Transform your Mind
Transform your Mind
Myrna Young, Life Coach
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Myrna really gets into it
I just had the pleasure of being interviewed by Myrna and it was a joy. Myrna really listens and asks great questions. She is a deep diver and gets the meat and bones out of her guests. I highly recommend this podcast if you’re someone who wants to live a full juicy life.
Transform your life!
Myrna is such a wonderful interviewer and brings on such incredible and inspirational guests! Can't believe I just found this show, I've got a lot to catch up on!
Don’t miss this podcast!
This podcast should be on everyone’s list! Every episode is packed with tips and info that are extremely helpful. Try it and you’ll get hooked too!
I love Myrna’s Insights, Positivity and Curiousity!
Thank you for helping so many to transform their lives through the ah-ha moments they receive from your show! It’s great to see the way you’ve dealt with challenges of your past and leveraged them to have the life you have now! You’re an inspiration that SO many need. I also have to say I loved our interview (Healing Trauma with EFT Tapping) and was so grateful for your vulnerability and openness throughout the Tapping we did together! I know it will be a game changer for many that have been through similar abuse and have supressed/repressed emotions from it. Thank you!
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Theresa Lear Levine ✨💕✨
Great Life Strategies!
Transform Your Mind to Transform Your Life is a transformational podcast to help you create the life you want. Each week, Coach Myrna interviews a diverse background of experts on a variety of topics to provide you with the tools you need to define your goals, overcome obstacles (internal and external), and achieve your dreams. She is straight-forward, encouraging, and personable-it feels like she is right there having a conversation in your living room. After listening to an episode, I come away feeling positive, confident, and with at least one action step I can take immediately. Thank you, Coach Myrna!
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Love and Information Filled
Myrna has such a love of people and helping others! Her podcast does a wonderful job of getting that information across. She has many different guests, and asks insightful questions that can help various aspects on your life. I highly recommend listening to her podcast!
Feels like a Good Friend
Keshia Desir
I love Myrna. She is real and an excellent coach and shares great content every week. I definitely recommend this podcast
Life lessons
Myrna is a great host with a true heart of gold. Her podcast is addictive and really inspires you to take on a growth mindset 🙌
Not Good it very Bad person
Have really enjoyed listening to this podcast. But I am not sure why personal political views need to be brought into this podcast. Especially by comparing our current President to Hitler. Which is very far from the truth. I think I am done listening. No matter your political view it needs to be left out. I believe Obama was closer to Hitler then President Trump ever will be. It truly sad she had voice a person opinion such as this !
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Coach Myrna is the best!
I loved being on her show, because she is full of energy, engaged, a thoughtful question asker, and frankly, Myrna connects with her guests to bring the audience an authentic and deep experience like very podcasters. Love her and keep it up!
Author David Richman
Lots of beautiful podcast attitude sounds
I like the words very much
I highly recommend....
I really enjoy listening to your podcast, I have learned a lot and you talk about such very good topics...
john bartlo show
better info..
Such a great show. Keep up the great work!!!!
john bartlo
Love this Podcast
I just love this podcast. Coach Myrna and her guests are so entertaining and full of great content.
making bank
great it
Love this podcast. Very useful info.
Maria C. Inman
Thank you
Always a great event
I enjoy the show find the information very helpful.
ryan niddle
This is fantastic!!
Love This!! Insightful conversations!!
ReadyPlayer Juan
Super helpful and greated.
Jubaer Bar
love every bit of it
The real mishaaal
Best job!
Love it Always learning something new that really useful.
Adam Cold
Love show.
This is a must listen.
Joejam gym man
I enjoy the show find the information very helpful.
Like it
The best podcast
this love it
Joshua Platt
Well worth binging on!!
This podcast is everything.
Laura J. Dunn
Real podcast
Pretty best
Robert Daneal
Love it
This is podcast best
Kavin Cold
Love this!!
This podcast amazing. Thanks!
Josa laka
Love the show.
This is a must listen. Keep it up guys.
One of the best!
I have been listening to this.
Al David570
After Dinner Conversation
High production values and woth the listen.
After Dinner Conversatoin
Millennial Mastery!
This podcast is so effective in shifting the minnellial mindset and motivating us all to find what truly lights us up in life. The host brings out the best in her guests, and it is an absolute joy to listen to!
Jordan gross
Addiction Podcast
Listening to these podcasts are very moving, as you guys demonstrate and elaborate on how serious addiction is. Double standards are another big thing for me as well and I’m glad that topic was talked about. More people than we think are suffering from drug addiction, and it needs to be talked about more.
