Murder Book
Murder Book
Michael Connelly
Sam Little, the FBI’s most prolific serial killer roamed free for five decades, murdering women at will. But in 2012 he came to the attention of Detective Mitzi Roberts and everything changed. This opportunistic killer had long stayed below law enforcement’s radar because of the victims he chose: Women from the fringe — drug users and sex workers paid little attention to by society. Murder Book Season 2: The Women Who Stopped Sam Little follows this Los Angeles Police Department cold case investigator's relentless hunt for Little across the country to capture and convict him with the help of a group of equally fierce women that included a prosecutor, a writer and several women who survived brutal attacks from Little.
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Captivating and Informative
I’m not a fan of podcasts but this one has me hooked. The story lines are fascinating and the interviews are captivating. The dedication of the officers involved is overwhelming.
I love hearing about the women who finally brought down this monster! They are the voices of the women who no longer have one.
Chapter 4. Season 2
Thanks for the actual witness/survivor testimonies. There is spunk and grit in these stories that sadden and uplift at once. What could these people’s lives have been if life circumstances had been more blessed with advantages most of us assume are ours without question? Again Than you.
Nancy Pim
True to Michael Connelly Form, it’s good. If you’re like me and a huge fan this will definitely give you some insight to his Character Development in his Bosch Series.
Amarillo Portrait Guy
Captivating podcast
I enjoyed the first season of Murder Book and I’m anxious every Monday to listen to the next episode of this season’s podcast. What a relief that Detectives Jackson and Roberts fought to bring this murderer to justice!
Grammy Kase
Interesting, but frustrating
This podcast quickly piqued my interest. I’m looking forward to the upcoming episodes. However, like so many other podcasts of this sort, episodes are released only weekly. That is a frustratingly slow pace. If a podcast miniseries like this has twelve episodes, for example, at that rate, it takes three months to run its course. That’s ridiculous! I beg the producers to reconsider the frequency of release. They should be mindful of their audience.
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Started listening three days ago. Really enjoy everything so far. Was a little, no pun intended, taken back by a local nightly news report just tonight concerning Little’s confession to Texas Rangers in 2018 about a of a women (Patricia Parker) murdered in the early 80’s. Thanks!
Fantastic Podcast! True Crime and told at it’s BEST
I’m a big Michael Connelly/Harry Bosch Fan ! When I heard there was going to be a MURDER BOOK Podcast I was EXCITED. It’s even BETTER than I had hoped. I just finished Episode 5 and can hardly wait until this week when the next one drops. GREAT JOB MR. CONNELLY ! Hope there are more in the Pipeline. HUGE FAN ***update***Season 2 is just as fascinating!!
Murder Book
Was riveting! Loved the narration, especially the insight from the juror! Do you have anything else in a podcast?
Holds your attention.
This is by far the best true crime podcast I have listened to so far. The discussions are clear, well spoken and well put together. Great music and gives Connelly fans insight to his books and writing.
It does not get better than this
Love Murder Book!
What a great way to get another dose of Michael Connelly besides loving his fiction. Particularly like his narration—great raspy voice for a dark story or two. The hardest part is waiting a week between episodes.
Great Listen
I’ve enjoyed a lot of true crime pods over the years and Murder Book is one of the best, hands down. Connelly has a really easy style when acting as narrator and the episodes are filled with detectives you’d like to listen to stories from. So happy we have a second season to enjoy!
This is a fine true crime podcast. The content is good. The weakest part is Connelly narrating it himself, as he does not have a pleasant voice.
Well, the week is all uphill for now. just listened to episode 1 season 2. So good. TDo yourself a favor, and listen RO
Outstanding Podcast
Michael Connelly brings forth the best of tales of true crime. Each episode highlights excellent storytelling, interviews with the detectives, and their strategies to provide justice for the victims. I look forward to each Monday for the latest episode.
It is great to finally hear such a terrific writer/author describe his work, which in many ways is the basis of the Harry Bosch series. Knowledgeable, relatable, and informative. They simply don’t get better than Connelly.
Looking forward to more
Great stuff as always from Connelly
Ginger 60+
Loved this podcast
Well detailed story of a cold case from 1987 and how justice was eventually brought to the killer.
Can’t say enough good things about this podcast
Being a long time Connolly fan get me to subscribe, but one I stated to listen, I couldn’t stop. THE best podcast out there
Murder Book
This is excellent, in depth, just the facts ma’am style investigative reporting. The wait for the hearing is killing me. I really don’t like the “true crime” soap operas juicing up the psycho-gore. I love this because we observe the chaos of criminal behavior through the orderly mind of detectives. Terrific show. WHERE IS SEASON 2!!!!????!!!!
Medium FairWarning
Gator Great #MichaelConnelly and Founder Myron Levin’s collaborative Friendship has fostered this: my initial entry into this new means of mass-communication, the #PODCAST. The 1895 Guglielmo Marconi-invention of radiotelegraphy made our incredible #Internet possible, and thus, RADIO (Rural Area Delivery of Information & Organization) is the Podcast’s techno-physical “Ground of Being.” I’m glad to be here, and I anticipate much stimulating discussion #MovingForward. ty
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Lew A (Lincoln) Welge
Thanks for your genius and books and podcasts and audio books after my stroke they’re a blessing
Great Example of Journalism by Retired Journalist
Kudos on your evident curiosity, thoroughness, and fairness. Looking forward to the next story.
So interesting!
Amazing to hear all the real life behind the scenes perspectives and stories!
The greatest
I’m down with everything Mr. Connelly creates! Thank you sir
I’m hooked
I’ve read your books and now I’m also a fan of your podcast. Thank you for sharing your stories.
