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Gain Tips On How Walking With Purpose Opens The Doors So You Can Live Live Full Out
52 minutes Posted Apr 16, 2022 at 11:00 am.
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Episode: 2022.8.16

The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to walk through life with purpose. Perhaps you have tried out a variety of different careers after graduating high school. Maybe you have an overwhelming passion for your creative hobbies, but are unsure about how to apply this to your personal journey. We can use the broad experience we gain throughout life—both our highest highs and lowest lows—to carve our own unique path.

Our first caller, Debbie, wants to know how to move on after ending a toxic relationship. Nancy encourages her to visualize her past partner in a negative light so that she will no longer idealize them in her mind. Next, Nancy advises Debbie to look toward her future and start determining what she wants to look for in a new love. Tune in to hear how you can realign yourself after dating a deceitful partner.

Our inspirational guest, Shelly Rainey, discusses her struggles with enduring multiple miscarriages. When she lost her first pregnancy at the age of 27, Shelly was urged to get a hysterectomy due to uterine fibroids but she resolutely refused. Following a second miscarraige, Shelly was finally able to give birth to the light of her life, Hannah. After more loss, Shelly would reflect on her feelings of grief to understand her way forward. Listen to learn about how Shelly used both her difficult and joyful experiences to determine her purpose in life.

Our final caller, Lizbeth, wants advice on how to actually follow through with her goals instead of dropping them. Nancy tells Lizbeth to take her larger goals and begin implementing them in smaller pieces, find an accountability partner, and visualize where she will be when she accomplishes her aims. Tune in to hear how you can fulfill the promises you make to yourself.

Perhaps you have just been rejected from your dream college. Maybe you have felt lost in forming deeper connections in your personal relationships. Whatever setbacks we may encounter, we can use these important and, sometimes painful, moments to help guide our journey ahead. When we decide to walk with purpose and dedicate time to developing our life’s roll, we have already taken the first crucial steps in living full out.

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