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Freedom is a Two-Edged Sword
50 minutes Posted Sep 22, 2020 at 7:00 pm.
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Are you tired of the idiocy? Do you believe in the unfettered spirit of freedom but frustrated by the masses inability to comprehend its nuance? How do we deal? The founding fathers, long since thrown under the bus find their dusty words ignored on the borderlands of a new era ruled by a generation ready for a bolder, sexier liberalism. Torn in half by a sell-out hungry mob campaigning each their particular brand of tyranny we are called to produce a vital current of philosophy palatable to modern sense and true to the core principles of liberty. To this end we turn our heads toward Jack Parson’s “Freedom is a Two Edged Sword,” one of the finest and most clearly written documents ever written on the subject of liberalism. You haven't heard of him because he was written out history. We may await the same fate if we fail to heed the wisdom of "Freedom is a Two-Edged Sword!"

On this special episode we discuss:

-Fake liberals
-Liberty made possible by the few
-Women are “men” too
-Your freedom is my freedom
-American cheese
-Science =/= Truth
-The right to own weaponry
-Old religious ideas poisoning modern civilization
-You can choose slavery
-Why everyone calls you a fasci or a commie

On the extended episode ( we discuss:
-The power of the sex force
-Doing what “feels right” versus “what's good”
-Sex is not shameful
-Jack Parson’s beauty tips for a sexy body
-Systemic religious sexual dysfunction
-Marriage and divorce
-The role of the state toward children
-The real Tetragrammaton
-Sophia, The Holy Spirit
-Babalon the redeemer
-How to live a balanced sex life
-A message for the new woman of the new Aeon 

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