Just Add Authenticity
Too many crime podcasts and TV shows fall unawares into their genre tropes because, well, that’s what genres do — seize the story and take control. Michael’s background as a reporter and his relationships with real detectives keeps his podcast from ever feeling derivative. It’s a kind of naturalism that you feel in Steinbeck or Dos Passos. And while there are times we all know the darker, racist sides of LAPD are avoided too easily, the human side of police work which is inevitable and eternal is front and center. And his Voice, deep, unaffected and emotional is a bracing kind of aural staredown (oxymoron!) daring you to stop listening — and I can’t!
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Great podcast!!
Just finished reading Michael Connelly’s book The Late Show this morning. Such a good book. Wanted to start a new true crime podcast in between reading another book and thought by chance I’d look to see if Michael Connelly had a podcast. Sure enough I found Murderbook!! I’m on episode 3 of the first season and it’s excellent so far. I’m a podcast lover and the content, music, interviews and everything else about this podcast is spot on. Why did I know Michael Connelly’s voice would be exactly what I’d hoped for in a detective story writer. 😊
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7/2020 Binging The Murder Book
I’m not a true crime fan. I am, however, a Michael Connolly fan Murder Book got the hook in immediately. I really hope this one isn’t a one and done.
Where is season 2
Love this podcast can’t wait for season 2
Very gripping and interesting like connelly’s books. As good as Serial which is another true crime podcast that I love.
Best I’ve heard since SERIAL!!
This has been the best true crime podcast I’ve heard since Serial and I’m only through 4 episodes. GREAT JOB. Looking forward to discovering more of your work.
Long road indeed
This pod was very interesting. I have never been on a jury so the presentations by prosecutors and defense was eye opening. Sure nothing like tv. The approach here was satisfying and evenly done. Worth the time investment.
formet hoosier
Very original
There are scores and scores of true crime podcasts out there and I have listened to at least one episode of most . This podcast feels very true and lets the real drama take the forefront instead of embellishing or sensationalizing. Michael Connelly is a great narrator. All the detectives, attorneys and real people that were involved in this case for over 20 years are clear and concise. I hope to hear another season !
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Compelling and real
Hard to stop listening to this. If you like story telling and realism then this podcast channel will grab you and won’t let go. The depth of this is astounding, shocking and real... I came here while listening to the Bosch series and other Connelly books, wanting to go deeper and wow, incredible and insightful.
mike bartick
Michael Connelly Is The Cherry On Top
This is deep dive into one murder. I was not sure would hold my interest. Turned out it was hard to stop listening once you get into. Take this journey with Mr. Connelly and the actual detectives who investigated this case and never gave up.
Absolutely fantastic true crime podcast. Huge fan of the author and hope that there will be many more true crime podcasts.
My all time favorite
I am a big fan of the author, but I was not sure he could make the leap to podcaster. Happy to say this has been my favorite podcast. Bring on the next one! PLEASE!
Melly Burdawg
Not riveting
The case (and I do realize someone was killed) does not seem like it needs so many episodes. I listened part way through ep 5 and then stopped. There were just too many large chunks of court room testimony about events that had already been covered in detail.
Good listening
I have always loved the writing of Connelly. This is another way to hear his great work. Enjoy
old guy vinnie
If you’re a fan of Connelly’s, you’ll gain insight to the characters and themes of his books. If you’re not a fan of Connelly’s you’ll become one. Great storytelling, well-paced, and full of behind the scenes machinations of the criminal justice system.
Bring you back to the days of listening on radio
This podcast is amazing. The voice brings you back to how news and storytelling was made back before tv was around. The case is laid out beautifully, easy to follow all the way through. He really did his research on this case. I listen to a lot of podcast, and true crime is one of my favorites to listen to. This one will keep you wanting to listen nonstop. Highly recommend this podcast. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
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This is a display of fantastic journalism and storytelling. As an avid podcaster and attorney practicing criminal law, I would give this podcast more than five stars if I could.
Murder Book
Absolutely riveting stuff. Any LA true crime aficionado will hunker down with this podcast. Kudos to Michael Connelly and his team. Well done !
M. Trefle
Excellent Podcast
This was excellent story telling. Love the voices in this. Can’t wait for season 2
Justice System Narrative
Murder Book is a great tool to educate the mystery reader (or anyone) as to how the justice system functions and how it can be manipulated. There are good and bad sides to the manipulation depending on your position, defendant or prosecutor seeking “justice” for the family of a murder. Although this case features the extreme manipulation of the system it also makes the listener think about what one would want as an accused subject and what defense tools could be employed. Very stimulating podcast. Thanks Michael. I also liked the comments of you and your consultants regarding the distinction between fiction and real life detective and legal behavior.
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Steve Baran
I confess I have not read 1 of Michael Connelly’s books. Yet. I am new to listening to podcasts, and was introduced to this one by my husband. None of the others have held my attention like this story. I looked forward to my hour long commutes between work and home to hear the next chapter, and now I wait in anticipation for the next story. In the meantime I will pick up his books!
Mrs. 3580
Master storyteller
A master in his books (one man’s internal forces so deftly handled in storytelling) and now a master in executing a podcast series. Also, a great reminder about all the nuances of our legal system.
A must listen for fans of true crime.
Michael Connelly is one of the masters of modern detective books with His Harry Bosch universe. This podcast not only demonstrates him using his journalist skills to reopen a cold case, but displays his sheer knowledge of the criminal Justice systems strengths and weaknesses. He is joined by the same detectives that inspire his beloved characters. A must listen!
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