The Whole Rabbit
The Whole Rabbit
Luke Madrid
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You guys rock !!!!!!
I’m a up and coming occultist, & I love your guys insight, very informative . Luke & Andrew are great !
jonny tru love
Bummed me out
Tuned in to listen to a podcast about The clockwork orange as I had just watched the film. More than half way through I realized they were only talking about video games which I didn’t have interest. Clockwork talk was no more in depth than it’s Wikipedia page. I guess the bad review on I felt duped by the synopsis. Should of been video game talk and I would of skipped it.
Fo’ stars
Some pretty good episodes I enjoy, a nice variety of interesting topics. Minus one star for coming at my mans Henry Zebrowksi sideways in an episode description. That’s a major no-no, laddeh.
No real episode descriptions.
Why are your episode descriptions lacking actual descriptions of what each episode is about? If you can’t take the time to type more than two or three words then that only makes me think the episodes themselves are lacking in content as well.
Jetta J
Love the subject matter and presentation but...
I love this podcast. I can’t get enough, I want more of it. I’m a fan of Luke he is a very learned and self aware occultist.... Andrew however, while he knows the material, needs to get over himself. He has made more than a few passively homophobic and transphobic comments. And honestly he can never truly experience the glory of the godhead unless he can grasp and accept the androgynous and rhythmic nature of gender. Brittany is cool. Rona the time witch is the best. Luke and Rona have such great energy together and neither of them are too caught up in their own ego to contribute meaningfully to the podcast. No hate to Luke, Brittany or Rona, but Andrew, shave your neck beard man....get over yourself.
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Good Stuff
These dudes are like the Chapo Trap House of the occult, and I mean that as a compliment. Smart, witty, and really entertaining.
Natalie Thompson
Worth a listen
It is worst at least one listen, pick a topic you want, you shouldn’t be disappointed
Loved the in depth back story! Very interesting to hear the family connections!
Whole Rabbit
Love these guys! They are perfectly paired. Vocabulary is sparklingly smart and sophisticated and! They are soooo well read! Wow!! I’m hooked. I need correcting of that star rating to five. I’ll try again.
Boop boop!
Interesting topics. And it’s not just focused on one but multiple topics and you guys build up on it from the beginning of its history to the present and how it relates toward today’s world. Whether it’s about Magic, Dreams, Religious believes, Unidentified flying object or Downworlders, Luke and Andrew both have an energy that makes you engage and listen to what they have to say. Plus you enjoy a lot of the references that they bring up. Definitely a good listen.
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