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The Living Full Out with Nancy Solari radio show brings the Living Full Out philosophy to life. Listeners are encouraged to not only embrace change, but to look for opportunities to create it. Don’t let life get you down. When your morale starts to dwindle, it’s time to get motivated again, make some positive changes, and take each day as an adventure and opportunity to maximize your potential in life.Nancy shows how to live the Living Full Out lifestyle through personal anecdotes about living with a disability, starting and growing her own businesses and giving advice to those brave callers who share their own stories. Her guidance is always focused on continuing to move forward, no matter what. Through Nancy’s show, you’ll learn how to be here in this moment, and let go of the past guilt and future fears you’re holding inside of you so that you can make the most of the time you have now. Having overcome their own intense emotional and physical challenges, an inspirational guest on each show will enlighten you on the best ways to look positively on your life and overcome setbacks.Living Full Out with Nancy Solari addresses many topics such as relationships, finances, career, entrepreneurship, goal setting, parenting, death, divorce, marriage, and more.If you believe that you or someone you know has a motivational story that would make them a great fit to be the inspirational guest on the Living Full Out with Nancy Solari show, then please contact us by emailing
When You Focus On Giving Back You Will Create Meaningful Connections As You Live Full Out
Episode: 2023.9.38The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to give back to your community. Maybe you’ve broken through some intimidating barriers, or perhaps you're currently wrestling with a problem that others can relate to. Join Nancy as she discusses the beauty of sharing your experience to encourage those around you to keep fighting. Our first caller, Aileen, struggles with self doubt and wonders how to remain motivated. Nancy encourages Aileen to celebrate her strengths, yet also acknowledge her perceived limitations. Through journaling, she can pinpoint the sources of her weaknesses and fears. Tune in to hear Nancy explain how understanding our past will enable us to build a better future. Our inspirational guest, Jordan Burnham felt the need to be the best at everything due to the color of his skin. One of the few Black students at his high school, he faced microaggressions and prejudice. After he turned to alcohol to cope and his parents discovered the truth, he worried that he would be unable to ever make them happy. Tune in to learn what happened when he jumped from his bedroom window and had a nine-story fall. Perhaps you’ve encountered a lot of difficult trials. Instead of dwelling on the pain of the past, think carefully about what good can come out of it. Use your experiences to inspire people who have similar stories. To be a beacon of hope for those in your community is a privilege. Doing your part to make a positive contribution to the world is what it means to live full out.
Sep 30
52 min
Learn How When You Keep Fighting To Make An Impact You Are Living Full Out
Episode: 2023.9.37The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to keep fighting to make an impact. Maybe you have a business plan that will improve lives, or perhaps you’ve been through certain trials that can inspire others to keep pursuing their dreams. Join Nancy as she explains how pushing through adversity can make a difference. Our first caller, Judy, wonders how she can promote healthy choices in her adult children without seeming pessimistic or unsupportive. Nancy tells her to consider the obstacles they may encounter. For example, if her they are unable to afford a gym membership, she can buy one for them. While Nancy celebrates Judy’s love for her family, she reminds her to find a good tempo for how often she raises these concerns. Tune in to hear Nancy explain how putting yourself in the shoes of your loved ones will enable you to better understand and support them.Our inspirational guest, Michael Montgomery, was an exceptional athlete in high school. He wanted to play for the NFL, and when he made it to his first football practice at a Division 1 college, he was eager to prove himself. However, he suddenly fell unconscious on the field. Tune in to discover how Michael handled the news when he realized he’d had a cardiac arrest at 19. Perhaps you feel that you’ve missed your chance to make your vision a reality, or maybe your aspirations feel unattainable when you’re faced with adversity. Remember that you have the power to blow through each barrier you face. Alter your perspective! Setbacks are both opportunities for personal growth and stories that can strengthen others. Viewing your life as a chance to encourage others is what it means to live full out.
Sep 23
52 min
Discover How Pushing Forward And Working Hard Will Allow You To Live Full Out
Episode: 2023.9.36The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to push forward and work hard to achieve your goals. Maybe you’ve just received discouraging news that seems to erase all your progress, or perhaps you’ve missed a big opportunity and believe that your dream is now impossible. Join Nancy as she explains how to conquer each obstacle that comes your way by remaining determined. Our first caller, Anna, wonders how she can be proactive throughout college to benefit her career. Nancy advises her to learn as much about her chosen industry as possible by connecting with successful figures in the field, doing job shadowing, and participating in internships. Nancy also tells Anna to think carefully about the impact she’d like to make and to identify how her objective sets her apart from other candidates. Tune in to hear Nancy explain how being both skilled and innovative will help us make a difference. Our inspirational guest, Nic Novicki, courageously followed his passions despite the odds. After college, he decided he wanted a career in entertainment. However, it was difficult to land a role as a little person. Nic refused to allow his circumstances to hold him back and took matters into his own hands by writing and producing his own work. Tune in to discover how he made a name for himself and what he did to shine a spotlight on other creators with disabilities. Perhaps your identity, background, or financial situation makes you or others believe that your aspirations are out of reach. Remember that the choice to either quit or keep going belongs to you. It takes time and creativity to make our visions a reality. Staying passionate and hopeful throughout the journey will help you live full out.
