SIBO Made Simple
SIBO Made Simple
Phoebe Lapine
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Best understandable SIBO information
I’m so grateful for this podcast. There is so much information and it’s presented in a way everyone can understand. And it covers so many areas including experts. I really can’t say thank you enough. This is game changing information. My life will be so much better for listening to this podcast. Dramatic but true.
solo seeking higher ground
So glad I found Phoebe!
I was recently diagnosed with SiBO, lead poising and a disfunctioning liver and was completely overwhelmed with the “plan of action” and all the supplements I had to take. Thank goodness for google! I found Pheobe’s podcast and it has been so helpful. I am going to have to listen to all my favorite podcasts a couple of times, to have any chance of absorbing all the excellent info found in her show. Thank you so much Phoebe and cheers to all your fabulous guests. You all are life savers!
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Super helpful!!
This podcast has been incredibly helpful! Actually bought the book after listening to one episode and it’s become my #1 reference guide on my gut journey. Thank you Phoebe!!
I did a lot of testing stool a colonoscopy blood etc I didn’t do the breath test yet but am considering it it requires a lot of discipline 3 days prior only boil chicken yuk but THKU so much people and dr.s DONT get this DIEASE blessings
So helpful for SIBO survivors!
Thanks so much for providing evidence based recommendations for people like me suffering from this terrible, little recognized disorder. I’m a physician and really appreciate your attention to science and facts, particularly this new episode from Dr. mark Pimentel MD who has done a lot of research in this field. Many thanks!
KM Clark
My only complaint is that she ended it
I LOVE this podcast. Not sure if I have sibo yet, but based off the symptoms I believe I do. Wish I woulda found this podcast some years ago when I was n the thick of it!!
This podcast is so well done. It’s very interesting and informative and I love that she interviews experts. I have not listened to all of the episodes, but I have listened to a few twice. I recently found out that I am a SIBO Amigo, so I plan on listening to more episodes and ordering her book!
A must-listen for all things gut-related. Every episode is gold! Phoebe manages to make gut health entertaining as well as informative. My husband and I have listened to every episode, some more than once because each one is jam-packed with info. We’ve learned so much about the intricacies of digestion that it’s truly changed our lives. Cannot recommend highly enough. Season 5 plz! 🙏🏼
I can’t believe I just found this!!
This podcast has given me more info than 12 years of all kinds of doctors appointments for sibo! I’m so grateful to Phoebe for putting this together. She’s so smart and knows what to ask the experts to get us suffering all the suggestions possible. Thank you!!
So helpful
Phoebe is sosososo awesome. She brings in so many awesome guests and I feel so much more educated not just on SIBO but on all aspects of my health. She has inspired me to not only heal my sibo but to live a much healthier lifestyle overall.
Amazing podcast
I am so grateful for Phoebe and all of the effort she has given to create this podcast for us to learn from and find support with. Not only is she fun and easy to listen to as a podcast host, she has top notch experts as guests and is so thorough in all of her investigating on the intricacies of SIBO, gut health, and the matrix of related conditions. I have listened to some episodes several times (episode 6!) and continue to use them as a resource for educating myself about my treatment options, and how to advocate for myself during doctors appointments. I couldn't recommend this podcast enough! Thank you Phoebe!!!!
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The best podcast I've found on gut health. Phoebe asks experts good questions and the experts are so well spoken. So glad I've found this podcast. I've been on a low fodmap diet for a long time with my former gastro, and I wish I had found this sooner 😅
MUST LISTEN for any Digestive issues!!!
This podcast is incredibly well done and provides the best information!!! If you have SIBO this should be your FIRST stop. It is a “road map” of steps and information to become your best advocate and detective. It is clear most health care providers will not get it right and likely make it worse. I am so thankful for this information and Phoebe’s way of making it all understandable and easy to follow. Thank you thank you!!! I really hope you come back with more topics and refreshers as treatment advances or changes! You are truly an incredible resource!!
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Shad Runyen
Awesome podcasts!
The best podcast series on SIBO!!! Phoebe you ask the perfect questions to guide the podcast and I love the guests you have invited on to the show. Also love the recipes you have shared via email. So helpful thank you!
Seriously this is the absolute best for anyone with SIBO, or with any kind of gut issues. So informative and helpful. Love love love her book too! So excited to try the recipes
So helpful!!!
