The Intentional Advantage
The Intentional Advantage
Tanya Dalton of inkWELL Press
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best podcast for women who own a business!
Tanya shares actionable and research-backed advice and strategies that will help you grow your business without feeling burnt out and overworked. I like that she actively is against hustle culuture and shares how you can be successful and scale without feeling like you have to work 60-80 hrs every week. Each ep. is short and super digestible!
The gold in intuition
So episode 219 spoke to me - not just on a business level but on a personal level as well. Forging my own unique path is sometimes an uphill struggle but this episode in a weird way clarified and enabled me to really look at how I operate and embrace it!! 2021 is shaping up to be quite a year 👍🏻Thank you Tanya!!
Intentionality to the Max
I don’t write reviews often but I just want to say I absolutely love Tanya’s approach to aligning business principles with lifestyle management. Her interviews, stories and topics are thought provoking. They have helped me to not only assess my “Why” but also my perceptions of self, my approach to systems & productivity and practices to gain momentum on my dreams. By the way, the resources are awesome! Thank you for starting this podcast. It is a powerful tool for women, even if we put just one of the principles into practice.😉
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Not anymore
I am so sad to say between the pandemic, current cultish political climate, and a coach/mastermind group that Tanya joined this podcast went from relatable and immediately practical for life and business to something closer to “The Secret” with an edge of hostility and self centeredness. There was a very clear shift in tone, message, and vibe from Tanya. Having purchased her original book, her planners and joined in social media with her, I was bummed to see the changes unfold in real time. I, too, feel resentment about what 2020 did to my business, perhaps more so since I have a storefront, and we had several actual closures. But we can’t let the events change the spirit of who we are. We need to look out for each other, not more emphasis on ourselves. More than ever I’m convinced high-priced coaches are the ultimate pyramid scheme and that’s train Tanya has seemingly hitched a ride on. Get high priced coach, become high priced coach, rinse, repeat. Original review- Tonya has a very sincere and authentic tone that I hear lacking in many podcasts. I’m very turned off by podcasts that sound like an aggregation and regurgitation of other people’s works and writings. While it’s clear Tonya immerses herself in books and the work of experts, she personalizes the information and makes connections that are new. She’s very real and I find her very relatable. The content goes deep and is immediately actionable. The fact that Tonya’s kids are older, and her business is a serious and large one, also drives it home as being more relatable for me- her examples are relevant and not silly. As a mom of a near adult, and owner of a well-established business I didn’t need sticker charts and wine jokes.
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Has Become Tone Deaf, Sadly
I used to be a fan of this podcast, but lately it’s turned into something strange. It doesn’t have the same helpfulness as previous episodes - instead, it feels like Tanya is upset about something in her personal life or in politics and is trying to make that into a universal message for others. These latest episodes (October 2020) come across as incredibly tone deaf and privileged, and Tanya said herself that she doesn’t care if her attitude offends anyone. I understand that you can’t please everyone, but this feels hostile. Hard to take advice from a show that reads as angry and bitter.
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This podcast gives me hope!
I’m so glad I found Tanya at this time in my life. I have 2 young kids, I’m trying to run a business and maintain a healthy marriage. Tanya offers wonderful advice for managing all of this and optimizing your life so you’re not just living but thriving. Thank you, Tanya!
Jillian Alexis
Effective Motivation!
Tanya is just the best! Her simple, effective words motivates me to be a better business owner, CEO, and all around person! Thanks for a great podcast that is amazing!
Waste of time
Self-centered and can’t take constructive criticism. Don’t waste your time!
Christina J from Cali
Motivating Start of My Day
I enjoy listening to Tonya. I built up my productivity system while listening this podcast. I love the Inkwell Press products, and this podcast helps me to get a maximum out them. If I feel overwhelmed, I return to the episodes that fit well with the issue I experience. Rewatching of the episodes from time to time helps me to keep focusing on my priorities and moving towards my North Star.
If you are a business owner with a family, subscribe!
