The Intentional Advantage
The Intentional Advantage
Tanya Dalton of inkWELL Press
128: Pursue Your Passion (And Still Get Work Done!) with Tiffany Sorya
30 minutes Posted Jun 24, 2019 at 10:00 pm.
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Show notes

Rather than wandering around aimlessly, doing tasks that we don’t necessarily love we should instead be embracing what we do love and finding more ways to do exactly that. Today’s guest on the podcast is Tiffany Sorya, the founder of Novel Education Group, where she shows families how to make education work for them. Tiffany works with many high-profile clients including Kendall and Kylie Jenner and the family of Dr. Dre. Tiffany’s approach is about creating a life that works for you, even if you have an unconventional lifestyle. Today, Tiffany and I are chatting about the importance of honing in on your passion and purpose, along with why you need to lean into your strengths and focus on them when building a life you love.


What’s In This Episode:


  • Scheduling downtime into your calendar - even when you think you don’t have time
  • How to hone in on your passion and purpose
  • Tiffany’s advice on figuring out where your strengths lie and how to focus on them
  • Where Tiffany's passion for a mission-driven life and business comes from
  • Creating a curriculum around students’ strengths