Predictable Revenue Podcast
Predictable Revenue Podcast
Aaron Ross & Collin Stewart
We interview outbound sales leaders so that you can learn directly from the people on the front lines. Co-hosted by the best selling author of Predictable Revenue and early Salesforce employee, Aaron Ross and his co-founder/the CEO of Predictable Revenue, Collin Stewart. Our goal is to help our audience learn sales development, coaching, and prospecting best practices from people that are currently building or have built SDR teams.
175: What’s Next? How to Predict What’s Around The Corner in The Fast-Paced, Ever-Changing, Tech Industry
Michael Lagoni, co-founder and CEO of Stackline, chats to Sarah Hicks on this episode of the Predictable Revenue podcast. He shares some really interesting insight on how to make sure you’re building the right product or service. Stackline is a retail technology company founded by a group of Amazon veterans that activates data, automates execution, and optimizes e-commerce marketing performance for thousands of the world’s largest companies. Before founding Stackline, Michael held data analytics roles at Amazon and The Boston Consulting Group where he helped consumer brands turn insights into commercial excellence. Highlights from Michael include: (1:00) How Stackline was profitable from day one (2:28) The decisions that led to such quick initial success (3:32) Before you commit to building a new product (8:37) How to make sure you’re building the right product (11:20) Training your eye for external indicators and “tech-tonic” trends to predict the future (14:51) Striking a balance between the trends and what your clients are asking for EDITOR’S NOTE: Another blog post on creating a product in an emerging industry: The Framework For Creating a Product – And a Brand-New Category More on product: The key to getting your first 10 customers isn’t sales – it’s product And product-market fit: 8 Growth Secrets I Learned from Reading Every Interview with Alex Schultz, VP of Growth at FacebookRe-establishing growth: when to scale, and how fast?
Nov 23
19 min
174: The framework for creating a product - and a brand-new category
Michel Feaster chats with Collin Stewart on this value-packed episode of the Predictable Revenue podcast. If you’ve ever thought about designing a brand new product to capture a brand new market - this one’s for you. Michel is the Co-Founder and CEO of Usermind, responsible for company vision, strategic direction, planning and execution. Michel’s enterprise software career spans almost 20 years with roles in sales, products, strategic marketing and general management, and she has designed a framework for building new categories. She dives into what constitutes a category (1:38), the rule of disruptions (5:22), validating a category (6:50), moving from validation to product design (14:04), differentiating (19:17), timing (24:10), degrees of product-market fit (32:36), business impact and TAM (35:33), competitive analysis (40:49), continued iteration (50:06), and how to identify the best, fastest growing saas startups to join at any stage in your career (56:38). SHOW NOTES:  More resources on product market fit: The key to getting your first 10 customers isn’t sales – it’s product   Re-establishing growth: when to scale, and how fast?   8 Growth Secrets I Learned from Reading Every Interview with Alex Schultz, VP of Growth at Facebook   How Predictable Revenue built its innovative Outbound Validation program with CPO Kenny MacKenzie  
Nov 12
1 hr 25 min
173: Deal Mechanics: How to work (and close) 3x the deals
Nick Cegelski, Account Executive at SurePoint Technologies, joins Sarah Hicks on the Predictable Revenue podcast. As a top-performing software sales executive, Nick not only executes on perfect discovery during meetings, but his strategies on what to do in the white space in between meetings allow him to carry more pipeline and close more deals. Nicks shares his thoughts on deal mechanics (1:38), using video to engage multiple stakeholders during follow up (2:54), leveraging collateral (5:35), picking up the phone at a stage when most salespeople don’t (7:20), giving the prospect and out (16:42), and setting next steps (17:09). SHOW NOTES:  More resources for closers: How to unlock the growth potential in your account executives with Lessonly’s Justin Clifford   Manage a large sales team virtually and build a kick-ass discovery process   This Is What You Should Be Asking On Your Discovery Calls   7 Keys to Discovery Meetings That Close More Deals  
Nov 5
32 min
172: The Goldilocks Rule: making your first sales hire
INTRO Joseph Trodden joins host Collin Stewart on the Predictable Revenue podcast.  Joseph is an experienced consultant providing structure and clarity for visionary entrepreneurs who want to focus on reaching their next level. He focuses specifically on what he calls “the Inflection Point” - the pivotal moment when a founder relinquishes control and takes the first step towards turning the business into an organization. Joseph shares why founders never get this right the first time (2:36), who to hire first and why (8:39), the pros and cons of the player/coach (22:13), who to bring on as the second key hire (28:59), and how entrepreneurs should psychologically prepare for letting go (30:07).   You remember Goldilocks and the Three Bears. A flaxen-haired and doe-eyed ingenue stumbles into the furry quadrupeds' family home and samples each of their porridge, chairs, and beds. In each instance, after some grumbling at the inadequacy of the first two she tries, she settles on one bowl, one seat, and one mattress as “just right”.      SHOW NOTES:  More blog posts for early stage founders/sales leaders: The key to getting your first 10 customers isn’t sales – it’s product   Getting your first 100 customers with Salesflare Co-Founder Jeroen Corthout   How to build and evolve your first sales playbook with Bowery Capital’s Andrew Oddo  
Oct 29
42 min
171: How to diversify your top of funnel (and add a figure in revenue)
