Slow Your Scroll
Slow Your Scroll
Krystal Faircloth
@jogarciaswisher | From Reba to Sweet Magnolias: Joanna Garcia Swisher on Finding Netflix Fame and Her Happy Place
55 minutes Posted Aug 26, 2020 at 12:30 pm.
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Joanna Garcia Swisher joins Krystal and Scott for this week’s episode. Scott serves Jo a lightning round of Reba questions, getting some serious scoop on her favorite guest star, best memories and what she knows about a cast reunion! Krystal, Scott and Joanna talk all about her new Netflix show, Sweet Magnolias, and why it’s the perfect show we all needed in 2020, plus some behind the scenes secrets about those steamy scenes with Coach Cal, bras and tequila, and why Scott thinks Lindsay Lohan should join the cast. Joanna also shares why she started her website, The Happy Place, who slows her scroll and her hilarious (and scandalous!) quarantine purchases from Instagram.