The Intentional Advantage
The Intentional Advantage
Tanya Dalton
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The 3 Reasons You Are Holding Back on Your Goals
I’m so glad I found this podcast. I scrolled through the episode titles and stopped on this one. This is the first episode I listened to, and it is exactly what I needed to hear. Tanya is easy and enjoyable to listen to.
Gets to the Point!
Tanya keeps guests on track and extracts wisdom-nuggets. I Always get value from per podcast! I recommend this podcast.
NJ Babe2222
Lovely reframe!
I know productivity tools, I set intents, but this is the first introduction I to combining the two and leading you through it. My January often feels overwhelmed and honestly, blah. My intent feels vague, my focus is off, and I can’t seem to hit my groove. This is so helpful and I’m excited to listen and learn more! I just stopped today and bought Joy of Missing Out! Thank you!!
Just what I needed
Listened to "Earn your Happy" where Tanya was a guest and when I say I instantly clicked with her and fell in love was no joke! I've now binged this podcast too, signed up for the "take five challenge" this podcast is a game changer for me!!!
Last One Standing
I spent a few years in the self help world listening to podcasts, taking courses and basically drowning myself in all the things. When I realized that rather than actually helping, most were making me feel worse I walked away. I removed them from my social, stopped listening to their podcasts and unsubscribed from the insane amount of emails. With one exception…Tanya and The Intentional Advantage. I never walk away from a podcast feeling like I’m not doing enough and I never feel pressured to buy anything. I just feel encouraged and inspired and like I wish she lived closer so we could be friends. A lot of self-helpers begin helping themselves when they become successful but I’ve never felt that with Tanya. She remains the same warm, inspiring woman who tells it like it is and gives real, actionable advice. A rare breed in the world of self-help, productivity experts.
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Get organized on how to get organized!
I’m super intentional and very organized, and Tanya Dalton makes it even easier to become masterful at the how of it all. This podcast is full of amazing content and such a pleasure to listen to. I highly recommend The Intentional Advantage to women everywhere who desire the edge they need to take their lives and businesses to the next level.
Tricia Brouk
Calming and Encouraging
Helps me keep my eye on the most important things in my life. Love her work and her mission to help us all live an extraordinary life. It’s nice to have a place to come to stay grounded in what matters when our society bombards us with other messages.
Rocket fuel!
Every time I listen to Tanya, I come away feeling inspired and kinda on fire to live life to the fullest and pursue my biggest goals with intention and perseverance. Feeling stuck? Listen to Tanya. Feeling overwhelmed? Listen to Tanya. Not sure what step is next? Listen to Tanya. My time is valuable, and this podcast is an investment in my present and future.
She Product-ifies Me!!
Yes. Listening to Tonya Dalton makes me so much more productive while inspiring me as well. Ear gold. ✨👂✨
Episode 268 Intentional Friday
Thank you Tanya — great ideas for making Friday a more fruitful workday. I’d love to be out of the office every Friday — but your suggestions are the next best thing! It’s only Tuesday as I write — so I’ll be thinking about what can be batched and what I REALLY want for Friday’s.
Goldmine of information! Inspiring and attainable
More valuable than things I've spent a lot of money. Some business podcasts have a few dry step by step lists or a hyper & enthusiastic speaker but with little or no actionable activities. NOT HERE! Tonya offers very specific ways to reach your goals whether they are GIANT or small. She helps break it down to manageable parts. I love her products and they work well in conjunction but they aren’t necessary to use the podcast. Her planner and books have been one of the most influential things I've invested in myself. She’s very encouraging and personable. I feel like I’ve found a mentor that’s cheering me on! Thank you!
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Love the intentional advantage podcast. I listen for empowerment and practical tips on how to succeed in all aspects of life. Tanya Dalton has an amazing style of conveying information- she is assertive and friendly and approachable. Each episode I have listened to has been informational and interesting. Hoping to listen to back episodes and also looking forward to future ones. Thank you!
On Purpose came at just the right time
I read On Purpose at a time in my life when I was feeling very helpless and out of control of my life. The book gave me so much hope and direction. Tonyas podcast are just as good, but given in bite size pieces that are great reminders of what is taught in the book.