Sep 16
52 min
When You Prioritize What Brings You Joy You Are Living Full Out
Episode: 2023.9.35The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to prioritize what brings you joy. Maybe you struggle to make time for your friends, or perhaps you want to practice self care, yet are unsure if it’s important enough among your other commitments. Join Nancy as she discusses the importance of carving out time for the activities that make you smile.Our first caller, Quinn, wonders how she can maintain a close relationship with her parents as she transitions into adulthood. Nancy tells her to get creative! Sending personalized care packages, leaving sweet notes, and spending quality time together are just a few of the ideas Nancy provides to Quinn for showcasing her love. Tune in to hear more about the importance of putting effort into what makes us happy.Our inspirational guest, Kathrine Switzer, initially thought that she was incapable of being a runner. Encouraged by both her father and her coach, she eventually excelled at the sport and signed up for the Boston Marathon. The year was 1967, and before Kathrine, no woman had successfully registered and ran the race. Even though this was an accomplishment, she was punished for it. Tune in to learn about the pushback she faced and her determination to pave the way for other female athletes. Perhaps you’ve felt down lately due to your workload. Remember that your happiness is just as important as any other responsibility. Giving special attention to your hobbies, your relationships, and your health is essential for a fulfilling life. Finding a good balance between your obligations and your interests will help you live full out.
Sep 9
52 min
When You Set The Narrative For Your Life You Are Living Full Out
Episode: 2023.9.34The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to set the narrative of your life. Maybe you expected a promotion at work that went to someone else, or perhaps you’ve lost a friend or family member close to you. Join Nancy as she discusses the importance of altering your perspective to reclaim power amidst adversity.Our first caller, Natalie, wonders how she can create meaningful friendships while also being a student with multiple jobs. Nancy encourages her to take advantage of community events and online platforms dedicated to beginning new relationships. While she assures Natalie that the right friends will come, Nancy tells her to also consider shifting her point of view. Instead of lamenting her lack of friends, she should think of this time as an opportunity to foster her academic and professional development. Tune in to hear Nancy explain how having a positive outlook can make all the difference. Our inspirational guest, Rachel Stephenson, refused to accept her family’s silence surrounding the death of her mother. Devastated by the loss and unwilling to share his grief, Rachel’s father turned to drinking in order to numb the pain. Even then, Rachel begged him to open up about how her mom died. Tune in to learn how Rachel finally uncovered the truth, and discover how her experience has inspired her to speak out about the importance of acknowledging grief.Perhaps you envision a future for yourself that surpasses your current situation. Remember that you can rewrite the storyline! Take advantage of opportunities within reach. If you’re wrestling with challenges that are beyond your control, try adopting a different vantage point. Having the courage to script your journey as you see fit is what it means to live full out.
Sep 2
52 min
Learn How You Can Live Full Out By Being Forgiving
Episode number: 2023.9.33The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to learn how to be forgiving. Perhaps you had to let go of relationships that were toxic or manage a stressful time in your life. Join Nancy as she expresses why forgiving someone is important for self discovery and healing. Our first caller, Joy, wonders how she can gain experience so she can thrive professionally. As a junior in college she worries if her skills will be enough after graduation. Tune in to hear how Nancy encourages her to get an internship or job shadow as a way of building her resume. Our inspirational guest, Peter Young, expresses how he learned to overcome a family-cult after a painful divorce. Peter met a woman named Paige at a singles Bible study class, they fell in love and quickly got married. Throughout their marriage they had five kids but their relationship was quickly challenged by Paige's uncle who was in control of her family. Peter felt as if he had no power towards this situation. Tune in to hear how despite his marriage crumbling, he turned to his faith for strength.Perhaps someone did you wrong and you are trying to figure out how to forgive them. Maybe you are trying to figure out how to leave the past behind you. When you can learn to put yourself in another person’s shoes or see their point of view, you will be living full out.
