Music Therapy Chronicles
Music Therapy Chronicles
Tricia Caiati, MT-BC
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Hayley Francis Cann
Thank you for having me on as a guest and your continued support even outside the podcast setting. Our conversation was easy and very enjoyable. I was a fan of this podcast before being on the show but, even more so now!🧡
Hayley Francis Cann
One of my favorite podcasts!
I love this podcast. I have listened to it on many drives between clients and enjoy the discussion between music therapists. I listen in each time an episode comes out and love the takeaways from this community.
Inspiring for all professionals
Being a retired special needs teacher for over 35 years, I wish there had been venues such as this when I was working. This pod cast is always inspiring and so well presented. Great job, Tricia. Keep up the wonderful work, support and education for those who listen!
Easy Listen!
Loving how easy this podcast is to listen to. Tricia does an amazing job engaging the guests and each episode has had a variety of unique content. Can’t wait for more!
Great new music therapy podcast
Happy to see a new music therapy podcast that is regularly publishing content. Guests are diverse and the topics meander naturally into interesting spaces. Worth a listen for all MT-BCs and people interested in music therapy - Chris
Great inspiration for this intern!
I’m doing my music therapy internship 4 hours away from my home, and I come home for the two days I’m not at my internship each week. The last two trips I’ve made, I’ve listened to this podcast for the majority of the drive, and it made the time fly by! I learned so much from the music therapists; not only about their practices, but also about who they are as people. It’s been a great reminder of why I’m putting myself through all of the extra stuff that goes along with being an unpaid intern in my 30s. I’ve also had a few instances that have clarified ideas and approaches that I learned in school, and that I’m currently seeing in my internship. I highly recommend this to all of my fellow interns as a moral booster!
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So very worth my time!
Wonderful show. I am in school for Music Therapy, and this show is helping me look forward to how I may apply music therapy as a vocation. It also helps me notice how I can prepare for my music therapy career by taking steps in my everyday life toward a wholesome, well rounded music experience.
Great show!
I’m so happy to have this resource to listen to while I’m driving between clients. Informative and educational- a nice variety of guests so far.
Mini Ozzy
Love this new podcast!
I am enjoying this new podcast by Tricia Caiati. Thought provoking questions and lots of variety in terms of clinical focus. Learn about a variety of career paths and many ways music is being used to impact lives!
Great new podcast for music therapists!
So fun... love to hear these in-depth conversations with music therapists!!
Stunning Vocals!