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Murder Book
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The Murder Book
Enjoyed all episodes a lot, but what’s happened? When is the next series coming out?
Prov 3:3-6
Great podcast !
Very enjoyable- so well researched and put together.
Just getting started
Patrick Picciarelli, who wrote The Hollywood Godfather with Gianni Russo, suggested Bosch during an episode of his podcast, The Hollywood Godfather. I binge watched Bosch day and night until I got through all six seasons. I’m so excited when I ran across this podcast this morning. I loved Bosch and I’m so happy to get to have more of Michael Connelly’s work!!
Wanted to Like It
Big fan of Michael Connelly as an author - not so much as a podcast narrator. After trying to listen to “The Telltale Bullet,” I had to bail because of the poor sound quality of the courtroom recordings and his narration style. The good news is that I will continue to read his novels but not listen to his podcast. Regrettably, it’s not because the story wasn’t interesting.
Like the Podcast but ...
Too many interruptions to plug support. I won’t be subscribing.
My favorite audiobook author
I became a fan of Bosch paperbacks and now it’s my favorite audiobook series. Looking forward to the last season on Amazon.
Trojan Greg
Great stories
Have read all of Michael Connelly’s novels and love true crime so no brained for me.He had me at everybody counts or nobody counts!
Unbelievable story!
How is this not national news? Connelly’s interviewing of the detectives is superb. The focus on the women that brought this guy down makes one wonder whether men see these victims as throw away humans- but women see them as women.
Love it
Great podcast
Love true crime podcasts and this is no exception, but, although the narrator is a great writer he should stick to writing, he is very hard to listen to, sounding like he’s reading from a script in a monotone voice. Not sure I can listen to any more of his podcasts.
Stories Woven for the Listener
Murder Book tells a story in a way that weaves the elements into a cohesive and thoughtful narrative.
Looking forward to another series of Murder Book.
Very realistic. Story is enhanced with actual recordings of interviews and court appearances.
Ken K (Wisconsin)
Okay - Season Two Gets Weird
Podcast is okay but needs significant editing. The first case is just not that interesting - car-jacking gone wrong in 80s LA was like dog bites man. Could have been three episodes - none of the recordings add compelling content. The second season gets weird. The Sam Little case is interesting, but they approach it (as acknowledged in the last episode) really to talk about how only women did anything productive. The usual talking points not only not supported by data but also contradicted by the podcast. They ramble about how Little was ignored because he killed women - but they missed the episode about acknowledging Ted Bundy as well as the special LAPD task force setup to target crimes against women. Makes you wonder what other misinformation promulgated.
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Murder Book
Excellent. Michael Connelly has once again ensnared his fans into a compelling murder story. I love this guy. Go, Gators. As a fellow journalist from UF, I embrace his intelligence, his adherence to journalistic principles, and his steadfast attention to detail.
barbara fowler
Stopped at chapter 6, lost interest.
As good as his writing is Michael Connelly verbal story telling is good as anyone out there . I like his ability to get inside the heart of his stories. Just stunned at his talent. And his voice is that of any 1940s LA private detective Perfect !!! Tnx from long time (30 years) fan. Keep your mission for the truth going.
Gripping Story, Excellently Produced
Just as in Connelly’s excellent novels, his Murder Book podcasts are well paced, informative and dramatic. The haunting story of Sam Little’s predatory path through multiple states and the effort of Mitzi Roberts and others to bring him to justice is told in chilling detail.
How on earth did Sam Little get arrested so many times and not be caught🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Really good podcast. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I like how the pod cast had woven the characters into the investigation. Well done!
Compelling Stories with amazing Story telling
This compelling podcast keeps you binge listening. So well written and narrated as well as giving you more in depth, behind the scenes accounts than the superficial news accounts of a crime.
Excellent podcast
Worth every minute- well done
Twists and turns!
Terrific narration and the writing quality in this podcast is STELLAR.
A Great Story Teller
Connelly is a great story teller whether it's fiction or true crime. His roots as a crime reporter give him extremely good insights into police work as well as great connections with police detectives. If you're a Connelly fan, don't miss it. If you're not familiar with Connelly check it out. You'll become a fan.
Casey Keller
An Education
I have been a fan of the true crime genre since discovering Ann Rule’s books back in the 1980’s. Listening to Michael Connelly walk us through all of the facets of each case has impressed upon me how important it is for the detectives to nail down as much detail as they can in order to bring a compelling case to trial. The frustration of running into dead-ends and the elation of discovering key evidence that breaks the case wide open makes for brilliant storytelling.
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Snoops girl
For real?
Is the host guy for real? Is that his voice?
A lovely structure for a tough story
A story not only about ignored women but also about the details required to get the convictions.
Sound fluctuations distract from excellent subject matter.
My husband and I have enjoyed reading all of Michael Connelly’s books, and wait eagerly for the next ones. We were thrilled to find this podcast, to satisfy our love of Connelly’s crime dramas. We binged on the first season, listening to one episode after another. The second season is just as fascinating, and we listen every Monday. Our biggest complaint is the sound fluctuations from beginning to end, in all episodes. The intro music is way too loud. We kept turning the volume up, and then turning it down. Sone of the interviews were difficult to understand, which was due to the person’s dialect or speech pattern. Not sure how to remedy this, but it did distract from the excitement of the stories.
