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Restaurant Owner Lessons Podcast
Chef Tony Marciante
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A series of moments with me, Chef Tony Marciante. we own and operate "Chef Tony's Fresh Seafood Restaurant" in Bethesda, MD and have 34+ years in the restaurant trade. I know it's a tough game full of challenges, wins and moments in the middle. I'm just trying to help you survive, then THRIVE as I have had the honor to. Currently rated the #1 restaurant out of 270 places to eat in Bethesda, I've been blessed over the last 13 years...let me share some tips and tricks, stories and strategies most importantly...develop a community around this crazy thing we're involved in! Support this podcast:
I hope you can welcome me back, March 2022!
I know, I know, I know… I did the worst thing ever, I pod faded. Quick little intro back into the flow of doing this podcast every week… I hope you’re doing well in your operation with all we’ve gone through over the last two years. Thanks for the listen and talk to you soon, Chef Tony --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Mar 18, 2022
9 min
How do you stay organized?
There is no doubt in our industry, there is never a shortage of things to do.  As a closet geek, I investigate many ways of staying organized, managing projects, and in general trying to reduce stress. Certain stresses will never be avoided, but let's get into some ideas around how we stay organized & how we reduce the stress in our daily lives!  Thanks for listening let's get into the show! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Oct 14, 2021
10 min
Checking in, we’re back!
What a year 2020 no?! Sorry for our delay but we're back and ready to hear how you’re doing… --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Jul 5, 2021
13 min
Shaun Devries (Melbourne,AU) brings the 🔥 !
Super honored to have “long time internet friend” Shaun Devries on the podcast today! We talk how Government funded restaurant will come back when this is all over, a could of his great restaurant success stories and why you need to hunker down and doggie paddle until we get out of all this! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Sep 30, 2020
38 min
Australian Chef Kyle Booker breaks it down...
How he got his partnership in Melt Resturant, more about the COVID Police and upcoming Marshall? --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Aug 31, 2020
24 min
What if it doesn't get better??
I am an eternal optimist in my opinion, but... The restaurant industry has been decimated, and so far at least in the U.S, the numbers aren't going in the right direction. We have been numb to the number of closings, slowdows, layoffs etc due to this pandemic. There is no question that this situation will impact our industry for quite some time.  Lost sales, profits and key employees will continue their impact into the future. I spoke on this in early March that as we started shutting down, it was a GREAT time to educate yourself on something new.  Even for fun or for business, it's pretty rare especially for us in the industry to have such an amount of time off. Listen in, pretty short and raw, but perhaps it may inspire you to take action now, to expand what might be your new reality as we move ahead. Be well, be soon. Chef Tony Marciante --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Aug 11, 2020
21 min
Be kind to yourself…
With all this going on, we need to take a moment to pause and breathe. Take a minute to assess what’s important in life, and spend some time with yourself doing some non-restaurant things. We get into that on this episode, let’s give it a good listen! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Jul 18, 2020
15 min
How are we fairing w/ COVID in July 2020??
Really just checking in folks, I'd LOVE to hear back any observation on how we are moving in this challenging time... or comment wherever you're listening! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Jul 18, 2020
12 min
Throwback Episode: Alex Robertson with
While we recorded this in 2015, there are MANY actionable nuggets of info regarding payments in your restaurant, gift card sales and more. Especially in this time of Corona-19, we are doing more and more in the digital space with placing online orders, contactless payments and more. As I have continued to preach, we MUST PIVOT our business during this time, and maybe straight CHANGE our model. We talk on Apple Pay, Compliance, online auctions, give aways and more... We'd LOVE to hear about anything you learned here, please post up on our FaceBook Page! We hope you and yours are staying safe during this especially challenging time, stay tough and moving forward! Chef Tony --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Apr 21, 2020
32 min
Providence in the house! Gina Gabai breaks down COVID-19 in TWO industries!
We have a true pleasure of interviewing Gina Gabai who's family business includes three restaurants and one salon in Rhode Island.  Listen in as we chop up what's going on with COVID-19, her business moving forward and what advice we come up with to help you in these troubled times. I've listed her contact information below, if anybody in the area can support her business in anyway, please reach out and tell them Chef Tony sent you! They were written up in Cigar Aficionado this past December... the article was titled “Steakhouses for cigar lovers”...  They have memberships for the cigar clients  and offer a cigar dinner every Wednesday night.. menu varies with season: First and second course soup and salad Choice of entree: steak or salmon served with starch and veg Dessert 3 cigar sampler All offered for $65 Tel Aviv Water 25 Bridge Street, Providence,RI 02903 Phone: 401-521-1300 www. EMAIL: Instagram  |  FaceBook International Lounge 18 Bridge Street Providence ,RI 02903 Friday night Salsa/open for event bookings also Info through Tel Aviv/ ( located across the street) Jamra lounge 680 Admiral street, Providence,RI,02908 401-272-2672 Website Instagram  |  FaceBook The G Salon and Spa Marriott Providence Downtown 1 Orms street, Prov., RI  02904 401-272-8778 Email: InstaGram  |  FaceBook --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Apr 5, 2020
43 min
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