The Intentional Advantage
The Intentional Advantage
Tanya Dalton
The Intentional Advantage is the podcast for high-achieving women who are ready to step into intentional leadership at work and in their personal life. If you are a woman who has spent your life chasing busy, overwhelmed by everything you need to do.… if you know you’ve accomplished a lot but still secretly feel unqualified…if you have felt defined by overachieving, over perfecting and are just plain over it, this is the podcast for you. In each episode, Purposeful Productivity expert Tanya Dalton shares actionable strategies and tactics to help you reclaim your time, reignite your purpose, and restore harmony in your life. Tanya is an international best-selling author, speaker and 7-figure entrepreneur who can help you overcome your limiting beliefs, reduce your anxiety and boost your self-confidence. After all, you were made for an extraordinary life. Want more time freedom? Join Tanya’s free challenge at
The Easiest Way to Make Your Days Feel Meaningful
We often get caught up in trying to fight time - to squeeze every last drop out of whatever time or season we’re in… but it’s not about managing our time—it’s savoring the moments. In today’s show I’m sharing one of my favorite productivity tips: using traditions to help streamline your days while making them memorable. We dive how to set up rituals by using habit stacking, why routines don’t have to be boring and we’ll give some tips and ideas on how you can use traditions to bring your family closer together.   FOR SHOW NOTES AND MORE, GO TO:
Aug 1
32 min
Making Your Least Productive Day, Your Best Day of the Week
For most people, Friday is the least productive day of the week. Most offices notice a 35% dip in productivity. With a few strategies you can eliminate end-of-the-week burnout and actually make Fridays your most successful and rewarding day of the week. In this episode I talk about setting boundaries, how to pace your week, why most people struggle with the 5 day workweek and I’ll share five ways you can use Friday so it feels like you got a bonus day off.   FOR SHOW NOTES AND MORE, GO TO:
Jul 18
29 min
Stress Free Vacation Planning (So You Can Come Back Refreshed)
Ever feel like you need a vacation from your vacation? Or that it is easier or less stressful just skipping the vacation days? Taking care of yourself and finding time for vacation is one of the keys to achieving a higher sense of happiness and avoiding burnout. On today’s show, I’m sharing why vacations are essential to being happier and why they actually increase your productivity.  I’ll share 5 tips for how to get ready for vacation stress-free and some strategies for making the most of your time off so you can feel refreshed.   FOR SHOW NOTES AND MORE, GO TO:
Jul 4
31 min
Untethering Yourself from Your Past
What would you believe if you woke up tomorrow with no memory of the past? If you could do or be anything, what would you choose? Today’s episode closes out our season of Reclaiming Your Power; we talk about embracing failure, letting go of the perfect plan, shifting into new identities and creating a laboratory mentality when it comes to testing out our boundaries. I also share a recent story (that I’ve never shared before) about having to stand up to people with more power than me and how that impacted me in hopes that it inspires you to do the same. FOR SHOW NOTES AND MORE, GO TO:
Jun 20
29 min
Achieving Financial Freedom with Grant Sabatier
What are you working for? While, yes, it’s true, we work for a paycheck, our jobs are simply a vehicle for the life we want. Getting in the right money mindset is crucial for shifting how we look at the work we are doing and the life we are creating. On today’s show, I have Grant Sabatier, an expert on achieving financial freedom. In this episode we are diving deep into your relationship with money and how you define success. You might be surprised at how easy it is to have financial freedom. FOR SHOW NOTES AND MORE, GO TO:
Jun 6
42 min
Trusting Yourself
We hear that word intuition and we think it’s woo woo, but the truth is: we all have intuition. We all have the ability to tap into our own deep inner knowing and choose to trust ourselves instead of looking for validation externally. Many people dismiss that quiet voice in their heads and dismiss it because it’s not “logical” even though we hear successful leaders and CEOs talk about gut feelings or trusting their instincts. In today’s episode Tanya brings in Emily Aarons to co-host the show and discuss how we can tap into our intuition with more confidence and ease.   FOR SHOW NOTES & MORE, GO TO:
May 23
42 min
Sex Confidence with Dr. Sonia Wright
In the 5 years I’ve been hosting this podcast, this is the first time I’ve tackled this topic and, funny enough, it’s one of my most asked questions: “How do you make time for sex?” “How often should I be having sex?” “How can I have sex when I’m so tired?” versions of those pop up on every single survey I’ve ever sent my listeners. So today, we are tackling those questions and more in one of my most open and frank interviews. Dr. Sonia Wright is one the show today to help us all gain a little more sex confidence.   FOR SHOW NOTES AND MORE, GO TO:
May 9
41 min
The Pleasure Principle with Dr. Valerie Rein
Do you ever feel a nagging sense of dissatisfaction, even when you’ve accomplished big things? Guilt, shame and hidden trauma can keep us from pleasure –whether it’s luxuriating in our free time, enjoying every bite of a delicious meal with or prioritizing pleasure in our sex life. On today’s show, Dr. Valerie Rein helps us understand why we feel bad about experiencing pleasure, how society has conditioned us to not trust other women and even ourselves. Today we’ll flip the question of How much can I bear? on its head into How good can it get?   FOR SHOW NOTES AND MORE, GO TO:
Apr 25
50 min
Who Are You Really Fighting?
How often do you use the word “should” when thinking about your day? I should be doing this or I should stop doing that. Who decided what you should or should not do? Often we don’t ask that question - we just assume that we should just live up to expectations without wondering who set those expectations in the first place. Today’s episode will help you question the rule makers (also known as the patriarchy) and live life by rules of your own making. Reclaiming your power starts by understanding who we are really fighting.   FOR SHOW NOTES AND MORE, GO TO:
Apr 11
31 min
Proactive Boundaries with Terri Cole
How can anyone authentically love you if you don’t allow them to see you? That’s the question posed by today’s guest, Terri Cole. Boundaries are our own personal rules of engagement and they allow us to live our lives to the fullest because they allow you to be seen: your wants, desires and needs. The real you–the you that deserves a place in this world. In today’s show, we do a short assessment to help you see which of the 5 areas of your life need stronger boundaries with action steps to help you feel more confident.     WHAT'S IN THIS EPISODE: [3:30] Why Terri Cole is THE go to expert on boundaries. [8:30] Is setting firm boundaries selfish? [9:45] YOU are the boss of you (and your boundaries). [11:20] Boundaries are your own personal rules of engagement. [11:50] Are all boundaries created equal? [14:30] Are your boundaries porous, rigid or healthy? [18:00] You have the RIGHT to prioritize yourself! [19:00] What are the 5 categories of boundaries? [21:00] What are the 5 categories of boundaries? [33:40] Giving is love… over-giving is dysfunctional. [34:10] How can I set healthy proactive boundaries?   FOR SHOW NOTES AND MORE, GO TO:
Mar 28
43 min
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