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Storytelling as good as his books
USA’s premier crime writer delivers in the true crime podcast genre. Organized, logical and compelling narrative...just what you’d expect from Mr. Connelly. There aren’t many books I’ve read more than once, but the Bosch books are even better the second time around (as are Ian Rankin’s Rebus books that get a well deserved shoutout in a promo). Thanks for your excellent work: podcast and books!
Season 1
I found season 1 very captivating...more so than season 2....but only slightly. A master at bringing you into the real world of detective work.
45 & 78 rpm guy
Why Harry Bosch is SO good
This is a great, great podcast. Fans of Harry (and Michael) learn why and how Harry is so relentless. A bonus for Ian Rankin/Rebus stories is the 2nd sponsor break. Thank you, Michael for this latest medium. You treat it like the pro you are.
Top match podcast!
Michael Connelly’s writing is just amazing, and he brings all of his talent to this podcast. The production is top notch just as with his audiobooks. Highly recommend!!
Second season even better
I enjoyed season 1, but often found the episodes ran a little long or seemed padded to fill the time. And the sound quality wasn’t great, especially the courtroom recordings. But the content was solid and held my interest to the end. Season 2 episodes seem shorter and, so far, end leaving me wanting more. The case is fascinating, as is the police work that tracked Sam Little across the country and back to nail him for all those murders. Great work!
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Holy crap this is good
I waited awhile to start listening, just so I could binge. Season 2 is so riveting! I’ll be caught up tomorrow and after that, will wait anxiously for each new episode.
Better than Harry Bosch
These true confessions are riveting stories that show Michael Connelly’s depth of crime knowledge that reflect in his great novels
Instantly addicted!
I never got into police, detectives, lawyers or mystery stories/books. But this podcast is great. I do watch your series on TV. This is a really good podcast.
Great Podcast
Huge Fan of your books and Now I’m addicted to the podcast.
Paula Anne621
Amazing and frustrating
This is an amazing story and what a perfect story teller. Thank you Michael. Can’t get enough. This is a horrible human if you can call him a human.
Great true crime
I’m now up to date with the second season, and I love it. I enjoyed the first season, but this is better. It’s sleeker and moves faster. The first season had a lot about police procedures, DNA and legal maneuvering. That got a little tedious, but still good, especially for a procedure or technical nerd. It was frustrating but realistic that the end of the series came in almost real time. Even the producer didn’t know the outcome from the start. This season has more direct narrative drive, focused on the voices of principal characters, which I love, and the human drama of the story. The audio recordings are better at least up to the trial, which I haven’t heard yet. And Sam Little is a fascinating subject. The word “monster” is thrown around loosely, in this case it applies well. As in the first season, important questions are raised about the criminal justice system. I tend to think we incarcerate too much, yet here is a case of justice way too late in coming, as was the first season. Two other comments. I myself enjoyed the plugs for other novels, music and podcasts. I followed up on some. I see some other reviewers didn’t like the plugs so much. So far, there is much less of that this season. Second, I like the once a week format, because it gives me something to look forward to each week, without losing a day or two immersed in binging. Of course, fans of binge watching can binge on something else, and listen later.
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Giving due credit
The host does a wonderful job of delivering the story while giving due credit to the women (and men) who put in the work to stop Little. He also gives the victims the kindness and empathy they deserve. This is a hard line to toe and it is done masterfully on this podcast. I am a fan!
Captivating and Informative
I’m not a fan of podcasts but this one has me hooked. The story lines are fascinating and the interviews are captivating. The dedication of the officers involved is overwhelming.
I love hearing about the women who finally brought down this monster! They are the voices of the women who no longer have one.
Chapter 4. Season 2
Thanks for the actual witness/survivor testimonies. There is spunk and grit in these stories that sadden and uplift at once. What could these people’s lives have been if life circumstances had been more blessed with advantages most of us assume are ours without question? Again Than you.
Nancy Pim
True to Michael Connelly Form, it’s good. If you’re like me and a huge fan this will definitely give you some insight to his Character Development in his Bosch Series.
Amarillo Portrait Guy
Captivating podcast
I enjoyed the first season of Murder Book and I’m anxious every Monday to listen to the next episode of this season’s podcast. What a relief that Detectives Jackson and Roberts fought to bring this murderer to justice!
Grammy Kase
Interesting, but frustrating
This podcast quickly piqued my interest. I’m looking forward to the upcoming episodes. However, like so many other podcasts of this sort, episodes are released only weekly. That is a frustratingly slow pace. If a podcast miniseries like this has twelve episodes, for example, at that rate, it takes three months to run its course. That’s ridiculous! I beg the producers to reconsider the frequency of release. They should be mindful of their audience.
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Started listening three days ago. Really enjoy everything so far. Was a little, no pun intended, taken back by a local nightly news report just tonight concerning Little’s confession to Texas Rangers in 2018 about a of a women (Patricia Parker) murdered in the early 80’s. Thanks!
Fantastic Podcast! True Crime and told at it’s BEST
I’m a big Michael Connelly/Harry Bosch Fan ! When I heard there was going to be a MURDER BOOK Podcast I was EXCITED. It’s even BETTER than I had hoped. I just finished Episode 5 and can hardly wait until this week when the next one drops. GREAT JOB MR. CONNELLY ! Hope there are more in the Pipeline. HUGE FAN ***update***Season 2 is just as fascinating!!
Murder Book
Was riveting! Loved the narration, especially the insight from the juror! Do you have anything else in a podcast?
Holds your attention.
This is by far the best true crime podcast I have listened to so far. The discussions are clear, well spoken and well put together. Great music and gives Connelly fans insight to his books and writing.
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