Great insight on feeling limited by our past.
I just finished listening to episode 257, Reclaiming Your Power. After a life coaching session last week, my coach mentioned that possibly I was being “contained.“ That I might be afraid of my “power,” of using my talents in the world and in my family. This podcast gave me perspective on how to stop letting my fear or other’s view of me contain me. Thanks!
Instaframe Fan
Setting Goals with IMPACT Episode
I am using the Inkwell Press Goal Planner this year and the goal pages have this IMPACT acronym to help you think about your goals when you are trying to write them out. Listening to this episode helped me understand and adjust my goals. Even if you don’t have the goal planner, you can just get some paper to go through each of these letters to help you brainstorm what you want to accomplish and why before you write some random goal and measuring stick that may not mean much to you. This really helps you make your goals more personal, specific, and meaningful. I loved the emphasis on helping you see goals as leading you to more of a lifestyle you envision for yourself rather than a goal that is “complete.” I think using this method also helps you be less hard on yourself. I highly recommend this episode for anyone who wants to explore an easier method for having goals.
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Be intentional about listening to this podcast!
Tanya’s integrity and insight are breath of fresh air in a world that tells us to fly by the seats of our pants and look out for number one. Every episode I’ve listened to has given me new perspective and strategies I can immediately implement to bring the change I need.
Térésa Scotland
An inspired podcast
Tanya is an engaging podcaster sharing her thoughts and ways to change and live intentionally. You can tell she’s inspired in both her life and with the information she’s sharing. It’s uplifting and a good listen!
I love this podcast! I found Tanya as a guest on another podcast and knew I had to go listen more. I love the focus on purpose and productivity and always leave feeling inspired. Highly recommend
With all the frantic grabbing and yelling online, this space is a welcome change. Tanya walks you through growing a business like a human being. I love her approach and her heart.
Kim Huitt
So glad to be back!
I used the inkwell planner years ago and LOVED it. But for whatever reason I got away from it and recently rediscovered. So glad I did...intentional living really helps my anxiety and overall well-being.
Rhodes Warrior
Practical and Inspiring Goals Planning
I recently started listening to the podcast to help me to prepare for 2022 goals planning. I am really enjoying it and look forward to each weekly episode. I also bought the On Purpose book and love how Tanya uses the podcast to reinforce implementation of the book. I can’t wait to dig into all the practical goals and life planning resources Tanya has created!
Audrey in Colorado
Practical and Tactical
I’m so thankful that I stumbled upon this Podcast. Such practical and tactical tips and strategies for success. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us!
Kristin Joann
Impressed with herself?
Admittedly - this was the first of her podcast that I’ve lheard. I heard a lot of talk about herself (I, I, I, me, me, me) - the impression was that she seemed very impressed with herself.
So helpful!
Tanya is so helpful and has such practical advice for moving one step forward! I’m grateful it’s not a lot to swallow at once! You can dive in or take baby steps! Each episode I learn something new!
Tanya is very passionate. She just leaves you feeling pumped up, ready to act while enjoying the process. I am so glad to have discovered her, it will be an amazing time to hear more episodes 😊
What A Wonderful Show
I have been a fan of Tanya's Inkwell Press products for many years now and today was the first time experiencing her podcast. It was so refreshing to hear someone who stands in their truth and aligns with their values no matter what. Today's episode titled, Taking A Stand, was so phenomenal that I had to wake my sister up from her nap and discuss it. Everything she said made such great sense and if it wasn't for the groups that I belong to I would do the same as she is doing. I've always admired Tanya but now my respect for her has busted through the roof. I will definitely be listening to more of her podcasts.
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Micky Stew
Letting go of the perfect plan
This is THE episode I needed right now. Thanks Tanya for getting up in the middle of the night to record such a human, soul impacting episode. Yesterday I was asked when I learned that I had to control and own everything, and it really got me thinking. I saw the episode yesterday but listened this morning as I was getting ready to plan my day, but woke up feeling under the weather when I have too much to do. Listening to your podcast I gave myself permission to lie back down (it’s 6:20 am here), rest and take care of me… while I listen again. This is exactly what so many of us need to hear. And I hope you savor that spa time. It was exactly what YOU needed to rejuvenate for this new journey. Congratulations on the book!
