Slow Your Scroll
Slow Your Scroll
Krystal Faircloth
Each week, listeners get a witty, behind-the-scenes look at the culture of online influence through light-hearted conversations with some of the most polarizing personalities on social media. Get a glimpse at what’s behind the polished images we see online and tackle the topics surrounding the perfectly curated feed. Slow Your Scroll is meant to connect content creators, influencers, and their audience on both an informative and entertaining level and is hosted by Krystal Faircloth.
@aesthetiica | Behind the Lens with Influencer Photographer Alicia Fierro
This week Krystal truly goes behind the social media scenes, with photographer to the (influencer) stars, Alicia Fierro aka @aesthetiica. Alicia shares all about how she got into photography, how it evolved from shooting weddings to working with influencers and specifically her super close working relationship with Olivia Rink. She dishes on the most beautiful locations, craziest scenarios, most dangerous experiences & even some terrifying moments she has encountered during influencer shoots.
Nov 18
1 hr 5 min
@scottfsills | LIVE from Red Lobster ASMR Edition
Over cheddar biscuits and seafood dip, Krystal and Scott report on the road from their first LIVE show at Red Lobster. Enjoy an ASMR-style review of the Dewgarita - something we all need a few of this election week. Krystal opts for the virgin version and reveals a major life update. They discuss what's slowing their scroll on TV and social media while Scott consumes 5 Dewgaritas as the waitress/sole audience member likely assumed they were secret diners or sent from Mountain Dew corporate HQ.
Nov 3
51 min
@a_southerndrawl | Drop It Like A Squat: Fashion + Fitness on IG with Grace White
Fitness (and fashion!) influencer from @a_southerndrawl, Grace White joins Krystal. Grace shares how she evolved from blogging about fashion and beauty to creating an entirely NEW blog, business and social media presence dedicated to her passion for fitness. She shares the differences between the two worlds of fashion & fitness, how she handles the pressure to stay fit (while still eating the chocolate) and some common misconceptions of being a fitness influencer.
Oct 28
54 min
@sassyredlipstick | Sassy Side Up with Sarah Tripp
Sarah Tripp from Sassy Red Lipstick joins Slow Your Scroll this week. They start with a lightning round of questions like the brand who does size inclusivity right and who she’d like to share a pumpkin spice latte with. Sarah shares what’s like to work and live in a two-influencer household. She goes deep, raw and transparent and shares what really went down with that J. Crew try-on haul scandal, publicly sharing for the first time what happened, how she felt and how that experience changed her.
Oct 15
52 min
@graceatwood | Giving People GRACE on Social Media with Grace Atwood
Grace Atwood of The Stripe chats with Krystal. Highlights include some scoop on Grace’s upcoming Amazon Drop Collections (yes, plural!), her most popular blog post ever and the holy grail beauty product she’d choose over everything else. Both long-time bloggers turned podcasters, they discuss how social media has changed this year and the different approaches they’ve taken on their platforms. Finally, Grace suggests when and why “not staying in your lane” on social media can be a good thing.
Oct 7
40 min
@scottfsills | Sending Snoods and The Canceled Mexican Pizza
There is a touch of cool in the Louisiana air this week and Scott and Krystal are in their fall feelings. They cover everything they’ve been influenced by this month, including spooky TV and new insta account obsessions, but it’s mainly all about the food. From pumpkin spice to everything else nice, like mexican pizzas and Dewgaritas, they cover all of today’s influential foods. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn how to order fall drinks and you may even send nudes. It’s a wild ride.
Sep 23
55 min
@loverlygrey | How Loverly Grey Slays The Day with Brittany Sjogren
Brittany Sjogren from @loverlygrey joins Krystal for a lightning round of questions - three influencers Brittany would take on a trip, her all-time best selling affiliate link and one influencer she'd like to meet IRL. Brittany shares how she went from new blogger to having multiple employees just a few years later. She shares her husband’s involvement with Loverly Grey, how she juggles everything, and her main piece of advice for bloggers and exciting plans + projects for the future.
Sep 17
39 min
@krystal.faircloth | Is It Worth They Hype Pt. 2: Skims, Billie Razor, T3, Equilibria, Lululemon
Krystal is back with honest reviews of five more insta-famous influencer brands. Is Kim K really the queen of shapewear? Will Billie Razor change the way you shave your legs? Are T3 Hair Tools more than just an aesthetically pleasing vanity flat lay photo? Do people actually take Equilibria Women CBD or are they just getting paid to talk about it? Are Lululemon workout pants really as good as people say they are - and how good are the Amazon versions? Some of the answers might surprise you!
Sep 9
42 min
@dannypellegrino | BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! with Danny Pellegrino
Danny Pellegrino, host of Everything Iconic podcast, joins Krystal & Scott. From pumpkin bread recipes to real housewives and everything in between. Hear the good, the bad and the hilarity of his experience trying every single real housewife branded product. He reveals the one VPR cast member he will never have on his show + if he is Team Denise or Team Brandi. Plus, Danny's feelings about Bravolebs on social media, their choices on spon con, who is doing a good job and who is NOT.
Sep 2
45 min
@jogarciaswisher | From Reba to Sweet Magnolias: Joanna Garcia Swisher on Finding Netflix Fame and Her Happy Place
Joanna Garcia Swisher joins Krystal and Scott with a lightning round of Reba questions and what she knows about a possible cast reunion. They chat her Netflix hit, Sweet Magnolias, why it’s the show we all needed, steamy scenes with Coach Cal, bras and tequila, and why Lindsay Lohan should join the cast. Joanna also shares why she started The Happy Place, who slows her scroll and her hilarious quarantine purchases from Instagram.  @jogarciaswisher @thehappyplace
Aug 26
55 min
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