SIBO Made Simple
SIBO Made Simple
Phoebe Lapine
EP 17 | The Great SIBO Breath Test Debate: How to Prep, Interpret Your Results, and Look at the Bigger Picture with Dr. Patrick Fratellone
57 minutes Posted Jun 5, 2019 at 12:00 am.
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Show notes

SIBO breath testing has been the subject of some pushback in the wider medical community. Today’s episode discusses some of the controversy around the effectiveness of breath testing, when it’s worth doing, how to make sure your results are accurate, and what other tests might be better at getting to the bottom of your gut issues.

Joining me is Dr. Patrick Fratellone, a functional cardiologist and herbalist who used to practice with the late Dr. Robert C. Atkins. He takes us through how he does his gut detective work as a functional medicine doctor, including what comprehensive tests on genetics, vitamin levels and intestinal permeability can tell you about your bigger gut picture.

If you’re someone who’s been debating whether or not to get a breath test for SIBO, this episode might help you weigh that decision.

A quick taste of what we’ll cover:
  • Whether doing a SIBO breath test is worth your time, money and energy
  • What other tests are necessary to determine how your small intestine is functioning
  • Why vitamin D levels are great indicators of your gut health
  • How Dr. Fratellone goes through his process of elimination (hint: SIBO is not the first condition to rule out)
  • MTHFR genes and what they tell you about your health picture, including SIBO
  • Genetic origins of IBS and how to test for them
  • Candida versus SIBO: how to tell the difference
  • Testing for leaky gut / intestinal permeability and why it’s important
  • How to prepare properly for a SIBO breath test so your results are accurate
  • IGG reactivity testing and what it actually tells you
Resources, mentions and notes:

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