I have really enjoyed the latest episodes that really focus on women business owners, not just productivity in the realm of mom life. Productivity as a mom is really a focus of many other great podcasts, but this focus of owning a successful business while maintaining the balance of focus on your family is fantastic. I would love to hear more business model podcasts. Also, I would love to hear information specifically for couples that work together-I quit my career when my husband wanted to buy a business in his field and we work it together now. Both of us want to focus on growing our business without sacrificing our family life.
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Dynamic, Wise, Inspiring
Tonya Dalton is a gifted entrepreneur who invites you to embrace your priorities, get clear on your goals, and step into your power. Her advice and tools are simple, pragmatic, and life changing. She shares her success strategies in a way that is relatable and easy to implement. I’m always inspired and motivated to be the best version of myself when I listen to her.
Debbie Biery
Stop talking down to everyone.
I mostly like this podcast, but I get furious about the language you use and how you talk down to the listener at least 1 of 4 episodes. We are not wrong. Everyone is learning and growing on their own path and we come to this podcast for ideas for growth. Not to be told we have done things completely wrong and if we don’t change right away we are failures.
One of my favorite podcasts
I am a new listener, so I am catching up and listening to the older episodes. I am only in season 2 so far. There is always something useful to take from the episodes. Always a great use of my time to listen, whether or not I am driving at the time I am listening.
Helping Shift My Mindset
Building a business is tricky - scaling can be harder. Tonya Dalton gives you the cognitive tools and brass tacks to help you change your mindset for success.
This Podcast is Motivational
I have enjoyed listening to this podcast and have greatly benefited from it. It has truly given me actionable steps to set and achieve my goal. Within a week I had progressed more toward my goal of buying a house than I had in the last year!
Awesome Podcast!!!
Tonya, host of the Productivity Paradox podcast, highlights all aspects of self-improvement, entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Incredible resources
I love this podcast! Tonya is so great at giving clear steps for progress and so generous with all of the resource downloads she has on her website.
Listen again and again!
This is my favorite Podcast from Tonya yet. I could listen to it over and over. There will come a day when Tonya writes a book, and I’ll be damned if I’m not the first one to order it! Thanks for all you do! I’m not sure when I wrote the above, but I KNOW I was one of the first to purchase her book!
Love love love
I love this podcast. It’s definitely in my top 3. Podcast you listen to but I love how I can take what is talked about and apply it to my life. My new saying and I’ve been telling everyone even my kids is JOMO. I am loving that and it has changed my life.
Judah Holiday
Awesome work Tonya! So helpful to pick this stuff appart for people. There's a ton of value in how things are done by experts and the strategies that get results.
This is amazing
There’s so many take aways in each episode it’s hard not to learn something new! It’s an easy to follow along podcast with plenty of episodes to binge on and check out on the website!
Love the podcast, but can’t find...
I love Tonya and her message focused on the joy of missing out, so we can say yes to the things we really want & desire! However, almost every intro I’ve heard advertises the “5 Minutes to peak productivity” by going to But I every time I try, I cannot find the article, link, or quiz on my phone? Can someone advise me? 🙃
Half Dozen Mama
Never stop learning
I have been listening to Tonya on ProductivityParadox since the beginning. I have learned to change my mindset about productivity. It is not about being busy or having a to-do list every day. It is about cultivating that which matters most in your life. Family, friends, and finding purpose in all that you do. Thank you Tonya for always bringing me back to my purpose with every episode. I never stop learning.
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I’ve listened to every episode - I’m writing this partway into episode 136 after catching up on the past 4 episodes this week after summer travels, visitors etc. Tonya inspires and she’s #real (a former teacher). It’s been fun to *hear* her develop her business and podcast and share setbacks. This can be a stand-alone podcast helpful for goal-setting and prioritizing for work and home, but I also use her Inkwell Press planners and some of her free downloads from the podcasts. Most of all, Tonya gives you a positive mindset, helpful tools to help get you where you want to be (even if that means taking very small steps), and addresses those ongoing issues like fear of failure. I also LOVE that she emphasizes adapting her ideas to bring harmony to your own day-to-day life as you live it.
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Tonya does a great job of researching her topics.
Thanks, Tonya!
Tonya has a heart to help people succeed and I am so grateful for that... her teachings and products are inspirational and incredibly helpful !! She is truly living her passion and purpose and inspires me to do the same ..
