Slow Your Scroll
Slow Your Scroll
Krystal Faircloth
@scottfsills | Selling Sunset + Girl Scout Cookies with Scott Sills
39 minutes Posted Aug 19, 2020 at 11:59 am.
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Show notes

Scott is back with Krystal this week with a new haircut and new hobbies for August. They start out with a recap of their trip to Grand Isle, Louisiana which then leads them to reminisce on childhood times when they first discovered they may not be cut out for the outdoor life. Scott shares some details on his dating app status, a promising prospect for love and his new life as a guitar player and fitness buff. They discuss their recent Netflix binges, including who they want to get on the podcast from Selling Sunset. Krystal shares why August is making her sad, some scoop on upcoming podcast guests, good news about her new side hustle and the one item everyone should get from the NSale.