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The Whole Rabbit
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The Devil of Time
55 minutes Posted Sep 15, 2020 at 5:00 pm.
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Show notes

On this week’s episode I’m joined by Rona The Time Witch and MariSama to discuss the bedeviling mysteries of time encoded both in the Devil card of the Tarot and the Universe itself! Join us as we get carried away on waves of probability navigating through the diamond encrusted caves of causality, fornicate with time tunnels and circumnavigating the mysteries found chained to ol’ Baphomet in the fifteenth card of the Tarot. 

Join us to discuss:

-What is time?
-Working with the time stream.
-Time as the Golden Ratio
-The dimensionality of time
-How quartz crystals keep time
-THE DEVIL in the Tarot
-Sex, electromagnetism and matter
-Black Holes

Visit to hear the extended show where we discuss:
-Quantum potential
-How consciousness affects probability
-Causality Diamonds
-Diverging personal timelines

ATU XV: "The Devil:"


Biorhythm Theory:

Causal Diamonds:

“Does time go faster at the top of buildings?”,the%20slower%20time%20itself%20proceeds.&text=Earth's%20mass%20warps%20space%20and,you%20are%20to%20earth's%20surface.

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