Slow Your Scroll
Slow Your Scroll
Krystal Faircloth
@sassyredlipstick | Sassy Side Up with Sarah Tripp
52 minutes Posted Oct 15, 2020 at 2:32 pm.
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Show notes

Sarah Tripp from Sassy Red Lipstick joins Slow Your Scroll this week. They start with a lightning round of questions like the three bloggers she would be stranded with on an island, the brand who does size inclusivity right and who she’d like to share a pumpkin spice latte with. Sarah shares what’s like to work full time with your husband, plus live in a two-influencer household. She goes deep, raw and transparent and shares what really went down with that J. Crew try-on haul scandal, publicly sharing for the first time what happened, how she felt and how that experience changed her. A must listen episode!!