Slow Your Scroll
Slow Your Scroll
Krystal Faircloth
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Perfect blend of entertainment and information
Love listening!
I love that I stumbled upon this podcast. Krystal’s interviews give a great behind the scenes look at the world of blogging. I highly recommend this if you love following fashion bloggers or love learning about what trends are in!
Krystal’s podcast is such a great listen. So authentic and interesting! I love listening at nap time!
Best thing of 2020
I have been following Krystal on Instagram for a few years which led me to her podcast. If you are not interested in the influencer business, there is still some great content to be heard and laughs to be had. I highly recommend the Is it worth the hype episodes where she reviews products frequently advertised by influencers. She gives her honest opinion and is probably saving me a lot of $. If you are looking for a good laugh, listen in on any episodes with her friend Scott. Hopefully they will interview more Netflix stars and do a podcast from Red Lobster soon! Cheers to Dewgaritas with Jamie Lynn Spears
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Love this podcast!
Krystal has done such a good job of discussing fun, light topics without being out of touch during the hard times that have been 2020. She is prepared but not stuffy and I love listening in on some of the influencer secrets!
great podcast!
i look forward to this podcast.
Amazing content!
Wow! So often I look for inspiration in podcasts, and most of the time I leave with mild excitement and few actionable tips. Slow Your Scroll blew me away! Each episode is long (in a good way!) and packed with takeaway after takeaway. I’m inspired AND I know what to do with the info! Thank you!
Lana from Atlanta
Love the honesty and look inside the business!!
Such a fan! Love following influencers on Instagram and love even more hearing them talk about their lives on the podcast. Krystal tells it like it is and I cannot wait for the new episode every week
Love the inside look into the world of blogging
As someone who is trying to be a blogger myself, I find Krystal’s insight into the blogging industry so beyond amazing! It’s helped me really decide if I want to actually pursue this as a career as well as helped me figure out what the heck I’m doing. I also love all the tea that Krystal (and Scott) dish out and the casual chats from the cloffice. I look forward to listening to every single episode that gets uploaded!
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Mary Cameron V
Krystal serves THE TEA we all want to know
Krystal has always been my favorite “influencer” because she’s so authentic and transparent. This podcast makes me feel like I’m just friends with an influencer and she’s dishing all of the behind-the-scenes tea from Instagram-land❤️
highly recommend!!
Oh my gosh I just listed to 4 episodes back to back. Krystal is so authentic as she dives deep into the “behind the scenes” of the influencer everything. She and her guests are so much fun to listen to! Instagram can seem like one big illusion sometimes and it’s so refreshing to hear someone speaking truth and keeping it real.
So much fun
This podcast is interesting, intriguing and so much fun! I love listening and getting the behind-the-scenes. The new series about product placements and advertising is helpful too. I can’t wait for the next one!
Happy surprise
Stumbled upon this pod. Love it!! Telling my girlfriends to listen.
Loyal Breather
If you're intrigued by the lives of bloggers, brands and influencers, this is the perfect podcast!!
Slow Your Scroll is a must listen! I'm intrigued by the lives of influencers and bloggers and what goes on behind the scenes so this podcast is perfect for me. I love the mix of guests from brands and bloggers to more outside perspectives on that world. Plus Krystal is funny and keeps it informative, but light, and her accent is the best. When Scott is on, I cry laughing - the two of them together = HILARIOUS.
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I love this podcast series. Krystal is so open about her experiences and it’s eye opening to understand a little more of what the blogging industry includes on a daily basis. It’s refreshing to hear her side of the story and also provide honest reviews that we can take to heart. Thanks for being so open and honest, Krystal!
Love love love
Love the new series on is it worth the hype! I followed Krystal for years and love her insight into the influencers that I follow!
I would recommend to any of my friends!
I just listened to my first podcast episode, which was part of the Worth the Hype series. I absolutely loved it! I learned a lot, and also laughed a lot! Krystal keeps a lighthearted tone while also trying to educate followers about the topic at hand. I’d recommend this podcast to any of my friends!
Loved “Worth the Hype” Episode!
Thanks for sharing your personal reviews!
Wonderfully authentic
I’ve followed Krystal on IG for years so it wasn’t a surprise but it’s so nice to see how authentic Krystal is, and she brings that out of her guests too. Such an easy listen which is exactly what we all need sometimes!
Great insight into the lives of influencers!
You know you're curious about how Instagram influencers make money, grow their following, and how much they're getting paid for all those #ads. Krystal does a great job of funding influencers to give you an open and honest behind the scenes into their lives. She also gives great, honest feedback about the actual products that are being promoted! Definitely a worthwhile listen!
Great podcast!
This is such a fun, lighthearted podcast to get to know the blogging industry a little bit more. Loved the episode with reviews about all the blogger products! Can’t wait to hear more!!
i LOVE this podcast. listening to Krystal every week is the highlight of my day! it always feels like you’re catching up with your best friend & i am obsessed! now, “Slow Your Scroll,” & listen to this podcast!