Aug 26
52 min
Learn How To Live Full Out By Achieving The Impossible
Episode: 2023.9.32The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to get outside of your comfort zone to achieve the impossible. Maybe something from your past makes you think you’re incapable of succeeding. Perhaps those around you insist that your dreams are too big. Join Nancy as she explains how taking risks to reach your goals will reap benefits, even if things fail to work out.Our first caller, Julia, struggles with finding the motivation to start her day productively. She wrestles with drowsiness and is often unable to identify her purpose or intention. Nancy encourages her to pinpoint her ‘why’, whether that be going to work, walking the dog, or exercising. Tune in to hear Nancy discuss how having a goal to advance toward will assist with organization and fulfillment. Our inspirational guest, Jessica Cox, is living a life of excitement and success despite the odds. Born without arms, she refuses to let her disability prevent her from achieving her dreams. Jessica is a black belt in taekwondo, has learned to drive, pump gas, type, and scuba dive. Tune in now to hear about her next big project: to build a plane that she can fly using her feet alone.Perhaps you’re worried that taking a risk and trying something new will only set you further back. Remember that life is meant to be lived boldly. If you take a leap of faith and find that something is unsuited for you, you can always take what you’ve learned, pivot, and try your hand at something else! Being eager to get out there and learn is key to living full out.
Aug 19
52 min
Learn How To Live Full Out By Persevering Despite Circumstances
Episode: 2023.9.31 The Living Full Out show with Nancy Solari encourages you to keep persevering despite challenges and succeed. Maybe you have been facing setbacks that are pushing you to give up. Or perhaps it feels like life has been beating you up and you need some extra strength to keep going. Join Nancy as she discusses how to find your inner ability to face any challenges head on.Our first caller Jocelyn is nervous about introducing her new partner to her friend group. Nancy advises her to begin by easing her boyfriend in by introducing him to just one close friend who will encourage the rest of the group to accept him. It’s important to trust those in your life who want happiness for you in order to face interpersonal challenges. Tune in to discover how overthinking can derail your ability to persist through life’s issues.Our inspirational guest David Harrell held onto the strength to keep going through his limitations to find happiness. David was born with no right hand and would face the difficulties of being bullied during school which he carried into his adult life. From namecalling to the flat-out rejection of a large group of middle school girls David entered the grown-up world discouraged. But, David persevered, never giving up his dream of becoming and actor and using his disability in favor of him rather than against him. Tune in to hear how perseverance was the key to David’s success in life.Perhaps you are exhausted from facing the challenges life has been throwing at you. Try to find reasons to keep going whether that is a financial goal, a friend who gives you a pep talk, or a bucket list. Remaining optimistic even when you encounter a problem exemplifies what it means to live full out.
Aug 12
52 min
Discover How By Finding What Makes You Happy You Will Live Full Out
The Living Full Out show with Nancy Solari encourages you to find happiness. Maybe you’ve been struggling to see the bright side. Perhaps you believe your emotions are out of your control. Join Nancy as she discusses strategies to improve your mental focus and join the path to healthy living.Our first caller Alex wants to know how he can manage the stress from school as he transitions to graduate school. Nancy advises him to pinpoint the exact cause of his stress. Nancy explains that getting to the source of your anxiety can help you tackle it at the root. Listen in to learn how being in tune with your mental health can allow you to thrive. Our inspirational guest Rob Dubin discovered the importance of seeking happiness at an early age. Growing up being bullied, Rob learned to find worth from within. Despite many setbacks in his career and his personal life, Rob has maintained his happiness by staying grounded. Tune in to hear how Rob remains content by finding optimism at every turn. Maybe trying to remain positive feels hopeless. Try looking inwards to find satisfaction and happiness within yourself. Once you discover that your peace is only dependent on you, it will be easier to take the steps towards living full out.
Aug 5
52 min
Learn How You Can Live Full Out By Being Open To Change
Episode: 2023.9.29The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to be open to change. Perhaps you’re worried about moving to a different location, or maybe you feel apprehensive about a promotion at work. Join Nancy as she discusses the benefits of facing the unfamiliar head on. Our first caller, Jessica, is hesitant about switching her career to journalism. Having worked in operations, she wonders if she would make a good journalist. Nancy advises her to carve out personal time to practice her craft and reach out to others in her desired industry. Tune in to hear Nancy discuss the importance of being unafraid to find the right fit. Our inspirational guest, Shoshana Bennett, encountered many changes throughout her life. Battling postpartum depression, breast cancer, and caring for her husband with ALS challenged her to remain strong and hopeful. Shoshana persevered by confronting these obstacles courageously, adapting and learning from her situation instead of trying to avoid the difficult times. Tune in to hear what Shoshana has learned from her hardships and how she uses her newfound knowledge to fight her second bout of breast cancer. Maybe accepting the changes in your life feels too overwhelming. Try to remember that new experiences often hold unexpected opportunities. Stepping bravely into the unknown is a large part of living full out.
Jul 29
52 min
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