Transform your Mind
Transform your Mind
Myrna Young, Life Coach
The Transform your Mind, personal development podcast, is a weekly, podcast about life. Our mission is to positively help women, renew their mindset, so they can, transform their lives. We discuss topics on, transformation, how to have, healthy relationships, how to transform your mental health, overcome fear and find happiness much more. So download and share with your friends, your journey to transforming your life, starts now. See for privacy and opt-out information.
What Men Want In A Woman
 Andre Paradis, relationship coach, shares insights on what men want and how to revert back to nature and polarity to make our relationships work. If you want to know how to have healthy fulfilling long-term relationships, listen to the end. What men want, is a woman who is sweet and lovely and warm and, feminine, and attractive and magnetic.  Andre Paradis, is a Relationship Coach, NLP Coach, Educator of Effective Communications, Published Writer, Public Speaker, and Ordained Minister. Andre Grew up in Canada, and while on vacation in Los Angeles he was scouted and became a professional dancer. He has danced with legends including Michael Jackson, Prince, Paula Abdul, Julio Eglesias to name a few.He then attended a workshop called “Understanding Women” in 2006 and started studying with some of the biggest relationship masters (Dr. Pat Allen, Dr. Esther Perel, Dr. John Gray, Shantie Feldhan and Alison Armstrong). He started sharing his knowledge with friends and family. He saw that this knowledge actually helped people lead happier lives with the people they love. He found his purpose in life... The Big Calling deep inside him. He then sold his successful Auto Shop and launched Project Equinox Coaching to help men and women learn to build stronger long lasting and healthy Love relationships. For some clients, He even officiate their weddings.
Aug 14
1 hr 8 min
You Must Give To Receive
In order to receive you must first give. This principle is taught in the Bible story of Elijah the prophet and the widow woman.  When you give you will always have enough and when you give God will also bring your dead things back to life. In this episode of 5 min Fridays with Coach Myrna you will learn:* The principles of giving and tithing * How to multiply your seed * Why you must give in order to receive
Aug 11
9 min
Is There Life After Death? A Mother's Story
When Karen Johnson's 27 year old son died of a heroin overdose, her world shattered until her son showed up in his human form waving at her at the airport.  In her book Living Grieving Karen shares how communicating with her son after his death helped her live while grieving and believe in life after death. She then became a Shaman helping other spirits transition to the after life. Karen's work is now structured around shamanic practices, mindfulness, and the journey of the Four winds Medicine Wheel. Listen to her powerful story and share with anyone who has lost a loved one. 
Aug 7
1 hr 2 min
The Devil Discourages Before He Destroys
In 1 Peter 5:8 Peter gave a firm warning about the devil: "Be sober-minded: Be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion seeking someone to destroy. But before the devil destroys, he discourages. So you have to guard your heart. Don't let discouragement or hopelessness in. In this episode of 5 min Fridays with coach Myrna you will learn:* How to feel your emotions in your body.* Why you should not avoid feeling your emotions by self medicating with eating, drinking etc. * How to replace negative emotions with positive memories. 
Aug 4
9 min
The Truth About Mental Health And Psychiatric Medications
 Dr Fred Moss, psychiatrist, shares why he thinks that psychiatric medications is like cutting off your arm if you have a mosquito bite. In this podcast we discuss using your true voice to reclaim your mental health and why actively doing one of the creative 8 activities like creating music, dancing, singing, drama, cooking, writing, gardening, and photography can remove the need for psychiatric medications. 
Jul 31
59 min
Listen To Your Heart It Reveals Your Purpose
 One way to find your purpose is to notice what makes you weep or angry.  Because that is your heart responding to what’s on the outside that is linked to something on your inside.  For example, do you weep, when you hear a child has been abused or a dog left outside in the heat without any water? Then maybe God wanted you to do something about this and that is why he pre-wired you to care. In this episode of 5 min Fridays with Coach Myrna we look at the bible story of Nehemiah and what we can learn from it regarding our purpose. 
Jul 28
10 min
Life Lessons From An Abandoned Girl
Jannette Blair, author of "The Tears Behind my Smile" shares life lessons from her long-life journey of an abandoned girl who faces challenges in every walk of her life and the strength she gains from each experience she suffers. Her book is not an autobiography with an ordinary beginning and a predictable ending; instead, the book depicts a series of emotions occurring in the author's life and how she alters herself from a self-pitying abandoned girl into a strong, resilient woman. It will enlighten the readers on not to depend on anyone and become the superhero in their own story.
Jul 24
53 min
Look At The Heart Not Outward Appearance
The Lord said to Samuel “Don’t judge David by his appearance or height. People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”In this episode of 5 min Fridays with Coach Myrna, I teach on why we should not judge our partners by their outward appearances, but by what's in their heart.
Jul 23
7 min
Building Relationships With Relational Mindfulness
Shari Foos, Marriage and Family Therapist, adjunct professor and the creator of The Narrative Method, shares why we can build our relationships by practicing relational mindfulness.  Relational mindfulness, is the humanistic practice of compassionately relating to others, with an open mind and mutual respect. By putting aside your own beliefs and judgments, you can better empathize and understand others from their perspective. In this episode you will learn: How does awareness build relationships How to practice awareness, wonder and empathy to deepen your relationshipsWhy an apology is so great in building human connectionsand much more 
Jul 17
52 min
Traits of a Virtuous Woman
In this episode of 5 min Fridays with coach Myrna, I teach on the traits of the virtuous woman using as a foundational story the bible story of Boaz and Ruth. Boaz called Ruth a virtuous woman because she was:* Loyal to her mother-in-law* Willing to work hard* Leave her home and move to a foreign land to help her mother-in-law* Did everything her mother-in-law told her to do. So what are the modern day traits of a virtuous woman? Why should you become a virtuous woman? 
Jul 14
6 min
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