The Food Freedom/Body Love Podcast
The Food Freedom/Body Love Podcast
Jillian Murphy
Session 4: Is This A Problem? Ep 112.
59 minutes Posted May 14, 2020 at 5:00 am.
conversations between Jill and those struggling with food, body image, weight, and health Jill talks with a woman who 's managed to deal with the majority of her negative food behaviours. That said, she continues to feel preoccupied with negative food and body thoughts. She wants to know - are these thoughts a problem or are they just a few remaining habits from a long and tumultuous relationship with food.
in this way. Please listen only if these topics aren't triggering for you. Also these sessions are designed to educate and entertain. They are not prescriptive. If you are struggling with food and body image issues, you should reach out to your primary care provider for individual advice before self-diagnosing or treating.
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Show notes
In the fourth episode of Sessions - a NEW series on the Food Freedom/Body Love podcast where you get to listen in on
In this episode, we discuss:
Coping versus distracting
When body image is deeply connected to self worth and value
Why we continue to look outside of ourselves for happiness and validation
What it might look like to live life from a place of internal value and let go of being 'performative'
TW: All of these sessions are recorded live and only moderately edited - numbers (weight, calories, etc) may come up as well as the "O" words (overweight, obese) and the mention of specific diet plans or food philosophies. It's the nature of working