Thin Places Travel Podcast
Thin Places Travel Podcast
Mindie Burgoyne
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Thin Places Podcast
I am soooo looking forward to more episodes. They are so interesting and well done.
Podcast with Mary Reynolds
5 Stars. What a great interview with this naturalist, author, award winning landscape designer, who has had amazing life experiences. ! Looking forwatd to listening to more Thin Places podcasts.
Ronnie ...
I'm hooked!
The topic of "thin places" is of interest to me but I only stumbled upon the podcast after one of her episode guests whom I follow mentioned it in one of his FB posts. I have since binge listened to four shows in two days and individually told six friends (and the list keeps growing,) plus mentioned it in a closed FB women's minimalist packing group. Seems Mindie got her "sea legs" fairly fast on hosting a podcast. I like the topics. I appreciate that she gives book recommendations in most episodes, or for example, talked about the merit of Dublin's Leprechaun Museum, (which frankly I didn't make time for when I last went to Ireland and now I'm feeling like a return trip is required.) I also like the guests she hosts. I hope this podcast is around for a long time. Slainte!
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You helped me plan a magical trip!
I stumbled across Mindie and her work when googling goddess sites in Ireland because I wanted to get off the usual tourist path during our upcoming trip. I'm a lifelong student of Irish literature and Celtic myth and have lived in Ireland and have learned so much through this podcast. Thank you!
Epiphany GIrl
Mindie and her guest through warm conversation share the wonders of thin places. The conversations are interesting, grounded and inspire visions of traveling to visit them. I also appreciate the book recommendations thus far!!