The Food Freedom/Body Love Podcast
The Food Freedom/Body Love Podcast
Jillian Murphy
Session 5: Why Weight Gain Continues. Ep 113.
1 hour 8 minutes Posted May 21, 2020 at 5:00 am.
conversations between Jill and those struggling with food, body image, weight, and health Jill talks with a woman who 's been working diligently towards getting in touch with her body, eating intuitively, and practicing acceptance....but her weight keeps going up. She worries that continuing to accept her body will lead to more (and more!) weight gain and she wants to learn how to manage this fear and/or possible reality. 
in this way. Please listen only if these topics aren't triggering for you. Also these sessions are designed to educate and entertain. They are not prescriptive. If you are struggling with food and body image issues, you should reach out to your primary care provider for individual advice before self-diagnosing or treating.
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Show notes
In the fifth episode of Sessions - a NEW series on the Food Freedom/Body Love podcast where you get to listen in on
In this episode, we discuss:
What's normal when it comes to weight and weight gain through this process?
How do we manage this process when there is a concurrent health issue - like Hashimoto's?
If weight gain is abnormal, how do we handle it?
Where to look for the deeper, more insidious layers of diet mentality and how these layers may be fuelling reactive or unconscious...or even rebellious food behaviours.
TW: All of these sessions are recorded live and only moderately edited - numbers (weight, calories, etc) may come up as well as the "O" words (overweight, obese) and the mention of specific diet plans or food philosophies. It's the nature of working