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Nancy Solari - Living Full Out
When You Focus On Giving Back You Will Create Meaningful Connections As You Live Full Out
52 minutes Posted Sep 30, 2023 at 11:00 am.
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Episode: 2023.9.38

The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to give back to your community. Maybe you’ve broken through some intimidating barriers, or perhaps you're currently wrestling with a problem that others can relate to. Join Nancy as she discusses the beauty of sharing your experience to encourage those around you to keep fighting.

Our first caller, Aileen, struggles with self doubt and wonders how to remain motivated. Nancy encourages Aileen to celebrate her strengths, yet also acknowledge her perceived limitations. Through journaling, she can pinpoint the sources of her weaknesses and fears. Tune in to hear Nancy explain how understanding our past will enable us to build a better future.

Our inspirational guest, Jordan Burnham felt the need to be the best at everything due to the color of his skin. One of the few Black students at his high school, he faced microaggressions and prejudice. After he turned to alcohol to cope and his parents discovered the truth, he worried that he would be unable to ever make them happy. Tune in to learn what happened when he jumped from his bedroom window and had a nine-story fall.

Perhaps you’ve encountered a lot of difficult trials. Instead of dwelling on the pain of the past, think carefully about what good can come out of it. Use your experiences to inspire people who have similar stories. To be a beacon of hope for those in your community is a privilege. Doing your part to make a positive contribution to the world is what it means to live full out.