Food Farms & Chefs
Food Farms & Chefs
Gene Blum, Amaris Pollock
Food Farms & Chefs is a dynamic show, offering you entertaining insights into the culinary world with our co-hosts Amaris Pollock and Gene Blum.   We consider all of our fans and guests as part of our family,  and as such we'll share the best interviews from owners of farms to wherever the table is that you're dining at! So be sure to tune in at 6 P.M. ET on WWDB 860 AM or WPEN HD2 97.5 FM every Tuesday in the Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey, & Delaware region, or at 1P.M. ET to WMLD 103.7 FM in the New York, Connecticut, and Northern New Jersey region to listen on the radio waves, or feel free to stream our show at any time on your favorite streaming platform!
Mac and Cheese, Parties, Cocktails and Sweet Endings
What's always in fashion? Food! Which is the exact subject we focus on every week on Food Farms and Chefs Radio Show, and to make things even more fashionable, we spoke with a trend-setting business that focuses on everyone's favorite side dish, then we bring you all-aboard an exquisite venue on Delaware Avenue, and we're offering your taste buds some deeply-rich chocolate to indulge in as a treat! Food Farms and Chefs Radio Show Episode 257
Nov 28
56 min
Beef and Beers, Cookies with Kindness, and a cuisine to spice up your life
We know you'll go grazy for this week's Food Farms and Chefs Show, so we spoke with real estate developer-turned-livestock farmer, who's farm-raised Angus and Wagyu Beef are also enjoyed inside his brewery. Then we'll introduce you to a PR/Marketer who ventured into making cookies as a business during the pandemic. And our show is rounded out with a Chef who introduced a whole new world of flavorful cuisine to Santa Fe, NM! *Food Farms and Chefs Episode 256
Nov 21
56 min
Comfort Foods, Exquisite Dining, Pizza, Craft Beers, and Newly Opened Restaurants
The artistry and difficulty behind what chefs, their supporting line, and restaurateurs create are just one large aspect that brings us back time and time again to their businesses. On our latest episode of Food Farms and Chefs Radio Show, we spoke with several chefs who are paving the way in their industry, creating meals and menus that are heavenly to taste. *Food Farms and Chefs Radio Show Episode 255
Nov 14
55 min
Italian Cuisine, High Tea, and Save Money when Dining Out During Restaurant Week
We're spillin' all the tea with this week's show, and you can too--there's plenty of pasta-bilities for you to experience new and exciting (food-loving) adventures! *Food Farms and Chefs Radio Show Episode 254
Nov 7
56 min
Brunch, Savory Meals, and Decadent Desserts on this week's episode of Food Farms and Chefs Radio Show!
Celebrate good times with this week's Food Farms and Chefs Radio Show, as we were joined by a delightful array of guests--it's all about savory lunches, brunches, dinners and desserts as we sat down with White Dog Cafe's Executive Chef in Glen Mills and Pretty Tasty Cupcakes' Owners. *Food Farms and Chefs Radio Show Episode 253
Oct 31
55 min
Karen Gershowitz, a Traveling Foodie & Author, Takumi Bistro and Bar, and all things Halloween!
Our show covers the globe via cuisines, chefs, and restaurateurs, and this week our guests' took us all over the world. So, if you're looking to travel for food, want to indulge in something local, or to plan for your Halloween celebrations--tune in to Food Farms and Chefs Radio Show this and every week! *episode 252
Oct 24
56 min
Buttermilk Biscuits & Sandwiches, a Brand-New Cocktail Company, and a Bakery to Hit Your Sweet Spot!
All of our guests on this week's Food Farms and Chefs Radio Show have (or are currently experiencing) being a viral sensation. So, if you're wondering how to try them for yourself, tune in to hear their story and to find out how you can dig into their products and more! *Episode 251
Oct 17
56 min
Brewing up the best for Festive Fall Events, Foodie Travel Destinations, Farms, and Farmer's Markets
We're brewing up some outstanding events & travel destinations. This week's guests level-up their foodie game in several ways, including what they provide, the positive impact they have on their communities, and also via expansions. If you're curious to find out more, tune in to Food Farms and Chefs to hear from Tranquility Brewing Company, Sickler's Circle View Farm, and Forest Farmer's Market. *Episode 250
Oct 10
56 min
Two Hot New Restaurants and their Tantalizing Menus!
We're bringing you fresh new restaurants, hot off the line on this week's episode of Food Farms and Chefs! *episode 249
Oct 3
56 min
Fine Dining, Tasting Menus, Farmers Market Across the USA, & Fun Fall Events!
Eat your heart out and enjoy every succulent bite from a celebrated Chef to the delightful finds across America's Farmers Markets on this week's episode of Food Farms and Chefs Radio Show! (Episode 248)
Sep 27
56 min
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