Thank Dog It's Friday
Thank Dog It's Friday
Courtney Green
How To Use Your Dog's Name The Right Way
41 minutes Posted Oct 27, 2020 at 8:40 am.
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Show notes

The goal of this episode is for all of us to be intentional with how we talk to our dogs so that we don't condition them to think their name is a negative command.

Tune in for more on this! It's a bit of an advanced episode so just a heads up on that. Enjoy!!



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Resources Mentioned:

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  1. Article: Should A Dog's Name Be Part of an Obedience Command?
  2. Blog: The DogCon Naming System by Dr. Ian Dunbar
  3. TDIF Episode #13 - How to be the Pack Leader
  4. Cesar Milan - Concept of Dog's Name Representing Balance & Love


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