The Food Freedom/Body Love Podcast
The Food Freedom/Body Love Podcast
Jillian Murphy
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A treat to listen to.
Enjoy this podcast from the bouncy intro music, to the fresh perspective on a RELAXED approach to food, body love, and health. Feels like catching up with a faraway friend. Useful new info presented in a compelling & accessible way.
Beyond Weight series is giving me back my dignity
Coping with mid-life, peri-menopause and my changing body has been my main preoccupation for the past 3 years. I have been listening to every podcast I could find on intuitive eating and how to live life in my body NOW— with varied success. I am currently exploring the Food Body Love podcast, which is helping me so much at this stage in my life. I really appreciate hearing from mature professional women. The guest NDs have the education and experience to share on a deeper level about loving who we are, and why that matters. I feel like I am in a doctor’s office—but with a doctor and RD who ‘get’ me! I need to hear more about how I can care for my body without this insane focus on being thin or becoming an Uber-athlete as the solution. This episode gave me so many A-HA!! Moments!! Thank you, I feel my sense of self-worth is growing just a bit more due to listening in to “Beyond Weight”.
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Kids never binge ate candy” - well if the Halloween candy is only at their disposal when they are served it once a day at dessert time and don’t have access to it freely considering even snack times are controlled, then obviously the kids “ don’t binge eat on candy” bc they never have the opportunity to do so. I don’t understand how controlled snack times and 1 serving of candy once a day is indicative of self-regulation around “play food” and the ability to eat ones Halloween candy intuitively.
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Elle E. L.
My body wants to be healthy. . . let go!!
Establishing self-trust around food & that my body will self- regulate. . . Wow!!! Performance vs healthy!!! Thank you!
TK Wilcox
Thank You
Amazing messages and so relatable!
Get To The Point!
Love this. It seemed you were afraid to tell her it’s a form of control! But it was great.
Enneagram 8
Awesome info! Love the episodes about kids.
Danielle S.
The “Sessions” idea is GENIUS! Most podcast about IE are ppl who have “arrived”. I am able to relate to some or all of each individual. Because of this, I feel your responses are very personal and helpful to me. Thank you for doing this.
Performing or Expressing
🤯🤯🤯 Thank you for this podcast. I am connecting with so much of what I hear. My intention today is to express myself for the creation I AM and lay down the performance of who I think others will accept.
Thank you for sharing this content! I’m so thankful I stumbled upon your podcast. I just finished listening to your 5 kid episodes , and wow. I can not wait to start erasing all the food issues I’m most likely giving my daughters in my (well intentioned) controlling behaviors and try staying in my lane!
So helpful
Thank you, Jillian! This podcast is super helpful for me. I'm a recent "convert" to IE and HAES, and I'm loving this podcast. I've had some really rough days lately, and being able to turn on your podcast and hear some great advise and get some daily words of wisdom is SO helpful. Love this podcast.
Food Freedom Body Love
If you’ve ever struggled with diet culture, body image, diet, health and general food prison, this podcast is a must! Jillian is the gatekeeper for freedom from this toxic mindset. Just listening to these episodes gives me hope that I can actually be present, enjoy food and enjoy my body, just as it is.
Love this pod!!
This is such a great podcast, I am really loving the daily words of wisdom! Helps me fight the diet culture that comes at us every day! Always so insightful and great topics! Thank you☺️👏❤️
Seriously has changed my perspective on weight
Love this podcast! Currently listening to the IE Kids episodes and feel so relieved about my daughter’s relationship with food and the perfect way she is growing. I am excited to go back and listen to the rest of the episodes!
Life changing!
This is the best podcast I have ever listened to. I have never written a review for anything in my life, and I have gotten so much out of this podcast that I am doing this to express my gratitude. Jillian Has a gift for bringing together ideas, readings, and personal stories that begin to systematically break apart my long held beliefs and shame about the appearance of my body. I am beginning to see my own radiance and connect with freedom and body love. I am recommending this podcast to all my friends and everyone is loving it!
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radiant laurie:)
Thank you!
Such a wonderful, genuine and real podcast! As a mom, former chronic disordered eater and woman I have found your podcast to be a wonderful resource and a pleasure to learn from. Thank you!
I love the content of this podcast and the down to Earth delivery via Jill! My one complaint is the explicit rating (because of language, I think). I prefer to keep restrictions on my phone because I have kids that use it too. Having to turn on and off restrictions to listen to this is definitely a deterrent.