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Living Full Out Show
Nancy Solari - Living Full Out
Discover How Pushing Forward And Working Hard Will Allow You To Live Full Out
52 minutes Posted Sep 16, 2023 at 11:00 am.
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Episode: 2023.9.36

The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to push forward and work hard to achieve your goals. Maybe you’ve just received discouraging news that seems to erase all your progress, or perhaps you’ve missed a big opportunity and believe that your dream is now impossible. Join Nancy as she explains how to conquer each obstacle that comes your way by remaining determined.

Our first caller, Anna, wonders how she can be proactive throughout college to benefit her career. Nancy advises her to learn as much about her chosen industry as possible by connecting with successful figures in the field, doing job shadowing, and participating in internships. Nancy also tells Anna to think carefully about the impact she’d like to make and to identify how her objective sets her apart from other candidates. Tune in to hear Nancy explain how being both skilled and innovative will help us make a difference.

Our inspirational guest, Nic Novicki, courageously followed his passions despite the odds. After college, he decided he wanted a career in entertainment. However, it was difficult to land a role as a little person. Nic refused to allow his circumstances to hold him back and took matters into his own hands by writing and producing his own work. Tune in to discover how he made a name for himself and what he did to shine a spotlight on other creators with disabilities.

Perhaps your identity, background, or financial situation makes you or others believe that your aspirations are out of reach. Remember that the choice to either quit or keep going belongs to you. It takes time and creativity to make our visions a reality. Staying passionate and hopeful throughout the journey will help you live full out.