I was recently diagnosed with Sibo and finding this podcast has been life changing. So thankful for all the resources and recipes she gives to the community, it’s amazing and I’m sad to see the podcast ending for now.
Great podcast
Wish I had found this sooner. Sorry to see it end. Good luck with the book.
Forever grateful for finding this podcast! It is so helpful and has made such a positive impact on my gut healing journey. Phoebe does a fantastic job making it both entertaining and informative. The guests on the show are some of the best. Definitely recommend!
Em Milly
Best SIBO podcast
Just found this and hate to see it end! Very informative, easy to understand. I did purchase Phoebe’s cookbook and love it. Great info, great recipes.
Worth listening even if you don’t have SIBO
Just wanna thank you for your immensely informative podcast. I’m dealing with candida, not SIBO, and I clicked on the “Yeast and Other Beasts” episode transcript during a late night, teary-eyed, desperate Google search (we’ve all been there). Found it so informative and encouraging that I binge listened to the whole podcast and ended up buying the new book. Can’t wait to try some of the recipes when I can have potatoes and fruit again! Thank you, Phoebe! ❤️
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Great information
Thank you
A must listen podcast for everyone! Not only for SIBO sufferers, but so informative for ALL aspects of health! Such amazing guests & topics
So much information!!
This is a great podcast! So much information I could not have found anywhere else and it’s all in one place. I have learned so much and have started my healing journey thanks to you Phoebe!
Thank you!
Thank you for your knowledge and sharing it with the world!
Great podcast!
I’ve been binge listening since June and finally finished all 42 podcasts! So helpful and I think Ive cleared my SIBO from info I’ve learned here 😊
Great resource
Chronic SIBO can feel very overwhelming, limiting and defeating. Phoebe is encouraging and has timely and very informative guests. No need to suffer in silence. Better to go through this with a knowledgeable friend and Phoebe is it. (Ordered her book—looking forward to it!)
Fantastic!! Great for all things gut!
I have learned so many cool tricks/tip that really make a difference in my day to day routine which I haven’t learned from seeing multiple naturopathic Doctors! Thanks for doing an amazing job!
schulzie ca
Love it!
Super helpful. A great interviewer who asks the right questions and gets to the point. Helps connect all the dots and the speakers are phenomenal! Thanks!!
Marit rd
Easy to understand but packed with info
Phoebe does a fantastic job of making a complicated subject interesting and easy to digest (pun intended) Thank you for literally changing my entire outlook on my life and how to deal with chronic illness!!!
Lili Docs
Phoebe, thank you so much for this podcast! I know podcasting is a lot of work. know that this podcast is making such a difference! It’s been so helpful for me with my own struggle with SIBO. Thank you!!
Thank you!
Your content is so valuable. I just was diagnosed with SIBO and I have a follow up with my practitioner tomorrow (via Zoom) and now I feel a bit more educated and will come to the appointment with some questions that have been sparked by you and some of your guests. Thanks again!
Excellent information source
Love this podcast! It’s been so helpful as I’ve navigated my SIBO journey. Thanks, Phoebe!
Amazing podcast!!!
Phoebe is a hero! Listening to these podcasts has really helped me learn more about my sons SIBO condition. I highly recommend this podcast!!!
mama hear
Incredibly informative for IBS/SIBO/IBD
I love this podcast and am so grateful I found it. Phoebe produces each episode really well, and asks insightful interview questions that I wouldn’t think of myself. I was diagnosed with IBS almost 3 years ago and have jumped through what seems like every hoop to figure out how to heal my gut. Only recently did my doctor mention how SIBO plays a large role in the majority of IBS patients, which led me to this podcast. I listen to a new episode every morning during my workout! Each medical practitioner she interviews is very knowledgeable in their field and helps me to understand other avenues I can try to heal my gut. Thank you Phoebe for asking these questions, providing clarity into the SIBO/IBS world, and encouraging this type of dialogue to increase awareness!
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AWESOME Source of Info!
I tuned into Episode 3 because of Dr. Brighten and couldn’t stop with just that episode. I’m now a follower of the podcast. So informative and easy to follow despite the enormous amount of information. Phoebe does a great job of breaking down some complex topics into manageable and easy to understand podcasts. I have learned so much! THANK YOU!!
Phenomenal Phoebe!
Just finished the first season, and I learned so much from each expert. I found this podcast after doing a good amount of research, and it’s the best resource that I’ve come across yet.
