SIBO Made Simple
SIBO Made Simple
Phoebe Lapine
From the author of The Wellness Project, comes a podcast for those recently diagnosed or chronically fighting Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth. Hungry for solutions and wondering WTF to do next? Each week, Phoebe Lapine sits down with a different #SIBOAmigo—medical experts at the forefront of SIBO research and treatment—to discuss the various steps to rebalance your gut for good.    If you’re feeling overwhelmed by dietary changes or at your wits end with all the remedies for this complex gastro conundrum, Phoebe and her guests break it down for you in easily digestible terms, giving you the doable action items and valuable input you need to design the SIBO solution right for you. Covering everything from testing, treatments and herbal supplements to low FODMAP cooking tips and diet, this podcast is a patient-friendly masterclass in how to heal from SIBO.
EP 51 | Ask a SIBO Amigo: My Best Advice from 4 Seasons of SMS (Part 2)
It's the LAST episode of the podcast folks. I know, I know. I'm really bummed too. But I'm closing it out with the second installment of my ASK A SIBO AMIGO solo episode, and we are talking all about diet and putting your new food rules into action in the kitchen. It's a short and sweet one with yours truly that will help you step away from the minutiae and focus on the big picture goals of healing.
Feb 3
34 min
EP 50 | Ask a SIBO Amigo: My Best Advice from 4 Seasons of SMS (Part 1)
As the podcast comes to close, I wanted to leave you SIBO Amigos with some of my hardest earned lessons from the trenches. In today's episode we will talk about my biggest pieces of advice for how to tackle root causes, interpret SIBO tests, and how to deal with your mindset throughout treatment. It's a short and sweet one with yours truly that will help you step away from the minutiae and focus on the big picture goals of healing.
Jan 27
33 min
EP49 | SIBO Relapse, Retreatment & Prevention + New Therapy Ideas That Give Us Hope with Dr. Allison Siebecker
We are ending the podcast where we began: with the incredible Dr. Allison Siebecker. In this wind-down episode, I wanted to cover some frequently asked questions around relapse, retreatment and prevention. So many people end up in cycles of SIBO that they feel they will never exit from. But there is so much to be hopefully about, even for chronic SIBO cases, and this conversation really shows why.
Jan 13
1 hr 13 min
EP 48 | SIBO Success Stories: Real Patients Talk About What It Took to Come Out on the Other Side with Bethany Ugarte and Alison Marras
This is part two of my SIBO success stories series, and the conversations with today’s guests cover so many overlapping conditions: Hashimoto's, yeast overgrowth, gastroparesis and chronic hair loss. My guests are Bethany Ugarte and Alison Marras. Their stories are so hopeful - I know they will help you envision a new path forward.
Jan 6
1 hr 7 min
EP 47 | SIBO Success Stories: Real Patients Talk About What It Took to Come Out on the Other Side with Sarah Kay Hoffman and Davida Lederle
The majority of questions I get asked via email and Instagram are about my personal experience with healing SIBO, and even though I remind these sufferers again and again that every person’s body is different, I understand how refreshing and important getting all the nitty gritty details can be. Which is why not just today’s episode, but the next TWO, are going to be dedicated to SIBO and IBS success stories.
Dec 16, 2020
1 hr 1 min
EP 46 | Conquering Co-Infections: How Lyme & Other Tick Borne Illnesses Can Lead to SIBO with Dr. Tom Messinger
Lyme is known in medical circles as the great imitator, meaning it can affect many different areas of the body and present as countless other conditions. In today’s conversation, I’m joined by Dr. Tom Messinger to parse out how these tick borne illnesses differ from one another, how they behave in the body, and why they can lead to other co-infections like SIBO, mold toxicity, and mast cell activation syndrome.
Dec 9, 2020
1 hr 14 min
EP 45 | The Endo-SIBO Connection: Structural Issues, Inflammation and More Ways Endometriosis Affects the Gut with Dr. Iris Kerin Orbuch
An inflammatory condition by nature, as endometreosis develops it can put a huge strain on the digestive system, leading to IBS symptoms and often SIBO. Joining me to discuss how to heal the gut while tackling endo through more invasive measures is Dr. Iris Kerin Orbuch.
Dec 2, 2020
55 min
EP 44 | Disordered Eating and IBS: How Restriction and Food Fears Can Cause Gut Problems Like SIBO and Vice Versa with Christy Harrison
In today’s episode, we are taking on the tricky topic of where IBS and eating disorders overlap. Joining me is registered dietician, certified intuitive eating counselor, and host of the uber-popular Food Psych podcast, Christy Harrison. We talk about the very real physical ramifications that disordered eating can have on the gut and why the binge-restrict cycle can be a risk factor for SIBO.
Nov 18, 2020
1 hr 2 min
EP 43 | Head Case: Ways Traumatic Brain and Spinal Injuries Dictate Our Digestive Health with Kayle Sandberg-Lewis
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is not an isolated event, but the beginning of a disease process. Even if you’ve never had a horrible accident, there are plenty of less stereotypical, every day occurrences of brain injury that you may have never considered. If you ever fell off the monkey bars, headed a soccer ball, got rear-ended in a car or thrown off a horse—even if you didn’t have traditional symptoms of concussion—these incidents may have had a lasting effect on your digestive system.
Nov 11, 2020
1 hr 3 min
EP 42 | The Global Virome: How We Interact with Viruses, Why Pandemics Arise, and What We Can Do to Avoid Them with Dr. Dennis Carroll
Covid-19 has laid bare how little we still know about our interactions with viruses, what role our gut plays in the process, and whether there is a reciprocal relationship between plague and host. What is less mysterious for those who study the global virome is how a modern pandemic starts and what we can do to avoid them in the future.
Oct 14, 2020
53 min
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