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Love the way she explains life
You do such an amazing job! Keep up the good work !
Love your podcast!!
Thank you !!!
Thanks for inspiring me!
I’ve often looked for a way to understand, explain, and apply goals to fulfilling the vision/purpose of being … not just as a way to be “done”. Tanya is speaking to my heart and I can’t wait to hear more from this season’s exploration of On Purpose.
Can’t put your book down!
Tanya, I just can’t seem to put your book down! I first learned of you through Ali Browns’ Glambition Radio podcast and had to know more about your work. Your book is exactly what I needed at this point in my life. Your strategies really helped me to nail down how and why I have been playing small. Thank you for the free readers guide and p.s. I especially love the footnotes in the book.
I listened to this podcast often and very motivated by it. Tonya offers very practical tips and helps you no matter what your problems are or where you stand in life. Thanks Tonya. I am off to get your next book now.
Inspiring and Relatable
I love this podcast! Tanya’s hosting is energetic, raw, and relatable, which has made this podcast more inspiring to me than many others. She brings on great guests who contribute easy advice that can make such a difference. Highly recommend!
This work is a game changer.
Tanya’s podcast (and her work overall) is truly a game changer. Her actionable strategies are approachable and doable. She is so welcoming and brings such joy to every topic discussed. I look forward to every episode and eagerly await the new gems she drops with each one. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with everyone, Tanya. It’s so appreciated and truly makes a difference. ❤️
Why change is hard Episode 235
I enjoyed this podcast because Tanya showed her own vulnerability along with walking a guest speaker through the vulnerability of change. In addition, Tanya discussed strategies to make change easier. It was a podcast that I could identify,Connect and apply it to my own life.
Embracing your black sheep
I have a been listening to this podcast for years. It never ceases to amaze me how straightforward, forward-thinking, outside the box, and a bit on the rebellious and unconventional side Tanya is… Just like me. I have trouble relating to a lot of business podcast because I feel like they are carbon copies of everyone else “follow the formula” type stuff, but Tanya really knocks it out of the park every single time and has helped me build the confidence I need to embrace my own uniqueness and voice. Thank you Tanya for helping me build my intentional life and business through your value-packed episodes!!
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Motivational and Thought Provoking
I love Tanya's work. I've followed her for many years and have read her book and used her planners for life, work, all the things. She has always have a great vision on how to be better. The Podcast is just an extention of her work in the other arenas, and really gives the listener a jumping off point to follow. Every episode gives me ideas or suggestions on things I should be thinking or looking into for personal growth. Thanks Tanya, AND TEAM, for all you do for women in business and life!
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Hollie V
Candid and honest advice from someone who’s been there
I decided to listen to the episode on playing small, as I’ve been standing at the edge of the diving board for some time, and perhaps not always playing small, but often finding myself believing that I’m playing small. And so, I turned on this episode while loading the dishwasher, and then took it with me as a tidied my bedroom and put away clothes. The organized manner in which Tanya lays out information is so appreciated. The story that resonated with me today is about treating a change in her business like a cruise ship - I was surprised when she called that a regret (vs moving like a speed boat), and then I listened more closely. I’ve been wanting to align myself more with the work that lights me up, but I have a couple businesses that are keeping me busy but unfulfilled. I may be turning the wheel of one of them like a cruise ship and it’s been draining me. When I get to the office today, I’m going to do the long put-off work of looking at its finances, the industry, and whether the time is now to close up shop, sell, or scale back to a more intentional model. Thanks Tanya! Consider me subscribed.
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Knowledgeable, inspiring and motivational.
Unbelievable podcast that offers business and life advice. Tanya truly understands the correct approach to own your life and business. This offers insightful and truthful advice that will motivate listeners to be the best version of themselves. Definitely recommend this!
best podcast for women who own a business!
Tanya shares actionable and research-backed advice and strategies that will help you grow your business without feeling burnt out and overworked. I like that she actively is against hustle culuture and shares how you can be successful and scale without feeling like you have to work 60-80 hrs every week. Each ep. is short and super digestible!
