The Whole Rabbit
The Whole Rabbit
Luke Madrid
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A weekly a paranormal / occult podcast with Luke Madrid; exploring the intersection of magick, high-strangeness and culture. What are UFOs? Are ghosts real? We go down the rabbit hole to unveil the codes embedded within media and nature, exploring the unknown and discussing the strangest stuff we can get our hands on.
"Utopia Psychonautica" with Keaton Hudema
Exploring "Utopia Psychonautica" with author Keaton Hudema
Nov 20
50 min
Magick for Bunnies
Valuable advice for beginners on the magick path!
Nov 13
1 hr 4 min
Hades' Guide to the Underworld!
A guide to Hades, Tartarus and the subconscious mind!
Nov 6
57 min
Witches and Mangelwurzels
A deep look into Samhain!
Oct 30
41 min
Beetlejuice, Bio-Exorcist!
An in-depth look into the esoteric underside of "Beetlejuice!"
Oct 21
44 min
Blood of the Witches Sabbath
The recipe for blood of the saints!
Oct 13
45 min
Prometheus Rising EVEN HIGHER!
We go deep on Bob's "Prometheus Rising!"
Oct 7
52 min
Robert Anton Wilson's "Prometheus Rising"
Exploring the strange and delightful "Prometheus Rising" by Robert Anton Wilson
Sep 29
54 min
Freedom is a Two-Edged Sword
A discussion of "Freedom is a Two-Edged Sword"
Sep 22
50 min
The Devil of Time
We explore the mysteries of time itself!
Sep 15
55 min
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