Easy to understand los of info!
This podcast was what I needed to here after going through things I thought maybe I'd have to live with the rest of my life, but after listening I know the right questions to ask my Dr. and I'm loving life again. Thank you!!!
Trock the Rock
A wealth of information
I’ve listened to almost the entire first season and I’ve learned more in this time than I have in the years I’ve been reading, etc. I am grateful for the time and energy that Phoebe has put into this and for the guests she’s had on the show. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Great Podcast!
Listening to Phoebe is like listening to a friend! The information I’ve learned has been invaluable! I started listening when I was waiting for my SIBO test appt. It helped me feel better that I had decided to test. Once I received my positive result, all of her information validates what I had been feeling. The topics are interesting, and don’t get too “complex” where I have to question what the heck someone is saying. I am still very early I’m my SIBO journey, but feel confident that I will continue to thrive due to this podcast.
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Love this podcast!!
I love listening to this podcast each week. It’s a great mix of really detailed info by expert medical professionals with simple action steps for better gut health. A great resource for SIBO patients like myself. Thank you Phoebe for all you do. Love your recipes too 😀
England mum
Better Than GF Choc Chip Cookies
Listen, this podcast is straight up GREAT, even more so if you share Phoebe’s love of puns, wordplay, rhymes and very specific cultural references. Navigating illness and wellness is hard, and uncomfortable, but gaining the kind of in-depth knowledge the guests in this podcast share can help make you feel more empowered to just live your life. Thanks Phoebe and friends, for giving me the kind of energized, ready to take on the world boost usually reserved for baked goods.
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Informative, digestible podcast
So, so, so grateful for your podcast and all that you have covered. I am a SIBO amigo, and also a Registered Dietitian. Had my first breath test during my dietetic internship 2 years ago and found out I was positive, and (likely) the reasoning behind my B12 deficiency. Such a learning experience. Grateful to continue learning for myself, but more so for my clients/patients. So thank you!
Thankful!! Great podcast!
After an intense search online on all things SIBO I came across this podcast. I am hooked ! So thankful for this podcast as it has helped me tremendously in my healing journey!
Thank you Phoebe!
I've been listening to this podcast for months now, quietly gaining knowledge and trying to put pieces together. Before finding SIBO Made Simple I tried many diets and supplements and have seen gastros and integrative medicine doctors. It's been stressful, frustrating, expensive, and downright depressing. Finding this show helped bring me out of the overwhleming "wellness" spiral. I love Phoebe's lightheartedness in her interviews and she asks really great questions that help connect dots. I have learned so much and generally appreciate the sentiment that getting healthy doesn't mean setting strict boundaries and compromising your social life and friends. Thanks Phoebe for being a holistic health guru and for doing the work to bring solid and helpful (and not always expensive!) information, tips and tricks. It's been a relief to have this podcast on standby to listen and relisten to as I learn more about my complex issue!
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Best Gut Health Podcast!
I found this podcast the day I was diagnosed, and it really has made everything more simple. As someone with Hashimoto’s and SIBO, I can’t describe how useful this podcast has been in understanding what is going on with my body! It’s relatable, educational, and it has helped me know that it’s all going to be ok! I also checked out her website, and her recipes are DELICIOUS! Thanks for helping me understand my own guts!
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Taco Goblin
Smart and informative loved this segment!!!!!
Super grateful for this podcast
As one of many people struggling with digestive issues the amount of information out there is confusing and often times contradictory. Phoebe does a great job of presenting information in an understandable way and featuring topics led by experts in each field. The quality of the guests is outstanding and the information has made me feel more informed when talking with my doctor. The recap at the end of each episode is very helpful as many topics have a lot of technical content.
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I love this podcast!! Very informative, but not overwhelming. I enjoy listening, and I always learn so much!
Packed with information
I have dealt with digestive health issues my entire life. I finally received a diagnosis last year — SIBO. In the past year I have been treated three times. These podcasts have helped me learn about SIBO and support/treatment options (like visceral manipulation therapy). I find that I’m frequently making notes about things to try or to discuss with my doctor. The episodes are so informative and easy to listen to. Thank you for providing this amazing resource!
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Great for those coping with chronic health conditions
Phoebe does a great job presenting patient perspective, science, and both traditional and alternative treatment approaches. A lot of good content for anyone with autoimmune and/ or GI health conditions, even if not SIBO!
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