Thank Dog It's Friday
Thank Dog It's Friday
Courtney Green
How can I keep a positive mindset when taking care of a growing puppy and my family? How can I have my dream dog when I work a full-time job? What do I actually have to do that will help me better show up for my dog and my loved ones? How do I stay sane and still have fun when I have so much to take care of? These are just some of the big questions that leading dog expert, Courtney Green, explores in the Thank Dog It’s Friday Podcast. Each week, Courtney explores dog parenting, positivity, mindset and everything in between. In addition to mini master classes and free step-by-step guides, each episode is designed to help you take immediate action on the most important work when it comes to raising a dog. If you’re ready to step into being your best self, so that you could in return raise the best dog, you’re in the right place.
3 Simple Ways To Have A Better Day With Your Dog
Tune in to learn three simple ways to make every day a great day with your dog!
Nov 13, 2020
17 min
How To Use Your Dog's Name The Right Way
Learn some insider tips on using your dog's name the right way so that your dog recognizes that their name means love.. not that they're in trouble!
Oct 27, 2020
41 min
Making Memories That Count | Dog Bucket List
I've experienced a lot of loss this year so one thing I've done to tackle the grief is to be more intentional with my time. So instead of putting work first, I've been living in the moment and trying to do as many things on my bucket list as possible.
Oct 9, 2020
38 min
You Don't Have To Do It All Alone | Asking For Help
Enjoy my Ted Talk on asking for help, surrendering, and leaning on your village so that we can all just be a bit happier! :)
Aug 3, 2020
20 min
How to Celebrate Your Achievements (Big & Small)
Have you ever worked really hard for something and then the moment you've finally accomplished that goal you're already thinking about the next best thing.
Jul 24, 2020
35 min
10 Tips to Get Your Dog to Start Eating Again
Grab my 10 insider tips to get your dog to start eating again. We all know how frustrating it is when our dogs stop eating because they can't tell us what's going on. Is it a health concern? Do they not like their food? Could it be an allergy?
Jul 10, 2020
25 min
How I Manage Anxiety & Stress
Have a peak into my life by learning exactly what I do on a daily basis to help me manage stress and anxiety so I can show up as a better leader AND so I can feel as fulfilled and happy as I’m meant to be.
Jul 3, 2020
27 min
How to Have Guests Over with an Anxious Dog
Let's talk about anxiety in dogs when it comes to having guests over! You might be asking, "My dog is always barking, shaking, and super anxious whenever I have guests over. Can I fix this?" Or maybe you have a friend that's starting to bring their unsocialized dog over to your house and the whole time the dog is super anxious. Both scenarios are in for a great treat with this episode!
Jun 26, 2020
22 min
How Can I GROW Through This!?
How many of you have wanted to skip 2020? How many are tired of the curveballs and just want things to go back to normal? Who has actually said the words “How am I going to get through this!?”
Jun 19, 2020
17 min
Let's Take A Moment #BLM
We're taking a pause on our regularly scheduled podcast episodes because we feel it is far more important to shine a light on black podcasters and creators.
Jun 5, 2020
3 min
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