Hollywood […]
Aug 26
45 min
Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 95 – Sixteen Porcelain Thrones
We start with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s move to a cute, little shack in Montecito full of sixteen pots to piss in, and we also turn into a home financing podcast by figuring out their monthly mortgage payment. We then talk about Olivia Munn stamping an F- on the sex report card of an […]
Aug 19
40 min
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