Chloe Grannan
This was a very moving podcast! In the beginning I found the statistics you provided very interesting! I also found Carmen’s story to be very important. I believe it is important to understand that abuse is not always parents abusing their children, but like Carmen’s story even siblings. I always found it really great that you had a mental health counselor included in this podcast, while it is also mental health awareness day. I really enjoyed listening!
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Moving podcast
Thank you for bringing light to those who do not have a voice. Kelly’s story is truly moving, I feel for her and women in her situation. We truly do not know what others go through. Dr. Ahia has put in extensive amounts of work to be able to speak to over one hundred women about their experiences. I look forward to reading the book.
Moving story
Thank you for bringing light to those who do not have a voice. Kelly’s story is truly moving, I feel for her and women in her situation. We truly do not know what others go through. Dr. Ahia has put in extensive amounts of work to be able to speak to over one hundred women about their experiences. I look forward to reading the book.
Drug and alcohol treatment for Women with Trauma
At the beginning of this podcast, Dr. Ahia tells the story of a woman who goes through a very traumatic childhood with being abused by her father. The woman's parents are also addicts, and this raises the question of did she become an addict because of the trauma she endured or would she experience the same fate of becoming an addict simply because both of her parents, role models, were addicts? Dr. Ahia and Myrna also address that the rehabilitation process can be easy within a facility when one is in a "bubble". The challenge comes once they are out in the real world having to practice what they learned during their stay at these facilities. I wonder, is it necessary to one's sobriety to attend these AA and NA meetings? Or if someone can go into these rehabs and that be the only wake-up call they need? The desire to change is also addressed in this podcast. Dr. Ahia states that one must have a desire for a new lifestyle. From personal family experience, I find this to be true. However, with having a family member who is an addict, I wonder if that leaves them with no hope? Can one still have a chance of recovery if they don't want to change? Is there some type of therapy to help get these patients to the point of WANTING the change? Lastly, I also agree with Dr. Ahia's stance on CBT's. I think that every person's journey to recovery is different and though CBT may be effective for some, different therapies should be used for each individual.
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vanessa a kay
Enjoyed the podcast
This whole podcast was very informative/interesting. Kelly's story impacted me the most and was a huge eye opener being that many women are subjected to that type of gruesome treatment by individuals/love ones they should be able to trust. The abuse kelly endured was just profound. Furthermore, to piggy back on what Dr.Ahia stated, in order for individuals to become healthy/get over addiction they have to no longer desire to live that lifestyle. Which is definitely true because an individual won't recover until they tell themselves "this is it I want to get better/ do better". So until then this lifestyle will remain habitual.
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Amira Belisle
This podcast was very interesting! Definitely will be listening to the next one!
Thailyn Green
Love this podcast
Very informative, really helpful and a lot of great info.
Will Spearman
So good!
Dr. Ahia’s episode was so eye opening and interesting! Loved it! Can’t wait to read her book!
t elizabeth
Wow just wow ... Kelly’s story alone was a big eye opener for me due to the fact that it’s people really going through these things and I was very unaware , I definitely learned a lot by listening to this .. it’s very sad and unfortunately it’s still people in Kelly’s position today . This story is really sad.
Xzandrea Diggs
Great conversation for thought.
Very interesting insight. We need more female guidance like this in today’s society for all the struggling girls fighting abuse of any form.
Life Changing Advice
(Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Women With Trauma) ft Dr.Ahia This podcast truly empowers those who have encountered substance abuse and/or trauma at some point in their lives. I would definitely recommend this podcast to others considering the great amount of life changing advice it offers; not only to those who have been affected by trauma or substance abuse but also to those who are unaware of these societal issues. The story told here is one that needs to be told and I believe the way in which Dr.Ahia told it was truly insightful.
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Caitlyn Bonnema
Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Women with Trauma
Even just listening to the first summary of the story makes you cringe, and to know there’s hundreds of more stories like hers is truly sickening. Listening to the first story has made me want to read more into the book. I don’t think people think about this often because most people have a more normal childhood and we don’t think about how good we had it. It`s also sad that most of the time it`s the people closest to you that this occurs. Overall sounds like a very informative and interesting book and would like to read more!
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Olivia Rittenhouse
I’m Hooked!
First time listening and I’m hooked!
Amazing advice
Gave me great advice about life and I highly recommended subscribing!
Very Insightful
Coach Myrna Young brings such a healthy perspective to every discussion. I gained a lot from this episode.
The best!!
Myrna is such a great host and her guests are always full of amazing information and tips!
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