Full of wisdom
Such a good podcast filled with wisdom!
Grateful listener 🙏🙏🙏
Tonya hosts an array of world-class guests, but what makes these interviews special is her ability to extract those bits of productivity gold listeners are looking for. Productivity Paradox is a must listen for anyone interested in exploring their own personal evolution & development. Thanks so much for having a positive impact on thousands of lives, Tonya and keep up the incredible work!
J. Barshop
The most productive use of my time is this podcast
I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to Productivity Paradox. I have a career where I am responsible for planning out my work day, and the tips/tools you provide have helped me to make these productive hours without the guilt and stress I often used to feel when a day seemed to pass without me feeling I had best used my time. Thank you!
Mandy Willig
Intentional, scientific, and useful productivity tips
This podcast has been my bedrock for years! Useful knowledge, tips, and tools are shared every week to help you live out your purpose and your best life. Three qualities of this podcast and Tonya’s teachings make this podcast rise above others. 1) Tonya teaches the importance of being present and working on priorities. In a world that is filled with “hustle, work work work, and I’m tied” teachings, her emphasis on mental health and wellbeing coupled with productivity is so refreshing. 2) Tonya, though a teacher/entrepreneur by training, might as well be a PhD because this podcast is filled with science. As an academic myself, I love how her teachings are based on science and facts opposed to antidotes and feel good suggestions. 3) The downloads and tools Tonya beautifully and generously creates and shares are so useful. They allow you to implement her teachings and aid you in realizing your true potential. It’s amazing. Check it out!
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Incredibly helpful and achievable
I was feeling like I was paddling a rowboat in a circle. Working hard but getting nowhere. This has really helped me find peace, achieve goals, and made life easier. Easy to implement. I love the hand holding to be honest...especially since I needed serious help and guidance even getting started. Useful in all aspects of my life. Thank you!!!
Erika E M
Love it!
Love Tonya's podcast and products. I'd be lost without my planner... just ask my husband!
Podcast + Planner = Your Best Life!
I have been using an inkWELL press planner to organize my life since the very first launch! The planner, coupled with this podcast have helped me change the way I balance my work and life. I am more thoughtful and mindful of my time. I learned to say no to things that did not serve me or my family. And most of all, I found real life lessons to bring more peace to my world.
Stephanie Elise
The Holy Grail of Productivity Podcasts
I was desperate to get my life together when I came across InkWELL’s planners in late 2017. I was curious how it would it work and after listening to the first few episodes I was hooked. Tonya will get you started in the right direction with focused, guided instruction. If you’re struggling like I was or just want to get a better grasp on being organized and have 20 minutes to spare, you’re in the right place. Not to mention, I’ve listened to all 100 podcasts and look forward to them every week!
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You Will Be So Glad You Listened
Productivity Paradox combines intensive research with creator Tonya Dalton's vision, clarity, and excellent presentation. I’ve spent my entire adult life (and I’m 60 now!) reading and listening to organizational and inspirational material of all types. Productivity Paradox packages all of it and much more in a concise and useful way. I now feel empowered with the necessary tools to take action on what is meaningful to me. You will be so glad you listened.
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Rebecca in VT
Best Podcast Ever
Tonya is the one to listen to if you really want to get things DONE!! I love listening to her very helpful & straightforward tips and advice. She explains productivity in a easy to understand way and her voice and manner of speaking is perfect for podcasting, so refreshing to listen to!!
One of my favorite podcasts
I always listen the second it comes out. Love the free downloads too.
High five!
I love the focused ideas Tonya shares in her podcasts. Although I do purchase some of her products, you don’t need them to use her tips and tricks to stay on track. I appreciate that these podcasts aren’t too long and generally have handouts and notes to reference so I can screen grab them while I listen on the go!
sarah e howell
My weekly gift to myself!
I love taking the time each week (or more) to fit in a podcast with Tonya! Her tools and insights empower me to take back my time for the most important goals in my life. They are practical and easy to implement.
Always Inspired
I always find a nugget to inspire me, but also to move me to action in my personal productivity. Tonya's a down to earth person who realizes that time management is not our full time job! I appreciate all I have learned to help me take small steps towards re-prioritizing and staying organized!