Love it!
Can’t wait to listen to all the content on here, so far loving the episodes. Started listening from the first one and already thinking you are my new bff Krystal! Thank you lovely for creating this! Maurenice B.
Great insight from an insider!
Krystal is a natural at podcasting! She’s articulate and shares a really interesting insider’s perspective on influencing, blogging and the instagram world. She’s smart and funny and has a wonderful rapport with her guests!
Fun, positive and the right kind of distraction!
Love Krystal’s podcast! I didn’t know what to expect from an influencer who I know more from her beautiful but static images (ok also insta stories). However, I love her so much more from hearing her speaking with other influencers and her fabulous and funny friend, Scott. It’s great to get a peak behind the influencer curtain and just hear fun, relatable updates. Please keep it up!
Five stars
This podcast is a great peek into the behind the scenes aspects of blogger and influencer content. Krystal talks to a variety of people who have different angles into the digital content world. Overall love the podcast and can’t wait for more episodes!!
Sooo goood!!!
Krystal has been one of my favorite influencers for so long so I had no doubt i would love this podcast! She keeps things so real! I love listening to this podcast and learning about inner workings the influencer world! Seriously, kudos to Krystal for creating this platform for us followers to get the inside scoop!
Great one to add to your list!
I have been following Krystal for over a year and love her’s cool to see it on a different platform with a new spin! -Callie
My new favorite podcast!
Love the way the podcast brings the Instagram and blog to life in a different way! Premium guests and topics that are interesting to listen to. I can’t wait to tune in every week! N
I’ve been following Krystal since her graphic design days (she actually designed my engagement party invitation!) and I’m excited to continue to follow along with her podcast. She’s genuine & relatable & gives a great look behind the scenes of the ins and outs of a social media influencer while still maintaining her authenticity.
Love hearing behind the scenes!
I have had these conversations with Krystal in real life for years but it's soooo interesting to hear her behind the scenes conversations with other people in her industry that I only know from the internet! It's a great way to truly break through what you see on Instagram and know what goes on behind the pretty photo.
So good!
Such a fascinating topic! I have thoroughly enjoyed every episode and am looking forward to the next! Krystal feels like your best friend, she’s funny, and interesting. I am by no means a part of this industry but have found it very interesting to hear about this world.
Such Good Insight on Influencer Life!
This podcast is so fun to listen to and I love the behind the scenes look into the lives of influencers—knowing it’s not all glamorous vacations and free gifts! Krystal has definitely done her research to make this a great show and her guests are funny and interesting. Highly recommend!
Loving this podcast so far. Krystal instantly hooked me in and I am looking forward to getting a look behind the curtain of influencing. Love finding out what influences the influence and encourages them to “slow their scroll.”
New Subscriber
I found this podcast because I follow one of Krystal’s podcast guests - Kate Kennedy. I’m so intrigued by the phenomenon of Instagram influencers and love these deep dives on them. I’m excited to hear more from Krystal!
UTexas Alum
Such an interesting podcast for girls who follow influencers!!
Excited to find a new podcast!
I just listened to the first episode and I’m so excited to listen to the next THREE! Being from Baton Rouge, I love Krystal’s accent. It reminds me of being home. But I’m also a millennial who grew up in this age of social media growth and I love hearing other people’s takes on it. I think this podcast is going to be awesome!
Yay krystal!!
Love this podcast already. I’ve been following Krystal on Instagram for a few years now and have always enjoyed her style and content. Can’t wait to see where she takes this podcast!
Love it
This podcast is everything!! Krystal is relatable and down to earth. It’s so much fun to listen to her interviews and hear her perspective!
Love love love
I can hear the authenticity and genuine interest in good conversation and great thinking points. Your blog is so dope and I can’t wait to continue tuning in and seeing how you bring your personality to the air waves! ✨🙌🏽
Can’t wait to hear what’s next!
Some people don’t see the value in all the little things about social media, but I love to hear that other people are intrigued. There is so much to learn from other professionals. I can’t wait to hear what is next!
SO Good
Loved it! Was so excited for the launch of this podcast, SO good!
So funny!
Krystal is so real and funny! It’s so refreshing to hear such frank conversations!!
So excited!
Love your content here and on your blog!
This is such a girls girl podcast and I love it! Can’t wait for many many more!!
Excited to hear more !
This topic is so intriguing, seeing as I definitely follow so many Instagram “influencers” to the point that I refer to them on a first name basis and other people just think they’re my friends 😂 Love your blog & will definitely be listening to Slow Your Scroll future episodes !
Love Krystle! 💕
Krystle is so relatable, down to earth and funny! It’s nice to get her perspective on the influencer world. Can’t wait for more episodes!!
“A look behind the Lightroom presets”
I have been following Krystal for years on Instagram and am so excited to hear her insights and get a true behind the scenes look at the blogger/influencer industry based on her experiences over the past 10 years.
Big fan of your blog and so pumped for more episodes of your podcast! You are so fun and relatable, so happy you are bringing us more content 💖
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