Murder Book
Murder Book
Michael Connelly
Sam Little, the FBI’s most prolific serial killer roamed free for five decades, murdering women at will. But in 2012 he came to the attention of Detective Mitzi Roberts and everything changed. This opportunistic killer had long stayed below law enforcement’s radar because of the victims he chose: Women from the fringe — drug users and sex workers paid little attention to by society. Murder Book Season 2: The Women Who Stopped Sam Little follows this Los Angeles Police Department cold case investigator's relentless hunt for Little across the country to capture and convict him with the help of a group of equally fierce women that included a prosecutor, a writer and several women who survived brutal attacks from Little.
Q&A - Part 2
Mitzi Roberts and others answer questions from listeners to the podcast. (Part 2)
Dec 21, 2020
39 min
Q&A - Part 1
Mitzi Roberts and others answer questions from listeners to the podcast. (Part 1)
Dec 21, 2020
43 min
The Road Goes On Forever
Chapter 10 - Final thoughts and reporting on the Sam Little case. The LAPD went on two ride alongs with Sam Little in an effort to clear the 17 additional murders he said he committed in the area. To date only one has been solidly identified. It leaves one investigator to question whether Little’s numbers are exaggerated. Meanwhile, all three of the partners Detective Mitzi Roberts worked with on the case have retired and Roberts has been promoted to head of the cold case unit where 6,000 unsolved cases await her attention.
Nov 30, 2020
35 min
The Writer
Chapter 9 - Jillian Lauren contacts Detective Roberts about the Black Dahlia case but picks up on Sam Little. An obsession begins, a relationship between a writer and killer begins.Sam Little talks to Jillian and starts confessing. She starts driving around the killing fields of South L.A. – attempting to connect Little’s confessions with locations and victims, confirming murders he has confessed to.
Nov 23, 2020
37 min
True Confessions
Chapter 8 - A Texas Ranger befriends Sam Little and the man who claimed innocence now starts confessing to murder after murder. Sam starts drawing detailed sketches of his victims. Ranger Jim Holland becomes the gatekeeper to Sam Little. The work of the women who caught and prosecuted him is all but forgotten. Sam Little becomes a celebrity. He gets hundreds of letters, several marriage proposals. He’s a star – to some.
Nov 16, 2020
39 min
The Trial
Chapter 7 - A third LA murder case is added and the trial begins, presented to the jury by prosecutor Beth Silverman. Three survivors testify.The verdict is guilty. At his sentencing Little protests his innocence, calls the proceedings a lynching. Detective Roberts waves goodbye; Sam Little waves right back. But it was not the end of the case.
Nov 9, 2020
31 min
Cracks in the System
Chapter 6 - An acquittal in a Florida murder case is followed by dozens and dozens of murders. In San Diego another chance to put this man away for good slips away. Little is literally caught by police officers in the act of strangling a woman. But the case goes sideways, he takes a deal and serves only two years. The officer who caught him laments the case’s outcome and the murders that could have been avoided.
Nov 2, 2020
42 min
The Driver
Chapter 5 - Sam Little took a 17 year old boy off the streets and forced him to be his driver. In a textbook interview Roberts leads Danny Beckless down the path from “I don’t remember anything” to an emotional break and “Sam told me he liked to choke them.”Amazing, exclusive audio that shows Roberts’ character, empathy and relentless drive on the case.
Oct 26, 2020
43 min
Cross Country
Chapter 4 - Roberts and partner Rick Jackson hit the road to build the case, uncovering a trail of rape and murder and a justice system that didn’t appear to care about high risk victims from the fringe. Survivors tell their harrowing tales of cheating death at the hands of Sam Little.
Oct 19, 2020
35 min
The Road Map
Chapter 3 - Two LAPD detectives conduct the first interview with Sam Little in a jail in Louisville. Before denying he had killed anyone, he unwittingly provides detectives with a road map of the cities he had spent time in and when he had been there. (Exclusive audio of the interview.)
Oct 12, 2020
38 min
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