Thin Places Travel Podcast
Thin Places Travel Podcast
Mindie Burgoyne
A travel podcast with Mindie Burgoyne about Ireland - exploring places where the veil between this world and the eternal word is thin.
017 Thin Places in Celtic Brittany
Welcome to Episode 17 of the Thin Places Travel Podcast. This episode features Brittany France – an area with one of the largest collections of pre-Christian monuments in Europe. And these monuments are the run of the mill dolmens or passage tombs. The monuments in Brittany, in many instances, predate those in Ireland and the UK. Many believe the people who created the first of the monuments in Ireland and the UK came from Brittany.
Sep 8, 2018
1 hr 1 min
016 Achill Island History and Things to Do with Patricia Byrne
This episode is focused on the largest of Ireland’s islands – Achill Island. It lies of the coast of County Mayo, and can be accessed by a bridge. It’s an island of stories, of sorrow, of powerful women, and it has some of the most beautiful scenery is all of Ireland with sheer cliffs, amazing mountains, bogland, sandy beaches and historic villages.
Aug 28, 2018
54 min
015 Accessing the Celtic Otherworld
Dolores has always been a teacher and educator. And she’s one of the most educated people I’ve ever met. At one time she was a biochemistry lecturer holding a Master of Science degree from Trinity College Dublin. Now she is an author and lecturer on spirituality and also leads pilgrimages to the sacred places in Ireland and Iona, Scotland. Dolores has written extensively on education, creativity and Celtic Spirituality.
Aug 18, 2018
50 min
014 New Ancient Henge Discovered in Boyne Valley
In July of this year – 2018,  Anthony and a friend were in the Boyne Valley doing some arial photography with drones. Anthony was able to see a previously undiscovered henge and two smaller mounds in a farmer’s field. The postholes were only evident because of the recent drought that Ireland had suffered.
Aug 9, 2018
26 min
013 Mythical Ireland-Boyne Valley Discussion
Anthony is an author, a husband and father of five children. By day he works as a journalist, but he has a passions include photography, astronomy and Irish mythology especially as they pertain to the ancient monuments found in the Boyne Valley near where he live and throughout Ireland. Anthony is the author of Island of the Setting Sun: In Search of Ireland’s Ancient Astronomers as well as several other books.
Aug 9, 2018
43 min
012 Kinsale Walks and Ghost Tour
Kinsale Walks and the oldest Ghost Tour in Ireland. Our guest will be Barry Moloney, a tour guide with Kinsale Historic Strolls. He'll tell about how Kinsale is a draw for artists and storytellers and a little bit about Kinsale history. We'll also review the Kinsale Ghost Tour,
Jul 14, 2018
42 min
011 Carrowkeel Megalithic Complex with Martin Byrne
Martin Byrne lives in Cliffony in north County Sligo, but he spent many years living at Carrowkeel, close to the shores of Lough Arrow. Carrowkeel is a 5000 year old megalithic complex of ancient buildings that served as tombs scattered across the summits of the Bricklieve Mountains.
Apr 28, 2018
51 min
010 Awaken the Land - with Mary Reynolds
I am so delighted to have Mary Reynolds on the podcast today. Mary is quite an extraordinary person. She’s a garden designer, a philosopher – a writer.  She is the youngest woman to win a Gold Medal for garden design at the Chelsea Flower Show – since its inception over 100 years ago.
Apr 21, 2018
59 min
009 Mysteries of the Burren - with Tony Kirby
The Burren in west County Clare is our featured destination in this podcast. Entire books are written about this 200 acres of rocky limestone that borders the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a landscape of myths and legends and sacred ground with archaeological remnants that date back thousands of years. It’s also a landscape of contrasts – the gray rock against the blue sky, mountains and hills that rise out of a seemingly endless flat bedrock.
Apr 14, 2018
44 min
008 Fairy Forts and Raths
Today we’re talking about Fairies. There are many concepts about fairies. My only association with the word fairy was the Tinkerbelle sort in Peter Pan. Sort of a Fairy Godmother. The tooth fairy. A good little angel. Fairies that I heard about growing up were good… and there was never any worry about a fairy causing mischief or harm.
Apr 7, 2018
49 min
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