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Nancy Solari - Living Full Out
Learn How When You Keep Fighting To Make An Impact You Are Living Full Out
52 minutes Posted Sep 23, 2023 at 11:00 am.
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Episode: 2023.9.37

The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to keep fighting to make an impact. Maybe you have a business plan that will improve lives, or perhaps you’ve been through certain trials that can inspire others to keep pursuing their dreams. Join Nancy as she explains how pushing through adversity can make a difference.

Our first caller, Judy, wonders how she can promote healthy choices in her adult children without seeming pessimistic or unsupportive. Nancy tells her to consider the obstacles they may encounter. For example, if her they are unable to afford a gym membership, she can buy one for them. While Nancy celebrates Judy’s love for her family, she reminds her to find a good tempo for how often she raises these concerns. Tune in to hear Nancy explain how putting yourself in the shoes of your loved ones will enable you to better understand and support them.

Our inspirational guest, Michael Montgomery, was an exceptional athlete in high school. He wanted to play for the NFL, and when he made it to his first football practice at a Division 1 college, he was eager to prove himself. However, he suddenly fell unconscious on the field. Tune in to discover how Michael handled the news when he realized he’d had a cardiac arrest at 19.

Perhaps you feel that you’ve missed your chance to make your vision a reality, or maybe your aspirations feel unattainable when you’re faced with adversity. Remember that you have the power to blow through each barrier you face. Alter your perspective! Setbacks are both opportunities for personal growth and stories that can strengthen others. Viewing your life as a chance to encourage others is what it means to live full out.