The gold in intuition
So episode 219 spoke to me - not just on a business level but on a personal level as well. Forging my own unique path is sometimes an uphill struggle but this episode in a weird way clarified and enabled me to really look at how I operate and embrace it!! 2021 is shaping up to be quite a year 👍🏻Thank you Tanya!!
Intentionality to the Max
I don’t write reviews often but I just want to say I absolutely love Tanya’s approach to aligning business principles with lifestyle management. Her interviews, stories and topics are thought provoking. They have helped me to not only assess my “Why” but also my perceptions of self, my approach to systems & productivity and practices to gain momentum on my dreams. By the way, the resources are awesome! Thank you for starting this podcast. It is a powerful tool for women, even if we put just one of the principles into practice.😉
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Not anymore
I am so sad to say between the pandemic, current cultish political climate, and a coach/mastermind group that Tanya joined this podcast went from relatable and immediately practical for life and business to something closer to “The Secret” with an edge of hostility and self centeredness. There was a very clear shift in tone, message, and vibe from Tanya. Having purchased her original book, her planners and joined in social media with her, I was bummed to see the changes unfold in real time. I, too, feel resentment about what 2020 did to my business, perhaps more so since I have a storefront, and we had several actual closures. But we can’t let the events change the spirit of who we are. We need to look out for each other, not more emphasis on ourselves. More than ever I’m convinced high-priced coaches are the ultimate pyramid scheme and that’s train Tanya has seemingly hitched a ride on. Get high priced coach, become high priced coach, rinse, repeat. Original review- Tonya has a very sincere and authentic tone that I hear lacking in many podcasts. I’m very turned off by podcasts that sound like an aggregation and regurgitation of other people’s works and writings. While it’s clear Tonya immerses herself in books and the work of experts, she personalizes the information and makes connections that are new. She’s very real and I find her very relatable. The content goes deep and is immediately actionable. The fact that Tonya’s kids are older, and her business is a serious and large one, also drives it home as being more relatable for me- her examples are relevant and not silly. As a mom of a near adult, and owner of a well-established business I didn’t need sticker charts and wine jokes.
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This podcast gives me hope!
I’m so glad I found Tanya at this time in my life. I have 2 young kids, I’m trying to run a business and maintain a healthy marriage. Tanya offers wonderful advice for managing all of this and optimizing your life so you’re not just living but thriving. Thank you, Tanya!
Jillian Alexis
Effective Motivation!
Tanya is just the best! Her simple, effective words motivates me to be a better business owner, CEO, and all around person! Thanks for a great podcast that is amazing!
Waste of time
Self-centered and can’t take constructive criticism. Don’t waste your time!
Christina J from Cali
Motivating Start of My Day
I enjoy listening to Tonya. I built up my productivity system while listening this podcast. I love the Inkwell Press products, and this podcast helps me to get a maximum out them. If I feel overwhelmed, I return to the episodes that fit well with the issue I experience. Rewatching of the episodes from time to time helps me to keep focusing on my priorities and moving towards my North Star.
If you are a business owner with a family, subscribe!
I have really enjoyed the latest episodes that really focus on women business owners, not just productivity in the realm of mom life. Productivity as a mom is really a focus of many other great podcasts, but this focus of owning a successful business while maintaining the balance of focus on your family is fantastic. I would love to hear more business model podcasts. Also, I would love to hear information specifically for couples that work together-I quit my career when my husband wanted to buy a business in his field and we work it together now. Both of us want to focus on growing our business without sacrificing our family life.
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Dynamic, Wise, Inspiring
Tonya Dalton is a gifted entrepreneur who invites you to embrace your priorities, get clear on your goals, and step into your power. Her advice and tools are simple, pragmatic, and life changing. She shares her success strategies in a way that is relatable and easy to implement. I’m always inspired and motivated to be the best version of myself when I listen to her.
Debbie Biery
Stop talking down to everyone.
I mostly like this podcast, but I get furious about the language you use and how you talk down to the listener at least 1 of 4 episodes. We are not wrong. Everyone is learning and growing on their own path and we come to this podcast for ideas for growth. Not to be told we have done things completely wrong and if we don’t change right away we are failures.
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