Music Therapy Chronicles
Music Therapy Chronicles
Tricia Caiati, MT-BC
Music Therapy Chronicles
122. Musical Ecosystems: Veda Hingert-McDonald
In this episode, Veda and Tricia discuss the connections we create through music and how these connections create ecosystems that extend beyond what we can even see. We also talk about how our musical experiences inform other aspects of our lives, including sustainability and environmental impact. Veda Hingert-McDonald (she/her) is […]
Sep 29
1 hr 17 min
121. Neuroception vs. Perception: Kayce Soros, MT-BC (part 2)
In this episode, Kayce and Tricia discuss the difference between perception and neuroception. We talk about the implications of these and how our awareness of the difference between them informs out therapy practice. Kayce Soros is a Board Certified Music Therapist currently practicing in Indianapolis, Indiana. She received her bachelor’s […]
Sep 22
30 min
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