Food Farms & Chefs Radio Show Podcast
Food Farms & Chefs Radio Show
Gene Blum, Amaris Pollock
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Fascinating food information!
I find this podcast to be incredibly interesting and fun to listen to! Loved the trivia and fast food episodes. Learned so much and found those facts to be fascinating (and some disturbing!!) couldn't believe how quickly the time flew by!! Excited to hear what comes next. Thanks for the great entertainment and tips.
Truly enjoy the show!
I consider myself a foodie so this show is perfect for me. I just listened to the fast food episode and I really liked the episode. The concept of the show as well as the title are great. Awesome job with the show and giving us what we NEED!
great show love all the information
High energy for good eats
Wish I’d been armed with this podcast the last time I visited Philadelphia. Great Cheesesteak Debate parts 1 and 2 are high value and well worth listening to but there’s so much more. Love the enthusiasm and knowledge shared by Kevin and John for all good things to be eaten. Great show guys! Keep up the great work.
I'm hungry and know where to eat now!
Kevin and John definetly made me hungry with all of this food talk but I am very well informed as to where I can grub when in the Philadelphia area! The best part is, the gentlemen dive into where you can eat for relatively affordable costs. Thanks, Kevin and John, for this amazing show.
5 Stars
No one knows the Philadelphia and South Jersey food scene like Kevin Wilson and John Cohl, their going to give you their honest opinions on a establishment good or bad and more importantly they make sure your not breaking the bank on a meal. One of the best new shows out right now!