No fluff, just great information
I love Tonya’s podcast as I am all about being productive and learn about productivity. Each episode I learn something that applies to some part of my life, whether it’s work, personal or family. I also like the references to her family as I am more than just a woman who works, I’m also a wife and mom. I’m a big fan and use the inkWell Press planners and goal planner. It all fits together.
Learning to achieve more with focus
I have been listening to the Productivity Paradox since it’s launch. I always look forward to the new perspective, and simple reminders on a weekly basis. I have gone back and listened again to episodes that have helped me create structure - as well as block unstructured time so I can consistently achieve my goals. This podcast has helped me continue to strive for more balance. I apply Tonya’s valued practices to create more downtime thanks to more productive work hours.
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Complete system of productivity
Productivity Paradox is more than just a podcast. Tonya reviews life’s barriers to productivity such as distraction and the fear of missing out. She provides simple methods that allow listeners to apply techniques to multiple aspects of life. There are bonus materials such as show notes and downloadable exercises to simplify planning. Productivity Paradox really allows the listener to take planning beyond writing things down. This podcast holds listeners accountable and I personally am motivated to take ownership of how I use my time. I feel more productive when listening, even if the show is playing in the background. This podcast is part of several of Tonya’s pieces to the puzzle of productivity (Facebook group, TonyaTV, email subscription, and of course Inkwell Press planning products). Each facet functions independent of the others or seamlessly together. This system allows listeners to build a unique routine for planning and maximize each day while minimizing stress. I highly recommend Productivity Paradox!!!
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Good tips and tricks!
I enjoy listening to this podcast because of the all the tips Tonya gives for putting systems into place for making life more productive. I appreciate her acceptance of all family styles and emphasis on doing what's important to you as an individual.
Sally Sunshine M
I can’t get enough of Tonya Dalton’s Productivity!
I’ve been listening for a couple of months and have been learning all the time! It is SO interesting! I have learned so many interesting things and being able to organize my time better and be able to prioritize what I am doing better so I make my time more “ME time”. I’m now able to see how I’m more productive and focused in the morning time than afternoons. I also now realize that I need to make sure I do leave time for myself and family and don’t always put everyone else first, let my own needs be important too. Thank you for helping me learn and remember all of these wonderful things. ❤️
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Worth a binge!
I love this podcast! Tonya's insightful and down to earth look at productivity and effectiveness touches all aspects of life -- work, home, relationships, everything! I've been binge listening to her extensive library.
Purchase a Planner!!
That’s what I did. I bought a planner from Inkwell Press. It’s a more expensive planner and the monetary investment made me invest the time in the free downloads and printables and this podcast. The combination of Tonya TV +podcast + downloads + planner actually got me to use the planner I bought for the first time in a long time. Trust me - Tonya’s on to something.
Organization and intentionality
What really speaks to me about this podcast is how organized it is. Each season has a “theme” and you can tell there is a bigger picture. That type of organization tells me this is a well planned and a lot of time and effort has gone into being intentional with this podcast. The information is applicable and I like that Tonya always tries to leave us with something tangible to try or do. My biggest takeaway is that being productive doesn’t mean doing MORE things, but doing the things that are more important to you and your goals. This is a huge change in my mindset so I appreciate this message.
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I’m a Gold Star junkie too 🤩
Oh Miss Tonya~ I’d give you ten stars if I could! Merci for being a constant source of bright ideas and encouragement~I listen while I sew the ellas! Tons of Hugs! 💗🐘Tish
Tonya with Productivity Paradox is so great!
I absolutely love this podcast. I have probably listened to 50+ or more of these episodes. I love that Tonya is able to get such great messages across in such a short amount of time. This podcast does not require a huge time commitment, and I always feel like I am taking away something that will really help me to be more productive in all aspects of my life. I tend to be a little bit of a workaholic, so I love getting pointers on how to work more efficiently while also being reminded to slow down and enjoy my “down time” with my husband and children as well. Tonya is ALWAYS offering relevant, interesting commentary that helps to jump start my productivity and further my excitement for my life now and my life in the future. Thanks Tonya!
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