Kevin Urrutia, founder of Voy Media, joins Sarah Hicks on the Predictable Revenue podcast. Voy Media’s sole focus is to be a catalyst for business growth, helping brands cross the threshold from 6-figures to 7-figures in revenue, from 7-figures to 8-figures in revenue through cutting edge marketing strategies. Kevin details why building a cool product isn’t enough (4:20), what a diverse top of funnel looks like (7:14), taking control of your company narrative (17:26), how to build a video webinar funnel (21: 33), creating engaging video content (27:07), why breaking even is good enough (34:40), and how to diversify your top of funnel with the content you already have (36:53).   SHOW NOTES:  Here are a few more blog posts on inbound strategy: Tricks of the demand generation trade: How Nishank Khanna combines marketing and outbound skills to drive leads Simple, Sane & Successful Inbound Marketing Why Inbound and Outbound Work Together  
Oct 22
41 min
170: Social selling and reversing the hatred of salespeople
Ari Levine joins Collin Stewart on the Predictable Revenue podcast.  Currently VP of Brand Partnerships at Tumblr with a background of selling everything from wholesale diamonds to SaaS, Ari Levine is an authority on social selling. Highlights include: how we’ve lost the human element of sales (1:03), what the heck social selling is (16:20), how social selling can improve your conversion rates (22:18), the ways social platforms are evolving (26:40), some actionable social selling tactics (30:20), what worked at VaynerMedia, reading the (virtual or real) room (40:01), and finding out where in the social media universe your buyers are (43:37).   SHOW NOTE More on social selling:   How to turn engaging activity on LinkedIn into prospects and personalize at scale with Sarah Hicks   How to turn 100 LinkedIn profiles into 10 meetings with Tom Abbott   Rand Fishkin’s ‘No BS’ Way to Grow Sales Through Social
Oct 15
55 min
169: How to Manage a Small Sales Team Virtually with Rene Zamora
Rene Zamora joins Sarah Hicks on this episode of the Predictable Revenue Podcast.   Rene was ahead of his time. He’s been leading and managing small business sales teams virtually since he founded Sales Manager Now in 2006. After leading 2500 remote sales meetings and managing 20-30 salespeople per month, he has perfected the art of Virtual Sales Management. Listen on as Rene shares: why remote sales management has always been a great model, even pre-COVID (4:20), what sales reps are afraid to lose and how sales managers can solve that (16:22), enabling salespeople to learn from their peers in a virtual environment (19:35), ideal team meetings and 1 on 1s (22:02), what sales managers can do with the time they free up managing this way (29:40), and how owners/founders of small companies can lead and grow sales in just 10-20 hours a month (34:04).   SHOW NOTES More on sales teams working from home: Why sales teams should WFH, permanently with Gabriel Moncayo   How to get things done as a sales leader when your team is a little bigger than Rene’s might be: Manage a large sales team virtually with Armand Farrokh How the way you communicate impacts everything: Communicating effectively in a virtual environment with Dr. Ethan Becker
Oct 8
39 min
168: How George McGehrin gets his clients to pay HIM to market to them
George McGehrin of The McGehrin Group joins host Collin Stewart on the Predictable Revenue Podcast.    The McGehrin Group specializes in working with major corporations throughout the United States focusing on the successful permanent placement of high-level executives in a multitude of industries. They rely on their high level of experience, dedication, and innovation coupled with strong contacts in various sectors. George and Collin dive into the mistake turned business model that gets George’s clients to pay him to market to them (1:13), consistency theory (5:20), building a model that is recession-proof (11:30), how to market in a competitive environment (13:38), how outbound factors into the growth strategy (15:28), and how to do all this at your company (26:50).   Show Notes: More on pricing models: ProfitWell’s Patrick Campbell on the nuances of pricing and why salespeople aren’t more involved   How outbound is impacted by pricing: Cost vs Yield in Outbound Sales Might Be the Most Important Concept You’re Missing Aaron’s opinion on Freemium models: 10x
Oct 1
34 min
167: How fear of uncertainty is holding us back (and why it shouldn’t)
Bill Wooditch joins host Sarah Hicks to talk about fear on this episode of the Predictable Revenue podcast.   Bill’s roundabout path to sales leadership coupled with his extensive research of the human brain has taught him a thing or two about the motivations behind fear, and how to overcome it. Listen on to hear him dive into the essence of fear (2:01), whether or not we should be fearful of the uncertainty we’re experiencing right now (2:42), how salespeople can fight the fear of missing quota (10:54), how sales leaders can erase the fear in their teams (19:03), and the reason why, if you don’t do all this, your competition will replace you in no time (21:57). SHOW NOTES:  From Aaron, on combating fear: learn from my 10-year painful lesson   More on psychology: Understanding buyer psychology and how it fits into the sales process with Outreach’s Max Altschuler   Selling Through Crisis: 4 Ways Your Cancelled Events Can Still Generate You B2B Leads and Sales
Sep 24
28 min
166: Nailing your team’s talk-track, doubling numbers and finding their purpose
Lisa Earle McLeod, founder of McLeod & More and author of bestseller Selling with Noble Purpose, joins Collin Stewart on the Predictable Revenue podcast. Lisa Earle McLeod is the global expert in bringing purpose to life for sales-driven organizations. She shares why crisis is the death of transactional sales (0:46), the metaphorical mint for bad “commission breath” (4:26), how to sellers can find their own “noble purpose” (12:36), the impact that has on the business and seller (19:40), the customer impact story you need to be telling your prospects (27:00), and the one question sales managers need to ask in sales reviews that will improve both sales rep performance and reliability of pipeline (38:22).   SHOW NOTES:  More on pipeline reliability: How zendesk is able to forecast revenue within 1%   Another perspective on selling less and supporting the customer more: How to deliver empathy as a prospector and increase sales How to structure outbound if your sales are highly transactional: Building an outbound program right the first time
Sep 10
47 min
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